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Opening Comments

<Michael> Life on the Physical Plane….While it is no more Salient than a hundred million other relationships, all of you are joined in a way on the physical plane, this evening, and here. All of you chose to be incarnated in your current existence at this time. There were and are no mistakes about it. Most of you chose to find this Teaching, or something like it. All of you either randomly came by this material or were on a quest. Some of you even knew what that quest was and all of you recognized something in these words. This is the physical plane. The here, and now for all in this chat room.

Most importantly it is also choice an circumstance. Choice and Circumstance. The energy you express whether a Michael student or not.

This is how each of you expresses who you are, through choice and circumstance. Your choices bring you to circumstance. They are often prompted by circumstance. And those circumstances, whether created by you, or by the physical plane are the things of life, of incarnation, of evolution.

What are you contributing to this life through choices? Each of you asks questions such as this. Each of you seeks to know.

The opacity of that window in front of you labeled time is a murky event at best. It is the same for us. What lies ahead lays heavy on each of us, incarnate or discarnate, and for each other. This notion that everything is choice, that all things (events, thoughts, deeds) are valid, is sometimes difficult to accept. Without it, as we have said before, however, there would be no free will.

This, we remind you is the scathing and obdurate physical plane, which will bring about events that weren't in the plan, and in many ways interfere with the plan.

These plans are flexible by need, as many of you have experienced, sometimes with disdain and other times with sorrow and regret. Yet the physical plane is a place where one may just as easily discover and experience joy in ways that are significant.

You have all experienced this also. All of you have chosen to be incarnate in time for this evening together.

Let us begin with your questions...


Q & A


<swimming_gal> Hello and thank you, Michael! The man in the photo was once very special to me but I haven’t seen him for over 20 years. Do we have unfinished business that is bringing him to mind after all this time? If so, can you help me understand the nature of this business & how best to make contact w/ him (he hasn't responded to two e-mails I sent over the past year & now I'm nervous about contacting him).

<Michael> (yes I have your three photos, thanks) The man in the photo is still special to you. And you are simply aware that you are still special to him, but he is unwilling to respond at this time. Both of you learned from each other in an earlier time. There is nothing more to this other than renewal or new exploration. But there is a fondness about the sensation and the reason of his coming to mind is there not?

<swimming_gal> Yes, extreme fondness but a little mystifying. Thank you so much, Michael and Dave.

<DaveGregg> John W, you're next...

<john_w> hello. lately i've had the urge to clear out a lot of stuff from the house (for example my drum set i havent touched in months) and pursue a more minimalist lifestyle- focusing on key issues such as my health and study. whats does michael have to say about materialism, conspicuous consumption and its effect on people in this culture? (sorry, didnt send a pic)

<Michael> What is it we have said before about materialism and what you call conspicuous consumption and its effect on this culture. This is what you are all about. This is what your society, and, as a whole, in your country, and some others are doing and calling it "life."

All of you here this evening chose to live in a society of the world that is about making decisions daily, no matter what your income level, class, status, culture, etc.

It is about making daily decisions about materialism and conspicuous consumption.

Many of you don't even have to leave your homes to participate. We are neither condoning it nor condemning. On any level.

We are simply stating what is. Even if you minimalize your life, you can, should you choose to, minimalize your relationship with materialism. All is truly choice. What is it you wish to experience? What will you choose and bring about as circumstance?

<john_w> Is that rhetorical?

<Michael> You will do as much about your health as you choose to. You will do as much about your lifestyle as you choose to. You will then simply experience life in those new ways. All of this, every choice about this is pure choice.

You will experience the rend results of your choices and make new decisions.

You will also remake old decisions. All of this is life, all of this is choice, all of this is experience and you will decide what you will from it.

<john_w> thanx

<DaveGregg> Darleene, you're next...

<Darleene> Hi Michael and Michael, it's been a year since my husband Wayne died. Seems I agreed to ride along on his rather difficult journey on the physical plane... I was wondering how he's assimilating and has he finally recognized that he WAS loved? Thanks...

