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Opening Comments


< Michael_Toth> What is Recognition? What we mean when we say the word recognition we are speaking of those moments when above all other signals there is recognition of a truth or recognition of a past life contact.

As it is, it is an experience on the physical plane. Perception of recognition, be it that the watermelon tastes sweeter today than it did yesterday or that the individual facing you died with you in a long past incident, and that therefore, on some level in the universe...You realize that you know this individual.

You know this individual even though "common sense" often rises up in defense and says that that just isn't possible. How could you suddenly have a moment visiting a foreign country you have never been to before, and while there go to the center of a village and drink its well water, and recognize in that instant, that you know the taste of that water. Oh you've had water in all the places you have lived in. Water generally tastes pretty much the same. But this water tastes different and evokes memory. How do you know this? Where does this come from, this thing called recognition?

How many of you knew the words and found truth in our words when you first heard or read them? In many cases there was recognition. Certainly it is recognition of a different kind, but recognition, just the same. We have added the word intuition to it as well. But how does one hone such a skill? What if the other, one meets doesn't perceive the recognition the same way or even at all? And what does that then do to the relationship? What does that do to the process of recognition as well?

How do we proceed from there? What is, and what is not recognition?

That, is the key, and its ability to reach you is only moments away should you be able to step aside from personality. Remember in those moments in which you "had" recognition, you were either intensely engaged with either fear or love, but you were without personality when it came. Remember what separation from personality can feel like. Remember it and listen for it and more recognition can come.

Q & A

<Bobby2> Ok Michael, I hope you brought your Akashic records library card tonight, I wanted to inquire about the 2 most recent previous incarnations for Martin D. What would you care to share about those as far when/where and any major interesting happenings in those lives for him.

<Michael_Toth> This fragment Martin was born a male in eastern Europe before the 1900's. The middle son in a family of 7 siblings he lived to marry, and worked as an assitant to a minor public official in a village outside of tSolin (sp?). The fragment died of pneumonia, in 1936 leaving behind a wife and 2 children.

In the second life, prior to that was as a young aristocratic Frenchmen an actual attaché to the King of France, Napoleon III. He had a promising future ahead of him but was one of the troops with the caravan transporting the King when he was shot by German Cavalry, while trying to do his duty for King and country. This occurred near the city of Sedan in the middle 1800's. It was a short brief life, as he died near his 22nd birthday.

<Bobby2> Always fascinating, thank you or the indulgence :-)

< Michael_Toth> You're most welcome.

<DaveGregg> yy2, you're next...

<yy2> Am I still in 4th Internal Monad? Or am I approaching 5th IM? What are the signs I should look for in 5th IM? This is Yung Yung.

< Michael_Toth> You have completed the 4th Internal Monad, and it is a valid observation that you are approaching the 5th Internal Monad. The self-investigation of these two Monads are quite unique, and yet can be quite similar. The self-examination that ensues can be, of course, modified by the present or absence of moving through the monad in the positive poles. You, Yung-Yung, completed the 4th Internal Monad in the positive poles of your overleaves. While that doesn't mean that self-examination can't and does not continue, we merely wish to point out that the new perceptions can often be discerned by the level and quality of judgment that is echoed in regard to those perceptions of past acts from within. If there is, on appreciation of past events from this life time, as part of the self-examination, a softening in the appraisal often accompanied by deeper and richer re-appraisals then one can surmise that they are beginning the first stages of the 5th IM.

<DaveGregg> nychel, you're next...

<nychel> Hello Michael and Michael! Okay, I have been with Wilfred B. for awhile now and I was just curious to know if there were any significant lifetimes in the past that I should know about and if so, where were we and what were we in relation to each other? Any information would be great, even if not so “significant”. Thanks!!

< Michael_Toth> You were both militiamen from neighboring counties in and around what is now Philadelphia during the War of Independence. This was your first experience of significance with one another, although there are some half-dozen lives in which you came into each others spheres of influence. Apparently essences have chosen to make it an agreement to meet in this life and this meeting has taken place. That's all there is.

<DaveGregg> Thomas, you're next...

<thomas> I Feel I am at a transition point in my life, however I feel at a standstill, I am hoping Michael could lend some insight in helping me understand why this is? Also, I would like to know if there are any Karmic debts or ribbons that need to be burned, and if those unburned ribbons have any bearing as to why this is? Anything you can share would be appreciated I just feel like I want to move on and cooperate with everything the best I can.

