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Opening Comments


<Michael_Toth> We are with you, as we are always with you. Let us begin by reminding all present that truth is a many splendored thing. In some cases truth is a moveable feast, true in Germany, but not true in China. Truth, as we have said before can be found on three levels. There are personal truths, world truths, and universal truths. Personal, World and Universal truths for a 6th Level Mature Priest in Passion who makes his living as a cowboy in Argentina will be vastly different than they would for a 6th Level Mature Priest in Passion who makes his living as a politician in Poland. Certainly, if these two were Essence Twins those truths might be closer in feel, but none-the-less different. We wish to remind all present that we do not predict outcomes as any kind of certainty as that would deny free will and choice. Nor are we the Dear Abbey of the Causal Plane, or any other plane for that matter. Many is the time that a student begins their question in this manner “I know Michael doesn’t like to predict, but…” Again, we will not predict. If you have asked another channel, before this evening, for an answer to a specific question, which you are again asking here, we request that you announce that you have, and that you also relay the answer you were given and pre-empt your query by stating that you simply seek validation.

We may now begin…

Q & A

<Maggie> I'm wondering what my mate agreement status is like, who looks like a brilliant fit & is available?

<Michael_Toth> You are asking about what your mating agreement status is? And you are asking which of them they look like a brilliant fit and if he/she is available? Is that correct?

<Maggie> Yes, who's still available on my "list". HE (to be specific).

<Michael_Toth> You make it sound as if you have a list of names.

<Maggie> No names, but soul potentials? Did I not make some mating agreements? 

<Michael_Toth> We see that you have been provided with the number of mating agreements that you have made prior to coming to the physical plane. All of those mating agreements made on the astral are still available. They all have their various potentials and it is up to you and the other fragments to make whatever of those potentials that you can. This is a matter of choice Maggie. It is not an assignment. It also depends upon your version of the concept of what constitutes a “brilliant fit.” There are also those mating agreements that happen on what you might call “the fly.” Let us also remind you that you are not limited to those with whom your astral self made agreements with on the astral nor are you limited to those that are made while on the physical plane. We remind all here present that agreements are just that. They can and are frequently abrogated or accepted as they arise. We know of fragments who believe that only those with whom they have an agreement are the only ones they should mate with. We did not say that. Ever! There will be fragments who come into your life, who even without a prior astral agreement can become suitable mates with "soul" potential and “brilliant fits” as you describe it. It is your perception of those qualities, not only in your mind, but as you perceive the “others” that is the key. Fragments make many such agreements knowing that all are not likely to actually occur. Of those you have agreements with, some live in and or near your sphere of influence and may thus enter your life on a vector that brings you in touch with them. Nothing is guaranteed. The night you choose not to go out and celebrate with friends, or attend a party, or visit the library could well be the on very night you might have met such a fragment.  

<Maggie> That WAS re-assuring, thank you 
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> I would like insight into why Lion, the alpha cat, becomes such a bully at times. His current target is Abbie who was actually injured a few weeks ago by him and is on anti-anxiety drugs to help her relax again. Sometimes the bullying is outright, sometimes it is play that goes too far. Is it something that Abbie is doing? Is he reacting to something in his environment or energy from Joe or me? He isn't mean but seems to think it a game, until things get out of hand and all of a sudden there is a fight because instinct has taken over. I would just like to know what is going on and why. What can i do to ease the relationships?

<Michael_Toth> As in all tribes, in all societies there is a pecking order. We remind you of the position of the top baboon and the also enviable position of the bottom one. When the alpha is on the ascendant, making attacks on the easiest prey of the fold is another means of establishing and maintaining that ascendant. Abbie, also, to a degree, plays into the role of the enviable position of the bottom “baboon” because of the extra attention and sympathy it garners. You have done much to separate them a bit already, but it is apparently not enough. The other choice is to let this drama play itself out. But trauma and physical damage can also be caused here and that is what you fear the most. As Abbie regains strength her ability to be on the defense will return.

<Kathryn41> Is there a trigger that sets him off because it is intermittent - sometimes he is perfectly fine and then “kapow” - it happens again. Yes, the fights are serious when they happen.

<Michael_Toth> As in all animals, things move in unseen tides. There are times when Abbie instigates it by needling for attention. Sometimes it is just Lion’s memory of recent additional attention given to Abbie that sets this off. Perhaps giving Abbie the needed attention can be done outside of Lion's vision.

This might alleviate some of it.

<Kathryn41> Thank you, I appreciate the insight.
<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...

<Bobby> Would you tell me about my guides? I'm interested in knowing a lot but will settle for a little bit about who/what is responsible for looking over me.

<Michael_Toth> We see 5 guides of note, one of whom is intermittent. You have two guides that are of a warrior nature. One, with male energy and one with female energy, what you might describe as the typical mythical Amazon. There is another, one very stern who looks upon some of your antics as wasted energy and who offers you guidance, he knows you can accept or reject, but he offers it just the same. The fourth is very childlike, and playful, and impish at times spurring you on to entertain the people around you. Lastly, there is the quiet one, nameless, faceless, sexless who simply offers you comfort and solace when you require it.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> Since imagination is the key to ascertaining the level of intelligence in order to become an ensouled species, does imagination and intelligence continue to evolve as the soul age level increases?

