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Opening Comments

<Michael_Toth/MICHAEL> While we have stated so before, we have been where all of you gathered here, are now. The physical plane was and had been our home for a number of millennia, and in time, will be so again. We have walked the same and varied paths many of you walk today in attempting to understand your lives on the physical plane. The obdurate nature of this existence, the fog and obscurity of what is yet to come has mystified and frustrated us in like manner as it does you. We forgot, upon birth, like you, who we really are, were, had been, and had yet to be, AND what we were made of. Were it not like this, the game would be up, and it would be just that, a game. It is not a game, and yet, it is. You and we have played this “game” before over vaster periods of time than can be assessed in any meaningful way.

You are one with the creative energies of this universe as you know it and experience it. As are, we. We remind you, as we remind ourselves, that we are as unable to comprehend what lies ahead of us as you are of your futures. The life ‘forces’ that allows the Tao, through you, your lives and consciousness to experience itself and its creation is an incredible adventure. Nothing is wasted, nothing is terminated, and yet there is constant and subtle change to highlight and mark the experience. Joy and love is what essence seeks, knowledge and experience through choice is the means and method to accomplishing this. Speed is not required (laughing), though some seek it as a means to excel, to advance more quickly; others to compete, which is driven only by false personality. This concern is not something the Tao seeks in its limitless patience to explore again and again the adventure of existence in this form.

Those of you who have questions, we recommend you spend a moment or two more as you draft and craft them to pose the clearest question of intent so that we, can offer you the clearest answers. Remember, we will not tell you what to do, we would prefer to validate what you have discovered or suspect, so that all remains choice.

Those of you who in the past have asked what your life tasks are, and how you should rest, or play, or study we ask the following… how could you not know? Oh, there might be some confusion as to which of several you suspect, but we ask further. What purpose would be served were we to tell you? Would you not then find a means or reason to resent it whatever it was? What if the channel did not clearly receive our message? What if the suggestion of true rest was actually to spend time on the sands of a beach, but the channel reported to you that studying gravel would be a means of achieving true rest? Would you then, for example, pursue this channeled vision of true rest in studying gravel, even if it did not provide you with the experience of achieving a state of true rest simply because “Michael” said so? We think not, and we doubt very much that you would be satisfied. Validate, seek and validate, ask for validation when in doubt, using us in this fashion should provide you with more of what you seek and that is truth.

Center yourselves now, with a deep breath, with eyes closed, and seek the spark that is you within. Hold that thought and space for an eternal second of physical plane time. Connect with each other, and with the source of life everywhere around you and then, let us begin.

<DaveGregg> Barbara H, you have the first question...

Q & A

<Barbara_H> I have had a lifelong problem with perceptual memory. I would like to know if this is a result of a karmic ribbon or an agreement and ways to work with this productively.

<Michael_Toth> As such, the nature of this difficulty would not be that of a karmic ribbon, nor would it fall into what is considered an agreement. Suffice it to say that such an experience could be the result of a self-karma, which would result from making the choice to be born to a family where such a malfunction of a gene or two would cause such an experience.

In your case, it is not a self-karma, but simply the effect of genetics at birth, unforeseen by your astral self. It is one of the many experiences many of you can have by passing through the veil to have experience on the physical plane, and nothing more. The fragment known as Michael who is your channel tonight was himself born with dyslexia and he has struggled with learning how by discipline to over come that. 

We suggest Barbara, that there are supplements you might take to strengthen and enhance memory and neural paths. Some of you know this as GABA, there are others, and this channel or another can counsel you on further information.

<Barbara_Hardy> Thank you
<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome

<DaveGregg> Susan, you're next...

<susanc1e7> hi, i am susan c1e7 raw # 343 old 6 king cast sage - i am in a 13th grand cycle, i am between a completed 4th i.m., and, too early to start my 5th i.m. so, it must be, time for my real work - can you tell me what the theme of it is/and, what it might involve, -what am i here to complete?