< Michael_Toth> Everyone of you is always in transition. You are all at greater major, or lesser minor points of transition about everything. We see an intensity here that is made more so by your goal of growth. It is often during such times that the fragment asks for some ritual that can be performed to change the way the life is going. To end the frustration, ennui, dissatisfaction, reluctance that seems to persist. Thomas, there are no karmic ribbons you can hunt down and burn to feel or experience life differently. There is life and what is made of what life is and what you can choose, or not choose to do, or not do about it. You are where you are, experiencing what you are because of choices made and the whimsical nature of the physical plane. Many of us experienced the intensity of life trying to peer through its veils to the future, to see beyond. To know in advance what was going to happen sometimes even into the next moment.

There is and will be, for a long time to come karmic ribbons among and between many of you. Life on the physical plane is about karma and balance. Your life isn't the way it is because of karma owed to anyone. Essence becomes bored with lives that are in a state of inertia (seemingly). It is in those moments that can be the most intense or enduringly long lasting and draining in which lessons, and higher perceptions leading to changing the way one's life is unfolding, or, more of the same.

What steps you take next are yours, you have the tools within you and before you that you can select that help you decide what to do next in each given moment. What do you choose to make of the next moment? How do you propose differently and upon what strengths and weaknesses do you depend while doing just that? Choosing to make whatever it is you choose to make of the next moment is what life is at every point, in every second. What do you choose to make of the next moment?

<DaveGregg> Glory Be, you're next...


<Glory_Be> In the next 3 - 6 months are there any good things/ positive changes I can personally look forward to?

< Michael_Toth> This question can be answered on two levels. First of all you can always look forward to anything. You can look forward to positive and negative things. Life on the physical plane is about all three moments in time is it not? We wonder why there is reason to ask? Is there something you perceive about the next three to six months that are more significant than the last three? All of what comes next is dependent upon the myriad ways that life will ebb and flow, shifting on the physical plane. Millions of fragments will swirl about in their own lives coming into contact with greater and greater numbers of other fragments. These interactions and your choices to be at the intersection of Main and Elm streets on Friday, the 26th of are the finite and infinitesimal actions taken, or abrogated, and influence every aspect of what becomes the present and the future. You have meetings with vectors, involving other fragments, as do most fragments, and some are as insignificant as walking past a stranger and having that inviting feeling to say hello. We do not predict anything. What will happen, remains to happen driven by the variables that coalesce prior to and during those moments. It is unpredictable as anything else, especially the weather. Questions?

<Glory_Be> I guess I was thinking about what sort of probabilities are currently unfolding, given the energies around me.

< Michael_Toth> There is a field of infinite possibilities that exists before and around and within all of you. What you have put in motion already, which is what we suspect you are asking about, already has its chances of occurring as many other things, but because you have put them in motion, they have a greater likelihood of transpiring. Even taking away the energies you perceive you have around you. What you desire may or may not come to pass, or may do so with astounding added results. We will not pass on that any further.

<DaveGregg> Brian, you're next...


<Brian_W> I am slowly trying to evaluate, understand and learn from the experiences of this life thus far and would greatly appreciate a third-person perspective. Do I have any karmic ribbons that have been either created, burned, or in progress thus far in this life? Could you describe them in detail as possible?

< Michael_Toth> As we have said to the man Thomas neither of you is who or where you are because you have assassinated a minor official as if some form of punishment for your wrong doings. Although, you in particular, have been involved in such an act, as have nearly all of you, in some way, shape or form. There is no magic karmic ribbon out of the 27 you carry in this lifetime (owed to others) but for which you are not currently on vectors for establishing contact. There has been no burning of karmic ribbons for this life at present, nor are you amidst any at the present. There is simply the friction of abrading overleaves. There is some minor internal abrading as well as within yourself yourself and between you and those around you. There are the circumstances of who you are and where you are in this existence. Choices made regarding friends, peers, associates, and circumstances. There is where you chose to go to college for example and there is what you choose to major in and to whom you speak to and to whom you speak to no longer. How these karmic ribbons are burned, how you pay back your debts on these are dependent on you and the fragment owed to. Are there those that owe you? Certainly some 14 fragments owe you karmic debt repayment currently extent on the physical plane. As you have asked, does any of this have to do with who and where you are now? We think not. Questions?

<Brian_W> For the three most serious of situations in my life, one of which still seems to be unfolding despite my attempts to remain out of the situation, those were still simply choice-based, not karmic based?

< Michael_Toth> This is correct. Not every tough relationship is a karmic debt. Most of them are not.

<Brian_W> Could you comment on any karmic relationships with my immediate family, both those still present in my life, and those I have chosen to leave in the past?