<Michael_Toth> Let us say that imagination is the key to the kind of adaptation that being “en-souled” requires. Coupled with intelligence this allows for growth along a time line that perpetuates the growth. And yes, both increase throughout the “en-soulment” and the evolution of a species as well in the various ways of an individual fragment. But let us not leave out emotion and movement as well. Both are intelligences of another sort. Though some species would not appear to be moving to yours, or could perceive, movement is still an important factor as well. So, too, it is with the emotional side. All are keys here. The equation could look like this: Imagination plus intellect, emotion and movement equals “en-soulment” and evolution.

<Geraldine> Thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Wilma, you're next...

<Wilma> I'm Wilma Tucker (DOB 9/18/43) and I'd like some information as to my continuous deep depression and why I seem to be getting more obsessive. I've tried about half a dozen anti-depressants and none seems to work, even a little, for more than a month or two. Any suggestions for other drugs or treatments?

<Michael_Toth> It is through the abrasion of overleaves that creates this diversion and experience. Over time, the chemicals your nervous system releases to your body, hormones, pleasure/pain is released as chemical messengers in response to this abrasion. The cells in your body have places where these messengers are received, the fewer signals of joy and pleasure brought about by the abrading, the fewer the chemical messengers like these are released, or better said, received. This has occurred over time, and it will take time to regenerate new cells that are open once again to the more positive of messengers. The medications that are available, and which you have taken, often require months to produce the stability within your system.  Your body will eventually begin producing the desired mental and emotional effects sought by your psychiatrists. Remember though, these are temporary measures. Internal work can be done to ameliorate the abrading. They are all just temporary “fixes”, but since the imbalance is chemical they can provide a temporary chemical stability. Once this is accomplished you will still have to discover your own ways of neutralizing some of the abrading personality choices. And we assure you that that is not an undertaking that is impossible nor is it unachievable. You have within you the, Wilma, as all of you have within you, the power to heal yourselves in a very short period of time. Some would call this miraculous and to a degree under the circumstances so it would appear. But it is possible none the less. It is often even achieved by those who hold themselves to be healers and who are in fact charlatans. Yet even they seem to achieve a level of success, but only because the subject self-creates the imagination and emotion, potent powers, that allow this to manifest. The success was not something truly belonging to the charlatans or “faith” healers though, and was truly the success of the fragment who allowed themselves to be healed in that moment. Some find afterwards that they did not hold on to those aspects they felt and believed in the moment of their healing and their affliction does eventually return. But there are those too, who can capture and retain that inner change and peace, and thus also hold onto what they have gained. There is much hope for you Wilma, and much you can do to bring yourself back into a state that is pleasing and effective for you. There are other practitioners that you may wish to seek out as opposed to those you are currently seeing. There is one with the initials HK or AK that you might be able to find. And thus achieve better results and better choices of medication and therapy.

<Wilma> Thank you - I'll try that.
<DaveGregg> Nychel, you're next...

<nychel> I was wondering about my soul age and also maybe if I could ask what the main focus of my lifetime for this life is?

<Michael_Toth> Nychel, as we move on in ascertaining your soul age from the Akashic records, we ask you a question in return. We ask that you think about what your main focus in this lifetime is and we will validate it for you.

<nychel> Well, off the top of my head, I feel that my main focus in this lifetime is just to try and be of service to others as much as I can in any way possible being if it is teaching, serving helping and to just bring joy and happiness, maybe to others' lives? I don’t know. I hope that is what my focus is, or something like it. Actually, its more of a feeling than a hoping

<Michael_Toth> We see you, Nychel as having entered the 5th Level of the Mature soul cycle with an occasional slide to 2nd level Mature as you strive to remain “connected” to your friends, relatives and associates. You will most likely continue to do this until you transit the 4th IM, but that is not carved in stone and completely dependent upon you and choices you make. As for your own feelings of what your life task and true work is, we have this to say. You are on the right track in discerning who you are. It is apparent that you came to realize the nature of your Life Task even more clearly as you thought about it. Your statement of realization that it is more something you “feel” more than hope for should be a clear indication to you that you have discovered this for yourself. Many of you, have chosen the task of simply being, being as an expression of joy, as a lift for all around you, even during the harder times you may face. When others see you as suffering and yet you are able to smile and move through whatever hardship you face, they learn from you. And in that you also fulfill that feeling of being a teacher. You will set people free by your own example. Many times without even knowing it.

<nychel> i really enjoyed the insight.
<DaveGregg> Gerry, you're next...

<Gerry_P> I would like to know whether my second husband, Paul, was an agreement or just a bad choice?

<Michael_Toth> Give us a little time here Gerry as we seek to connect with you without a photograph.  We see that the answer is yes to both, as opposed to one or another. This was a mating agreement. However, just by virtue of what the two of you decided on the astral is not a guarantee that all will be roses and that a mating agreement is “heaven on earth.”