<Michael> Let us confirm that every time each of you, incarnate and discarnate "think" of one another there is a contact of a kind that takes place. The first question of this evening was of such a nature. When you think, you feel, even more so when you think of someone you know from this incarnation and often from others. That tingling sensation, or awareness you have when you even meet a stranger in the street. When you think of those you care about, are angry at etc., there is contact of a kind. Many of you know this and experience and trust to it. This world often calls this intuition.

Every time you thought of Wayne after his passing, and since you have shared who you are and what you were thinking and feeling at the time.

He is still assimilating and is bent on working through many variations of his life. So he does know of how you feel, each time you feel.

Does that answer your question?

<Darleene> Mostly. Thank you so much.

<DaveGregg> Claire P, you're next...

<ClaireP> Thank you for being available this evening. I sent you two pictures, one of me, and one of T. T. was a spiritual instructor for me for many years. I was on what he would describe as an advisory council for our religious body. I understood it as a governing board of directors. Out of this fundamental difference of perception, he became very angry with me. This anger was suppressed overtly, but not held back on a psychic level.

After feeling repeatedly attacked, one of my tactics was to try to hide in a psychological sanctuary I had created previously, primarily for other purposes.

I was attacked there, too, though. I felt like the place, previously designed for beauty and repose as well as security, was plundered. I found myself hiding in either in a golden box (a sarcophagus, really) or behind a completely enclosed fortress with thick gray walls (a prison, really).

All of this happened four years ago, but I am afraid to leave my fortress. I would like to have a new place of beauty, safety and peace to go in my mind. I don't want to be shut up in a box, even if it is made of gold. But my few tries have filled me with fear. How can I have a new sanctuary and feel safe there?

<Michael> Finding the one is dependent upon accomplishing the other. The way ahead causes fear and halts you. The way back, or in remaining, unacceptable

What you desire the most is before you, what you fear the most in overcoming in between. What you are doing, how you are doing it, or attempting to do it in conflict and under duress. You are also stuck in the neutral pole of your role

We have given information like this before. A technique we have presented is about using a process called Hands Across and Hands Through.

You are stemmed for making the choices you wish to make because of this, golden prison.

We suggest you apply these Hands Across and Hands Through methods to move from the negative poles of your goal, mode and attitude. This would be a likely way to approach overcoming your own part in being a prisoner and from that release to seek your own way again.

Apply the change with your role first sliding to your opposite on whatever axis you are on, then apply it to attitude changing that by using this technique, followed by the same process with mode and goal. In that order.

You should find the release you seek in tempering your fears enough, to allow you to walk as who you are.

This is our best advice, attempting to change another is even more daunting.

<ClaireP> this will require research as well as action - thank you SO MUCH for your advice and help.

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome

<DaveGregg> Bobby, you're next...


<Bobby> I would like tonight to ask what would be the optimum job or area of interest for me right now considering my overleaves, role, soul age/level, etc?

<Michael> That is the problem is it not? You are a warrior with a goal of growth, yet your ET pushes you from afar with ideas of service. A warrior would seek service too, but of a different kind. What trumpet does the old soul hear as its call?

You persist in dreams of doing one thing, while another part of you suspects its a trap to keep you busy. And yet one which you will become bored with.

The optimum job would be one where you led a cadre of other old comrades in arms “types” who loved to talk and share their stories. But your physical body wants more.

<Bobby> I have felt inclined to really jump back into the physical plane more recently and enjoy all it has to offer

<Michael> Your need to "proceed" can be taken for impatience. Middle end jobs involving security would be an ideal. Managing others in the entertainment industry might be interesting enough.

<Bobby> nothing financial though huh?

<Michael> Ask yourself this? Will the financial choice keep me involved enough that I won’t become bored with it as well?

If there is enough of the security in securities that it will keep an edge for me? What echoes do you hear?

<Bobby> I'm hearing financial with an opportunity for service there.

<Michael> Assess that of yourself as you listen with those ears you use well. As we said before, you will hear and listen to what you have tempered yourself to do. You will then make decisions based upon what you discover and what you believe attracts you. Have no fear, every experience (and there is no wrong experience) is simply that. You will choose and gain and choose and gain.

<Bobby> thank you very much, by the way, tell my ET I said hello :-)

<Michael> And, as was said earlier, about choice and circumstance, it is filled with richness in all that you do seek. We have said your hellos for you, though it was received by your ET from you as we also suggested above. You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Santi, you're next...