< Michael_Toth> Again as we stated before, you grew up amidst a circle of people, your family and others, that possess very abrading overleaves in and among each other as well as yourself. We repeat, not all tough relationships are a karmic debt waiting to be repaid. False Personality would wish to glamorize such interactions as dramas that have deeper significance, purpose and meaning even in the context of these teachings. Most times learning to bend and adapt to difficult situations is what Essence is all about, all it is ever about for that matter. It is very difficult when what is perceived, which of course, mandates that self makes choices, is perceived vastly differently than those around one. This is often what makes the Mature Soul Age so difficult to pass through. The perceptions are deeper, the emotions of a new kind are stronger and there is no more frame of reference for what is positive or negative when faced with a sea of divergent beliefs and choices made by others, that effect one so deeply. The Mature soul truly searches for sanctuary, for relief from this.

< Michael_Toth> Questions?

<Brian_W> Not for now, I will have to take the necessary time to digest this information. Thank you again Michael.

<DaveGregg> Martha, you're next...


<Martha> Last time you gave me an overview of a number of lifetimes in Paris. I’m interested in more detail about the one(s) you mentioned from around the 18th century – you referred to the Sun King and the Revolution. Versailles seemed familiar to me.

< Michael_Toth> It should, you were among the cotillions of women attached to the courts through familial connections. Going to Versailles some thirty or more times a year before turning 18 would garner a memory or two. It was a time of much False Personality, among hordes of eligible men and in being among the aristocratic circles of society as Louis pursued his pleasures in life. It is not a life of note so much as one of a mixed balance between huge galas, intrigues and a quiet discernment that began to blossom. Questions?

<Martha> sounds fun,kinda. I wasn't one of those "let them eat cake" people, was i?

< Michael_Toth> Remember that Essence's idea of fun compared to those of the personified fragment often differ in the extreme.

<Martha> so this was pre-Revolution?

< Michael_Toth> Your reference is to a later Louis, we are speaking of the earlier Louis, the Sun King, the Revolution began in 1792, but this kind of behavior and thinking was maintained by most aristocrat societies throughout history. Let them eat cake “thinking” existed in aristocratic Europe long before the Revolution tore it asunder. When among the Romans...

<Martha> yes, sorry the cake thing was revolution time, the sun king was Louis 14th

<DaveGregg> Karolyn, you're next...

<KarolynG> Hi M/M: We briefly discussed life task in emails, however, I feel I have my answer to that question so I will switch gears and ask were any of my past lives spent in Atlantis? If so, was one during its destruction? If yes, did I survive and if I did where did I end up? If this is too many parts, please just respond with what you are comfortable with.

< Michael_Toth> There is no record of your being in Atlantis.

<DaveGregg> Heather, you're next...


<heatherh> I want to ask about the supposed channeled information compiled in the book "Urantia". I found it fascinating but often prescriptive and bureaucratic. What is the nature of this material?

< Michael_Toth> This material is being disseminated by fragment on the Astral Plane, nearing completion of its turn in reincarnating and there is a high male energy connected with it. There is a specific body of knowledge this fragment has been developing over the great amounts of time it has assessed its own evolution. While it is one thing to consider and regard a physical plane fragment when reading that fragments work in regard to its agenda, it is far more difficult to acquire the same criteria from information that is coming from an astral fragment. There is truth in these writings as there are in many other works that have arisen. This time you are alive now is a time of awakening, whose seeds were planted in the generation not so long ago in the 60's of your previous century. We have suggested in the past, first and foremost to validate everything. We have frequently recommended that the student judge for themselves the nature of truth wherever one finds it. Read and compare and listen to the whispers form the higher centers, and to essence itself. It is often easier than you think. Ask for it and it will come to you. Any message that consists of rituals and shoulds, and should-nots is suspect at the face of it, is it not? Remember that, in your discernment of anything you read. Anything else?

<heatherh> what you've said resonates - I'll imbibe with care - thank you very much!

< Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> Last time, I asked about my most "flamboyant or notorious" lifetime from MY perspective -- you indicated that essence had a totally different choice. I'd like to know about that life this evening.

< Michael_Toth> You were literally a pirate on the high sands. You drove the Silk Route to become what it did at its heights and for several of the following waves of success it enjoyed. You used people for your own purposes and reveled in the knowledge that you could, becoming even more and more creative in your pursuits of this behavior. But you tied it to a goal in this lifetime. You actually felt like the father to the trade route, and behaved in pursuing it like it was a pet that you tended to and fostered. Your abilities to manage and reduce costs, by simplifying methods of trade, transportation, logistics, and of storage were manifest.