<Michael_Toth> As we suggested in our opening thoughts for tonight we recommend that we validate for you what you suspect is the truth of your life task or true work. What input will you give us in this regard?

<susanc1e7> the whole theme is larger than just me. it requires others. 

<Michael_Toth> As it often is, is that not so?

<susanc1e7> so; what is the hold up; in others seeing the importance of it.

<Michael_Toth> There is no hold up, though we understand your perception of such which is aimed, is it not at recognition?

<susanc1e7> can I change my question ?

<Michael_Toth> If you wish.

<susanc1e7> why do people get locked in politics /and, religion; and; think that is an answer to things?

<Michael_Toth> Why of course it is the perceived need for many of you walking in sleep to have others make the decision to allow others to make the choices.  How many of us all have spent whole lives exploring dependency upon others for those decisions? There are also the attractions of body type to certain politicians, to agreements made as well. There is the "me/not me" attitude which often prevails on your planet, as much as “us versus them.” This has also gone on throughout time, and not only here. These of course are fear based, fear driven concepts and needs. Do you require more of an answer to this?

<DaveGregg> Darlene, you're next...

<Darleene> I would like to know about my guides, how many, any past relation to me, and if one is my younger sister who passed at a few months old, never having come home from the hospital. I often feel her around me since my husbands passing, is she incarnate now?

<Michael_Toth> You have made agreements with three other astral bound fragments who you have made such agreements with. The four of you have alternately performed this function for each other. They are of no relation to you from this current incarnation and all three you have had past lives with. They also happen to be from your cadence group in your entity an association which is quite common amongst you all.

This sister you describe has been with you because of your choice in tying yourself to her and her memory. She is here more strongly at your request . She comes to bring you solace and support. The two of you have shared past lives as siblings in all of the possible configurations over the course of some 12 lives that we can see. She remains discarnate and is all the more so with you now as she has transcended from the lowest level to the next on astral plane.

<Darleene> thanks Michael and Michael! I'm so happy!
<DaveGregg> YY2, you're next...

<yy2> My mother passed away in June. Where is she in her process of transition? I had a very vivid and connecting dream of her last night. Did she try to contact me and gave me any messages?

<Michael_Toth> We are aware of your sense of loss and we suggest that this connection is based upon the strength of that relationship. She too remains discarnate. Remember that the passage of time on the astral as well as the causal and other planes passes in ways that are different and which you cannot accurately encompass or fathom here. She remains yet on the lowest level of the astral still working on accepting her death and is still involved in crafting, out of astral matter her transition. She has many guides and supporters about her even now as she works through truly letting go of what she believes heaven must be like. 

Her messages to you, if any, will not come through with any clarity save to say that they are driven by love, and are expressions of emotion from that memory. The energy of her now, in touch with your astral self is strongly driven by the emotional attachments to those things that were left undone, things unsaid and, as well, the love she desires to express to you. The messages again, will be interpreted out of that energy you receive in dreams and translated into icons of strength and beauty by you, but in the transition from sleep to wakefulness your mind will attempt to give them order and substance that can distort what was intended. 

Bask in the knowledge then, that she is living her love and you are sharing in that.

<yy2> Thank you, Michael and Michael. 
<Michael_Toth> you are most welcome

<DaveGregg> Gloria, you're next...

<GLO> There's a current school of "new-age" thought that believes humanity is about to undergo an "awakening" such that the impact to collective consciousness will create a noticeable shift towards seeing others as part of your community/ family. The results of this collective heart-opening - meaning in part that the reduction of hatred, fear, prejudice, isolationism, etc., will create a markedly different way of carrying out our affairs here. I think it's hogwash. I think the progress of human consciousness towards agape is slow, beyond painful. The question, then: Is there any truth to this coming accelerated shift? Why are there so many people who believe this?