<Santi> Thank you... Michael, I would like to ask about any agreement or karmic ribbon between me and Majid.

<Michael> There is no karmic ribbon between you and this fragment named Majid. Nor do we see there any agreements or monads that were chosen. There are no past life contacts of any merit in the past, other than to know each other briefly in passing.

We suggest that the attraction and sometimes see-saw nature of your relationship is one of the interaction of overleaves, and a Michael student would do well to study these interactions. Remember also that you are operating, the both of you , more out of secondary chief features than your primary chief features.

<Santi> Does he want to experience something with me in this life?

<Michael> When you wish to observe these interactions look to the role, casting, influence of ET, Task Companion, attitude, mode and goal to observe the both of you. There is attraction strong enough in body types to bring you both together. There is also a nearness, in soul age and level to make a "fit" comfortable.

As well you both have the attraction to another culture to add to the spice of relationship. Not all (or even any) relationships should or have to be mating agreements. There can be more quality in an off the cuff or physical plane causal relationship than there can in many mating agreements, especially if the fragments are not ready for the agreement to occur. There are times when vectors come together sooner than planned, or sooner than can be arranged for, or sooner than life's other plans and paths prepared for. There is much for both of you to learn and experience here. The way is open. END

<Santi> Ok thank you Michael and Michael...

<DaveGregg> Jana, you're next...

<jana_k> I had multiple questions but cut it back as requested. All my questions were about relationships, with my daughter (picture sent), myself, my friends and family. I suppose i could extract it into - What are the primary issues regarding interpersonal relationships, that I would be best off working on now? And how - any practical advice regarding that? Thank you.

<Michael> This is another matter Jana of us not wishing to tell you what to do. Would you care to refine that?

<jana_k> I have some idea. I think I have to work more on my issues of self esteem and communication skills.

<Michael> We know. And why do you have difficulty with it? You can communicate quite well when you wish to.

<jana_k> True. I would like to know if you can confirm I am correct.

<Michael> That is actually how we would prefer to work with you. What are you gaining from this rather than what we tell you, you should gain?

Take your time to rephrase what you wish to say.

<jana_k> Could you then perhaps throw some light on the nature of the problems I have in the relationship with my daughter? I have sent a picture of her too

<Michael> (Yes I have two of them) What parent in this world does not have problems with their daughter? On the physical plane there are two sexes. There are gender areas of conflict, yes even between two of the same gender. There are age differences as there will be between parent and child. There are class and ethical areas of abrasion, and some overleaf abrasion. Your daughter is in a sense deviating from what you desired her to be and think, is this not so?

<jana_k> I have not thought about it that way, that she is deviating. I am quite proud of her as she is, just worried about her health and hurt by what our relationship is like.

<Michael> It is often a shift in perception that is required to break free from the rules and regulations parents are required to enforce. This behavior of parents therefore shapes their relationship and how they are perceived, often getting in the way of perception. How can any parent face the relationship of being a parent to any child without having such difficulties? You are not alone. Often it is a change in perception, and as a result in seeing your daughter and the circumstances you both face that is required for true growth to take place.

Imagine for a moment that the two of you are the best of friends on the astral, but have agreed to be who you are to each other the way that you are. Imagine how you will both enjoy discussing how sometimes hurtful, funny and loving you were to each other at odd and normal times once reunited on the astral without personality. We suggest you try that lens in terms of observing who Caroline is, versus who you have designed her to be.

Work on your self-esteem can also be accomplished by the Hands Across method we spoke of earlier.

But note how the differences in physical plane age, as well as soul age create differences.

She has not yet chosen her chief feature and is trying them all on for size and use in her version of surviving and in response to you, her peers and the world. Imagine how vexing this could be for a parent? We assure you that many parents are vexed by this. It appears as rebellion without purpose and seems to wear a new face each time it rises up.

Letting her make choices and experiencing the result of those choices will make her decide on which chief feature to choose and in what poles she will be in among her overleaves when she makes that choice. Aiding her in being in the positive poles may be the most helpful approach.