You developed scores of treaties and pacts, occasionally overturning them to meet your own designs and secure your control. Your personality truly believed it was doing this for the "right" reasons, and that nothing was above or below the line in doing so. There is nothing more in the gross overall appreciation of this figure whose name is as irreproducible as any we have had the opportunity to translate. Tamarghz? Is the closest our student Michael can come to this.

<Geraldine> what ethnic group?

< Michael_Toth> You were, as we have been wont to say a mongrel, mostly Asian descent, some Arabic, some African. very little eastern European.

<Geraldine> thank you very much for filling in details on that life :)

< Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Littlestar, you're next...

<littlestar> My question is regarding my health. Can u tell me why I am so tired most of the day, usually at least until mid afternoon or early evening. I would like to get up earlier and be full of energy all day.

< Michael_Toth> We see that the general advancement of age, lifestyle and diet have contributed to this sens of being tired. No matter how fragments improve upon the model of the physical body, with this recent push for either obesity or one which is sculpted according to the Greek model, time will have its way. Processes will take longer, rebuilding will slow down, so will metabolism. The "up" sense will take longer to instill. The physical plane is obdurate, it is hard on the physical manifestation. Do you sense or fear that something underlying has occurred? That this is a sign of illness?

<littlestar> Yes, it seems unreasonable to me that, it takes forever to be awake, fully awake and it was suggested to me that I might have lyme disease or chronic fatigue syndrome and, as well, my dad had a blood disorder so I am concerned that there is more to this than what I'd assumed

< Michael_Toth> we see nothing of the sort in regard to lyme disease save that in regard to chronic fatigue, yes, but that is what we were describing with the general movement of aging, changes of diet and the like.

<littlestar> Do you mean that there is nothing I can do to wake myself up all day, that this is only due to poor diet and weight? No matter how much I've slept?

< Michael_Toth> Sleep can be an adjunct and a problem as you may well know. We see no disease process.

<littlestar> Thank you. Any suggestions for more immediate short-term? no toxins either?

< Michael_Toth> You are all bombarded by toxins by the thousands, being on the physical plane is part of that and occurs everywhere even before technology developed plastics and industrial elements. We see numerous toxins having influence, and mostly the one you call lead, but it is not at a significant level.

<DaveGregg> Helen, you're next...

<mib_76gef8> Dear Michael, this is Helen L., I just want to say how honored and thrilled I am in being able to get connected to you and the group, it is the 1st time I am joining the chat and talk through channel (Michael, so much thank). Continue above discussion: I often feel stressed out by today's fast speed and intensity, very strong especially in U.S. Are we supposed to get used to this fast pace? And if yes, is this fast pace part of the earth/human transition to the "higher" vibration/frequency?

< Michael_Toth> You either choose to get used to the fast pace still driven by young soul dominance, just like you are getting somewhat accustomed to changing weather patters and concerns about the environment and what will happen tomorrow. We do not see a transformation to a higher frequency and have dealt with this question before. Life around the time of 1 BC was much faster paced than it was 200 years earlier and this phenomenon will continue well into the future as your societies and cultures will likely continue to experiment and devise newer and newer technologies. This pace has begun a long time ago with slower periods than others, and faster than others. The amount of knowledge you have accumulated adds to this let alone the technologies that allow you to share it.

It was once possible for a fragment to know everything there was to know and was known at that time in academic and other circles. It is nearly impossible for one fragment to do so today.

<mib_76gef8> My feeling is that we have personal choice over the matter, right? I, being slower and more contemplative, would rather choose to be this way, like a counter-balance for the society.

< Michael_Toth> You are all living closer and closer together and life, and under those circumstances, is generally not simpler. It becomes more and more complex as each day passes.

<mib_76gef8> Are we supposed to catch up to this complexity? Learn to be part of it, I guess.

< Michael_Toth> That is a significant appreciation of your position and is carried by numerous fragments once it has been realized. It is this variety that adds to all of everything else in terms of establishing those contexts we spoke of. You aren't supposed to do anything other than what you choose to do. You would be just as correct in choosing to live in a rural area where life passes at a slower pace. There are no rules. There are no sins by omission or transgression. Your free will to choose what you wish is and has always been there. There are consequences to those actions as there are in everything else. Questions?

<mib_76gef8> That sounds right. Thank you very much for the information.

< Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Santi, you're next...


<Santi> Michael, I would like to ask anything about my past life times which influence my relationship in this life. And how to release the old patterns which are not suitable, in order to create a joyful loving relationship?