<Michael_Toth> Your expression and use of the term hogwash as an adjective for your lack of acceptance of this awakening is humorous.  We remind all present that there are so many fragments who wish to believe in such “cosmic” driven events. Fragments in varied states of consciousness  and wakefulness seek to experience dramatic shifts of enlightenment and to have it all happen wondrously before their eyes as an event to be observed and received, rather than creating positive change by living their lives to bring it about. This has been the drive behind the question that Susan asked as well about what draws people excitedly and passionately to religion and politics. It is simply a truth that many of would seek to have it happen FOR them. It is up to all of you, as you evolve, to make the choices TO evolve and either work towards these experiences or choose not to. 

Let us heighten your awareness of what may lie ahead. In past channeling, which eventually went into print, we mentioned 10 possible outcomes for your world at a time of great unrest. Do many of you recall these? They branched out from the rapid proliferation of nuclear weapons in response to the tensions of what was called a Cold War.

<Geraldine> I recently read them. 

<Michael_Toth> We talked about the possible nuclear crises you faced in possibly extinguishing your planet or at least life as you know it. We reported to you in a later work that those possibilities had finally and markedly come to pass as not happening and that you are past that scenario; however, there is another scenario that looms yet in your future: overcrowding, lack of food, lack of attention to women having more of a say on your world, monitoring the events that will one day possibly take shape in regard to your environment, the continuation of wars that could rapidly and uncontrollably move out of control, if one can call a war a controlled experience. 

In the next 50 years your planet is going to be challenged more and more to make choices, and the longer it takes to make those choices, even identify them, will make the choices much more difficult to accommodate and respond to save with a frenzied emergency response. At present rates, the total population will reach and exceed 9 billion mouths to feed and your food supplies and systems are even now beginning to show cracks in their ability to keep pace with demand. 

As for there being an “ascension,” an “awakening," a significant “shift” in consciousness, there is one every day, and there is not. Do you understand what we mean here? There are awakenings every day, not the great one predicted and attended to by so much ritual, passion, hopefulness and “faith.”  The desire for this to occur is heightened by so much misguided and wishful emotion. You all ascend daily through your choices, or you remain rooted in place by your choices; those choices shape how soon you evolve. Consciousness will rise as the manifest levels of individual consciousnesses rise, just as they have throughout time. There  conscious-nesses of those rooted in fear, draw down and sap the energies of awakening.  There is no race, however. Speed, as we said earlier is not required, progress is slow, but it moves forward, and as you have noted it can be painful. It is as it has always been.

<GLO> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> John W, you're next...

<john_w> My friend Jonathan and I have tried to form a band on and off for the past few years but it really stress’s me out. I play drums and its really aggressive music. After practice I feel burned out, not to mention the stress of working with Jonathan himself. I kind of just want to relax and pursue other things. What’s Michaels take on my situation?

<Michael_Toth> We ask why you are surprised by your experiences in terms of your application to this music? How could this not be so? You move huge amounts of energy, EXPEND huge amounts of energy in developing your music. As you yourself have so stated, it is Really Aggressive music. Anyone would be drained by such activity. You stated that you want to relax and pursue other things. So many disciplines on your planet point towards listening to self, listening to your “gut” as it it is so often expressed. What do you think about this?

There is also the aggression here which forms leaks for you physically, through your lower charkas. You will find that as time goes on it may take more and more time to refill and recover from such an enterprise. But this, is a challenge you set for yourself in such an undertaking and deep down, you already know this. 

<john_w> Well, the rewards seem lower than the effort put in.

<Michael_Toth> And your conclusion from this statement is? The rewards you seek will come at great expense and exchange for you. Imagine what it must be like afterwards as a workman who has spent his day operating a jack-hammer on cement all day.  

<DaveGregg> Maggie, you're next...

<Maggie> It feels like I'm finally entering the 4th internal monad. Can you perceive & clarify blaring bits of false personality? My soul is itchy if not screaming to ditch?

<Michael_Toth> The issues at hand for you are the same that all fragments entering the 4th internal monad experience on one level, the additional level are the personal beliefs you have taken on in faith and in the struggle to live, accepting and rejecting enculturation, and imprinting. The true question: Can YOU perceive and clarify blaring (and subtle) bits of false personality? As that is the nature, spirit, and the letter of the exercise brought about by the 4thInternal Monad.