<Gerry_P> Did either of us have a karmic ribbon to burn?

<Michael_Toth> The fragment  Paul, has not achieved the levels of success in life in terms of his choices of personality, vectors, the premature death of his task companion and his disavowal of some of those in his support group.

There is also much the two of you have learned from this, although Paul is more reluctant to accept what has been learned. Further, when there are emotional responses involved, these reactions can often taint and disguise that something has in fact been learned as well as a clearer perception of what did and did not occur. Often the passage of time reveals the deeper and more salient lessons and the accompanying wisdom. We see no past unburned Karmic ribbons here, though one might have been created.

<Gerry_P> I'm sure. Thanks a lot.
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<annh> I've been watching and reading about the JFK assassination and would like to know how his CF of Martyrdom contributed to his death. It appears that his brother, Bobby, had that CF, too. How does assassination and the CF of Martyrdom work? How does another fragment (in these cases Oswald and Sirhan) get involved in the CF. if at all. 

<Michael_Toth> This question could produce a lengthier answer than this forum may permit. Those in martyrdom, will test the waters, push the boundaries more so than many other fragments, pushing the limits to prove their worthiness.

<annh> Lets see: Does the CF of martyrdom cause people to get killed? And if so, in general, how does that work?

<Michael_Toth> First of all, your current president is faced with a similar situation. The simplest explanation is that a fragment with the chosen CF of martyrdom will place themselves in harms way, not so much as standing in front of another fragment carrying a gun or other weapon, but remember that John, and thus the family of “American Royalty” also represented by his brother challenged the status quo at a time when for many the underpinnings of what they took and chose to be their societal reality was coming apart at the seams.. Remember also the newly established Military-Industrial complex and its machinations, which included the “czars” in charge of the CIA was a part of this machine. Their behavior in a still post McCarthy Era ideological environment was seen as an obscenity of treason. These “Kennedy’s” resisted this machine, resisted what the machine mandated and insisted upon as well as attacking the oligarchy of the South and its mandate for racial prosecution.. Look also to the emotional battles being waged in every city and town across the nation as regards the very touchy situation of civil rights. The application and use of the National Guard to enforce these changes was seen as an outrage. Think of the aims of “Big Business” and the Mafia. John stepped on many toes and burned many bridges in an attempt to bring about change. The Young souls of your America were far more entrenched in their ideas of survival and mastery during those times. and far more willing to go to extremes to maintain the order of the newly achieved status quo. John advocated sweeping changes from every beginning.. They both did. Edward saw the consequences of this and stepped away from being as boisterous in his attempts to do the same. Do you see what is inferred here?

<DaveGregg> Nuit, you're next...

<nuit> Hello. How can I rid myself of the insect entities that bite me continually and do not seem to affect others I live with? I have asked this question of many psychics and mediums over the last 6 years, all have proposed vastly different solutions, none of which have worked at all. These insect beings, very tiny flying insects, cause me much suffering. No one else seems to be able to see them, they are the size of dust particles. I am not imagining this. I have bites all over. How can I repel them? Are there any physical changes I can make to my body?

<Michael_Toth> Just as all beings on the physical plane your bodies are made of chemicals, odors, vibrations a whole host of signatures are left in your wake as you pass through physical space. The human species releases pheromones that attract and repel other fragments unnoticed consciously. So it is with those signatures that your body releases and which are attractive to all manner of insects. We would first off recommend that moving to a locale which has a perhaps drier climate as a means of solving this. Most of you would be amazed were your awareness increased as to the many and various creatures that exist on even your eyelids, how small they are and can be. There is little we know of that can aid you in this save moving to where there are less of them, Also elimination of some of the oilier and greasier foods from your diet will aid this but only so much. We recommend reducing the gasses that are released by your body, which we mentioned in terms of a reduction in certain types of food. We also might recommend some of the oils that homeopathic practitioners have available and lavender may help. Also, a regimen of smudging with sage my reduce their arrival in your near and living environment.

<Nuit> Thank you.

Closing Comments

<Michael_Toth> In the previous weeks you will have noticed, perhaps in retrospect a period of consolidation, a time of inward seeking, internalizing and introspection. As we move into the coming months you will most likely see a change in direction. In the coming weeks you will begin to perhaps feel more expansive and outward as you take what was gained by these inward looking moments. First as a means of expressing what you learned and then moving towards experiences that offer you the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and gained. Some of you will note the signposts along the way, others may not. Seek though, if you choose to, in those quieter moments the reflections of change within yourselves. The positive poles and the absence of false personality are the keys to making the most of this as with anything else. Nothing is required as all is choice. With that we end this evenings message.

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Michael:)
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Michael. :-) 
<Gerry_P> Enjoyed the evening, thanks.
<Darleene> Thanks Michael and 'Cosmic' Michael, even though I was late!
<Bobby> Thanks again Michael T. for the great effort put forth tonight
<Michael_Toth> Thank you all as well.
<annh> Thank you!
<Maggie> Thank You Very Very Much - Michael, Michael, Dave & Katherine, good night :-) m
<Michael_Toth> You are all most welcome.


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