< Michael_Toth> We do not see that you have much carryover from any one of the past three lives in the specific. There are, as often occur with most fragments issues of trust, trust in the other, and trust in oneself to be as right and true as one can be in any given situation and moment. All of you carry markers of dishonesty and betrayal as you do of rightness and in being as earnest as any set of overleaves can permit. You are still resolving the enculturation of parents and society, the choices of CF and the choice of CF. This is a ritual played out by all fragments to one degree or another as they take on in theirr early years everything around them, and as time passes, these aspects of what we choose and are influenced by will either be inculcated or distilled out or down to what is really essential. You are in that process, and it takes time and patience which is the rub. Can you not see this? Progress, though slow, is being made as you pursue one version of relationship after another refining that template and the template of personality you are willing to apply to it. This process is quite involved and is not usually accomplished rapidly. Questions?

<Santi> So it's about patience?

< Michael_Toth> Patience is only one aspect of this, as it requires the passage of time, the abrasion of the lessons as to how deeply to love A, B or C and why. Each of you, including the others you chose to be in relationship with are also walking this same path.

<Santi> How to be more detached from another person?

< Michael_Toth> Detachment is its own experience. Is that what you wish to experience this time? One might do well to ask what benefits and detractors are accrued from and accomplished by such a choice. Are you asking us to tell you what to do in this regard? We won't. These are the choices everyone of you must needs make or step away from in regard to evolving. We won't tell you how to make your relationships better, or worse, but we will offer you material that will allow you to conclude what relationship you might choose to enter into and for what reasons. You are there for the experience. Many would love to hear the inside track from us or any other teacher about what it is we must do to make things so that they are perfect and nice all the time. We never discovered the answers to questions like that when we were incarnate. Unless you are that which you wish you were in any given moment there is no clue no ritual you can perform to "make" that happen. many of us went to holy men asking them to intercede for us, which they would do by ritually sacrifice birds and other animals to make our lives and our relationships better or more perfect. It availed nothing more than lots of dead birds.

<DaveGregg> Timeflyer, you're next...


<Timeflyer> What should I do to be more in touch and aligned with essence? [Note: This Question includes the Closing Comments]

< Michael_Toth> This is a question often asked by many students and is worthy of investigation. There is a kind of listening one can only train oneself to do. It is based on the sensations and perceptions one has of what the direction essence is in as a way of saying it. There is a knowing like there is about little else in life. It is most often not a loud sound about the signals, it is often not a stronger sensation of one kind or another. But once the fragment can recognize that "knowing" sensation for what it is, a fragment can "tune in" more to essence than when there was doubt or misdirection. Essence is always there, one need not wait for 4 or 5 rings before essence is connected. How soon, the answer comes with how able the fragment is able to tune in their overleaves to the positive and listen.

In the past we have recommended meditation as a means of quieting the inner chatter to allow the connection to be made. We still offer it as a temporary means and ritual to accomplish until recognition takes place, as we continue to see fragments accomplish this. But, as with anything on the physical plane fraught with interference BY the physical plane it can be elusive, transient and doubtful at times when it does occur. Just as you often meet your true personality, in times of extreme stress, and, amidst abrasive experiences, it can be thus with essence as well. We say it need not, but it is far easier for us without all of the distractions the physical plane provide. Contact is contact and it is useful as much in the "pinch" of things as it is in the silent spaces. It is in the latter, when one has the choice of doing so much more so than the former. This is a timely reminder and should also serve as the closing comments. Should you choose to, continue to seek this connection, knowing that essence has different expectations for you than personality does.

Most all of you, as did we, prefer that things be easy, less taxing, less caustic, less stressful. Remember that this space you now experience in, is and can be harsh and seemingly cruel without reason and at times with reason, were nature and life to so consist. At the same time, life can be joyous, and experienced in ways unobtainable in any other way because simply because of the contexts.

How much can you truly appreciate a happy ending on the astral when you created the circumstances for just such an outcome as compared to what sometimes seems to effortlessly fall into place on the physical plane? Or, against all odds you accomplish something everything and everyone told you could not come to pass? Could the celebratory feelings and sensations be any more real than where you are now? We have not experienced it elsewhere in this manner. This is often too, where essence contact comes to the fore, either before during or after the events. Listen, for it, should you choose to, it is often simply a whisper.

<Timeflyer> Michael/Michael/Dave - I have accomplished what others said I could not. I get all this you have said and am in that less stressful space now thanks to this group. Thank you for your continued healing and guidance. Timeflyer/Diana


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