The whole fabric of this experience can be daunting. The ultimate question posed by the 4th IM is WHO AM I? The subsequent questions are WHO DO I NOW WISH TO BE? WHICH BELIEFS KEEP ME ROOTED IN THE OLD “WHO I AM”?  and WHICH BELIEFS WILL HELP ME CREATE WHO I NOW WISH TO BE?

We all cry out, (meaning that we did when extant on the physical plane) WHAT, AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? We tell you this: seek inside for who you are, seek inside for signs of who you have become, stand back as you begin to perceive these icons of personality. Stand back and judge without judging in terms of right or wrong. Be patient with yourself. 

The clarity of purpose will come with the self discovery of who you really are and who you now choose to be. You will know what is YOU and what is not. Once you move across that mixed ground of rock and ice scrambling for a foothold, you will know what changes need to be made. Again, by your choice and by no one else's, this is accomplished by observing your vision of who you are. 

You will find your own light and it will lead you. Look at your overleaves, assess yourself in terms of acting out of the positive or negative poles of these tools. Learn the methods and techniques we have already given you and employ them in moving away from the negative or out of the neutral. One step will lead to another.

Removal of guilt and shame are the first steps to make, scathing self honest appraisals are the methods and means here. You are up to the task though and you already know this. 

<Maggie> I love you guys
<DaveGregg> Tom P, you're next...

<Tom_P> Please describe the past life relationships between myself and my wife; between my wife and my brother, Mike; and between myself and my wife's sister, Carol. I have a new perspective of my wife (a good one) and I think my brother and my wife's sister have played roles, both past and present.

<Michael_Toth> Let us look now to the overall involvement of many characters here. There are a host of lives that have tied all of you together in the past in Europe and in Asia, as well as South America.

The focus or theme, if you will, is one of facilitation. Most of these individuals are entity mates of yours. You and your wife are involved in a student teacher monad in which you are the student in this half of that monad. It has been a struggle for her to get through to you. The others in this drama, play supportive roles aimed at keeping a circle of energy going through these twists and turns from one side to another -- note the polarities that are involved and how they change and shift.

To add, there is a recent past life, not the most recent, in which the roles were reversed in terms of the sexes between you and your current wife as part of this teacher-student monad. In that life you were the female, and you were also the teacher. There is also an element of the female being the teacher, the Sophia here that goes back for the both of you across many lives even those not involving each other. 

We offer you the encouragement to set aside your impulses and your “False” personality to see this play, this drama through. You will each gain much from it as will all those involved even though on the periphery. 

<Tom_P> Thank you. Very enlightening. 

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<annh> I have been feeling acute expressive blocks which have been painful to me as a Sage. I've been second-guessing everything I write, including comments to this list and to others. My career is attached to my writing. How can I address this block? It seems to have gotten worse over the years and not better. Is it my Arrogance CF? 

<Michael_Toth> We do not see your chief feature as the culprit of note here. Arrogance would have you writing more and expressing yourself louder were that the case. The issues involved here are many and involve those things you choose not to address, to look away from. It is part of false personality to stuff these many issues into the closet and basement in the mind. They then become part of the unconscious and you are no longer even aware of how much they can limit you.

While the underside of arrogance is a true shyness, the arrogance added to the sage would, again, have you shouting from the rooftops. Look to your relationships and the seeds of hurt and shame within the framework of those issues. Examine the parts of self you prefer not to see. When was the last time you really allowed yourself to be vulnerable?

<annh> heh

<Michael_Toth> Why all these walls? We ask. What is it you have to fear from this exploration of self? Only release. As you release these fears, you are then free to examine your fear of vulnerability and you will find the key.

<annh> Recently, actually, though guarded. 

<Michael_Toth> Then, as you already know, you are taking the steps to remove the very blocks you placed before yourself as a means to test and reveal that it is only you in your way. 

<DaveGregg> Greeneyes, you're next...

<greeneyes22> I am a Sage with Self-Dep as CF, and I have been struggling with forgiveness of myself due to things I have did in my past during this lifetime. Is there a significant past life that could help me understand my life now?

<Michael_Toth> No more than perhaps a dozen. This is an issue that your essence has taken on in the past and is part of a sequence in which have the choice to demonstrate again in this life over the issues you believe are in your way how you can truly come to accept self to explore and experience total forgiveness which is at the basic level agape.

The Christians of your world have talked about the judgment day where their god sits in judgment over your past wrongs and rights serving to call you to task for a balance sheet, that in truth does not exist save for those times on the astral (and here in life when you do this to yourself). 

The last judgment day is truly about that moment when each and every one of you willingly cease to judge everyone and everything of its balance of right and wrong. The most important part of that ritual involves the acceptance and willingness to cease judging self. You are on the way. It is simply about letting go. 

<greeneyes22> Thank you SO MUCH!!!
<DaveGregg> Incognito, you're next...

<Incognito> Are there past life associations, karma or agreements involved, and, if so, please provide details (particularly regarding agreements, if there are any). Is this relationship likely to continue into the future in current lifetime, or did we already do whatever? [Note: There is something missing here in terms of the original question which states the presence of a relationship with someone referred to as SB]

<Michael_Toth> As to the likeliness of any relationship continuing into any future we remind you of the following: yes and no. Again it is all about choice, what choices will you and SB make tomorrow that will cause choices to be made, angers to flair, loves to flourish, understanding to blossom. It has not happened yet, so there is no way to know. The future is oblique at best and otherwise not an option until it is created and lived. 

<Incognito> Were we supposed to do something and didn't? Can you elaborate on the yes and no, please? 

<Michael_Toth> SB has their own life choices to make, the agreement if any was to meet and you were both placed on vectors where such could happen. The attraction was there and recognized by both and has pursued its own direction. In many ways, the two of you are following your separate paths which are for a time parallel, how long they remain on a parallel is up to choices that you make.

Are there other external monadal agreements involved here? We see that as your primary question and the answer is no. Does that lessen the reason or remove reason from the lesson? Not by any means unless you choose for it to be so. Will your astral selves agree to "do this again" whatever "this" is? That is again in the future and up to those aspects of both of you. But there is much here for both of you to grow and learn in terms of passion, acceptance, and power is there not?

<Incognito> are there any past life connections or a special bond between us or bad karma? What was the purpose of meeting?

<Michael_Toth> There is much to learn here about how your secondary Chief features, the one that play a dominant role in relationships that call the tune, for these aspects of personality affect the attitude much as the primary affects the goal. Where are both of you in terms of moving from negative to positive about this? You are both learning much and assessing much. 

At times the both of you take many things for granted, and at other times appear selfless. Continue, you are learning. That is not an order of course, but a recommendation such as we will give anything like a recommendation.

<Incognito> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Claire P, you're next...

<ClaireP> My most recent past life had a lot of trauma associated with it, and sometimes distress surfaces or “leaks over” in this life time. I am looking for ways to effectively cope, and ideally bring healing to myself here/now. I would like to do this without devaluing the sacrifices that had been made back then, to bring us to where I/we are today. Do you have suggestions on how I would go about this?

<Michael_Toth> These leaks are of course another example of the obdurateness of the physical plane. When many of us were extant and in the physical we struggled with similar experiences such as you and many other fragments with this kind of experience. We, when able to realize what these aspects were, we would pull our hair and gnash our teeth much as you all do. 

Is it not difficult enough dealing with personality and other personalities and life on the physical plane with out this too? And thus we proceed.

There are some practices we would suggest, greater amounts of exercise than you currently participate in. Obtaining healing crystals from a knowledgeable and worthy practitioner would help with allowing these leaks. Yes, allowing them. for blocking them would serve no more purpose than putting on a Band-Aid over a wound that does not break the skin.

We would also suggest that you learn to ground yourself more. Thirdly, we would recommend that you learn to hear when they arise, to seek memory as a means of tying them down as to time and space and memory. There is little that a traditional physician can do to aid you in this.

Allowing these leaks, rather than blocking them and allowing them to move through you, is part of your self karma in this life. However, you do not have to suffer them as if they are happening again. These past traumas are almost finished for you if that is any consolation.

<ClaireP> Greater amounts of exercise? I am already riding my bike 4000+ miles a year. Or do you mean other sorts of exercise?

<Michael_Toth> Yes the Yoga stretching would be of benefit. You already have the cardiovascular but many of these past traumas are buried in muscle and need to be released through stretching. We hope you take our advice. It will pass more easily as time goes by.

<ClaireP> Yes, it is a consolation. Finding a good crystal healing practitioner sounds daunting but I will try. Thank you very much.

<Michael_Toth> You are welcome. 
<DaveGregg> Stuart, you're next...

<Stuart_N> I have a very strong feeling that my son Spencer (shown in the photo with me) and I have shared time in a past life, as I feel such peace around him. Could Michael tell me if we have known each other before or if it is just an attribute that he has? I feel as if we have an agreement in this life time. Yet I am not sure if I have just convinced myself of this. He is my only child and I am not sure if this is a common parental feeling.

<Michael_Toth> Your past lives together as friends, as siblings, and the exchange as parent and child and the reverse, are many. There are some 22 known such lives in which you were both close. There were several lives, of course, in which you also created karmic ribbons of note. However, those ribbons have been burned. The strongest connection you feel with him comes from one of the stronger bonds that can occur between fragments. That is, of course, as comrades-in-arms. 

When you last met in such a life, your current son saved your life and there is a kind of feeling of owing and protectiveness that you have for him as a means of returning the "favor." There is too, who you are in this life with all of the questions you face in terms of who you are as a father, who you have been as a husband and your other issues. And there is you Stuart who desires to be the better parent that you can imagine.

All those images, all of those themes ride on the river that is you and your son in this life. There is much love there as you well know.

<Stuart_N> Thank you very much
<DaveGregg> Visitor_25419, you're next...

<Visitor_25419> Tom (as I signed in originally) here: Is technology being developed, or already developed, somewhere on earth that will give us a source of energy to replace fossil-based sources when they become unusable? If so, what can you tell us about it?

<Michael_Toth> There is little that is new to your scientists that will truly be effective in harnessing power that is both clean environmentally and as you are so concerned economical.

The developments have been happening in labs across your planet right along side with the creation and invention of methods whose uses will cause problems for this as well. The actual stumbling blocks are the companies that currently are in power and have chosen to remain in power and that work to prevent these other means from taking their rightful place if such it could be called.

You have the very water that exists at present in abundance on your planet, others are working on magnets and other sources of energy as well as solar, which still offers the greatest hope at the present. Yet, even today the hybrids that are being produced for travel are gaining ground. But there is oil and coal and as short sited as it is, it remains king.

<Visitor_25419> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Vetski, you're next...

<Vetski> I would like to know my soul age and my level and.... is my soul age related to my poor health? I have an autoimmune ear disease which is slowly causing deafness. I would like to cure this and my other health problems, can you help me with this?

<Michael_Toth> We see you Vetski as a late level mature soul. Let us say level 5. We suggest that health, poor or bountiful is not a measure or a result to the age of the soul. Where the age of the soul is of most importance is actually on the astral and to some degree on the physical. You manifest inwardly your soul cycle and level, as you manifest your role in essence outwardly as an expression of you.

While this autoimmune issue is, of course, of huge importance and impact to you here and now, it was not something chosen for this lifetime in advance by your astral self. We remind all of you that this occurs quite often. Life choices, agreements, vectors are planned with brilliance by the astral self, only to be undone by actual experience on the physical where all manner of things from autoimmune diseases to the fact that a mountain explodes next to your home or an earthquake shakes the ground from under you. 

<Vetski> What is causing this autoimmune disease and can I cure it?

<Michael_Toth> This illness, is of course, and sadly so progressive and it is most likely that you will lose your hearing which is another experience, that, while you have had it once before in a previous life caused by a traumatic injury also provides you with growth as well. While in this life it is not a completion of a sequence per se, it is however, something you have a memory of. 

We are sorry that we cannot offer anything further, as there are no means to change this.

<Vetski> Have I done something or not done something to cause it?

<Michael_Toth> It is not uncommon to look for a way to blame yourself, but it would serve no purpose and is not something present in this life that you have done or refused to do. 

<Vetski> So it is past life then? 

<Michael_Toth> Again, it isn't the past life. We mentioned the past life because it is something you can use in terms of memory of that experience to help you in this. In this life, it was, sad to say, the luck of the draw.

<Vetski> But, if it wasn't planned for this life, then would it not be created in this life? by stress perhaps?

<Michael_Toth> The fact that you all are living so close together, create stresses that impact on the immune system much as they have influenced the onset of AIDS and HIV as a problem your society faces.

<Vetski> Okay, I have double vision from childhood as well, was this past life?

<Michael_Toth> No. That is a genetic draw that comes from your parents.

<Vetski> Last question. Will I leave this physical plane soon?

<Michael_Toth> That is a matter that we will not predict. Understand that you may pursue these questions with other channels as well in greater detail than this forum permits.

<DaveGregg> Timeflyer, you're next...

<Timeflyer2> Hi Michael & Michael. What has been my past connections with my son, Rhyan, and how can I best go about paying any karmic debts I may owe him? The man in the picture with me is my partner, not my son's father. The picture was taken at my son's wedding.

<Michael_Toth> Hello Timeflyer. It is difficult to see your eyes as you are looking up at the man, but I will do my best in this.

At first we wish to ask why you feel there are unpaid karmic ribbons between you and your son?

<Timeflyer2> It's just a feeling. I'm not really sure. We are close and get along. It's just something I feel.

<Michael_Toth> We would like all to remember here that past karmic ribbons create an energy of their own and a resonance that if the fragment is open to these telltale messages often the memory associated with them will come. The past life you shared that has impact on this and that causes this resonation with you is not a karmic debt owed.

It is one of having been partners, very close partners in and near the city that is now Kalamata in Greece, where in the 17th Century the two of you were robbed and left for dead both of you suffering a severe beating. This beating was the ultimate cause of your death, though the transit occurred later. The robbery and the fear that you were both left with is the resonance you feel. You both tried to help one another but there were too many to fend off. It is simply that and no more. This is simply the resonance of something that ended unpleasantly. 


Closing Comments

<Michael_Toth> We come to the end of tonight’s session content and we have served again to open doors, to validate perceptions, answer questions, offering what we know and have learned. This is our commitment to what we now perceive as “life” on the causal plane. To offer signposts to those that would look at them, ask for them. We acknowledge the internal struggle you face in each eternal moment of choice, each eternal moment of now. We offer merely the means and tools to comprehend, to understand so as to make choices as informed as they can be. You will evolve with or without our sign posts. You will eventually come to know all, as we one day will come to know all.

At some point in time in the future, each of you, in your re-united entities will also offer teachings and signposts to fragments on the physical plane as well. Thus the cycle continues, and renews itself.

In closing, we have hopefully provided or offered access to insights, toward reducing, with knowledge and understanding, the choices available to you and have aided you in making the decisions you seek to make and understand.

We are finished.

<yy2> Thank you, Michael and Michael.
<DaveGregg> You did a fine job, Michael. Thank you so much for being with us tonight. 
<Michael_Toth> Thank you all for your support and energy in making this possible
<barblu> Michael (Toth and "The") - wonderful channeling - very refreshing! Thank you so much
<Stuart_N> Thank you Dave, Kathryn, Michael & Michael. Well done.
<Kathryn41> Thank you so much Michael and Michael - very well done
<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome, and thank you in return
<Laurel121> very good to see you here, Michael!
<ClaireP> This went very well - thank you for a job well done Mr. Toth - and thank you Michael.


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