We are not saying she should be coddled either. None of what we are saying is a means of telling you what ways to use and how to raise your daughter. You are at moments of pure choice in this. But we perceive that a shift in consciousness on your part might be in the offing. Often a concomitant shift in consciousness and perception can occur, in your daughter as well. Will there be anything else?

<jana_k> Yes please if that's okay, I let her make some choices which I am not sure she is mature for. I am worried about this. Can you see something about that issue?

<Michael> There comes a point, and it is a point that is often difficult to know, but the issue is often out of your hands by this time. Look at the choices you allowed her to make. Why did you allow this and doubt it now? Do you see this? There will come a time when Caroline will make those choices for herself, regardless of your expressed concerns.

You are truly responsible for offering her the best guidance (since that is what you chose to do) and direction as you can, as you are capable of doing. From that point on, Caroline will make her “own” choices and may begin to come to you more for advice in time. You have given her the groundwork as most parents do. The world is filled with seeming children who make decisions like this before "their time” as measured by your society. Most make those choices after “their time” has begun. Helping them see when that “time” is, is the key. Question?

<jana_k> That is all, many thanks, it's much appreciated.

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Helen, you're next...

<helenread25> Thank you for providing your insight tonight. Have I received any previous medical training I could revisit or call on for inspiration now?

<Michael> You are already calling upon your previous training in the medical arts from nearly 14 different lives from your past. You have healed on 3 continents in varying degrees of experience and calling upon that information all the time.

<helenread25> I feel clueless, could you be a bit more specific in jogging my memory?

<Michael> Your first life was to simply see that a companion of your tribe became ill repeatedly after eating too much of one herb over another. and helped that individual understand that continued eating would kill them eventually, you further carried this individual to keep them among the tribe and alive on several occasions.

<helenread25> I was injured and went into massage therapy, I'm hitting a lot of roadblocks.

<Michael> This became an interesting aspect to explore for essence and you have added several more lives on as a result. You have been a full fledged physician and surgeon for your time during a conflict called the Hundred Years War and another time you worked in a town in what is now the Czech Republic when its inhabitants were afflicted by the plague. You were a medical officer in Egypt in the French Army noted for its studies and drawings on the Great Pyramids. So yes, you have some connections with medicine in your past. As for calling upon it, you already are and can see yourself as intuitive. More research into anatomy and physiology will bring you even more connections.

<helenread25> Thank you, I'll do some research.

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Renee, you're next...

<ReneeM> Can you tell me about my past life prior to this incarnation?

<Michael> (Getting your picture) In the past, this fragment, Renee, lived in China and grew up as part of a Tong when the Second World War broke out. Using your connections you obtained a rank for yourself as (at then end) as a Major in the Chinese Nationalist Army. You lost your family, including a wife and two children to the Japanese invasion. The War left its mark on you, but you did what you could to further the revolution and bring what you perceived as justice to the people under your jurisdiction. You retired proud of your service and were known for your fairness.

<ReneeM> WOW, I knew it was a war and Asians...TY!

<Michael_Toth> ;-} You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Brian, you're next...

<Brian_W> Upon reflection of this life thus far, as well as taking into consideration the advice that others have given me, I notice that I have a difficult time trusting anyone to come emotionally close to me, beyond trusting someone not to steal from me, or to kill me, or some of the more serious things in life. I've had many seeming let downs in various forms or relationships, be it friendships or my few attempts at romantic relationships, and I am almost afraid to start new ones, feeling that based on previous experience, they will ultimately fail and lead to more pain. I realize it is part of the experience of life, but so many seemingly failures in a row leaves me not wanting to trust others again. I was wondering on how I might improve upon this so that I may be able to allow more people into my life without becoming overly vulnerable or hurt?

<Michael> These reactions are not uncommon, having a compact disc set of relationships is also not uncommon. You are experiencing choice on the physical plane.

<Brian_W> The choice to feel safe and alone, or the choice to feel vulnerable but potentially loved?

<Michael> You are experiencing choice and circumstance and the experience of those choices. Many of the people in your life are also experiencing similar events on the physical plane as well. All of the above are felt and experienced by all in some way, shape or form. You are no different from anyone else in terms of what you experience and what you perceive as experienced.

Your perceptions of how relationships, and what IS safety, and what IS anything is perhaps the key here.

<Brian_W> So how do I work through the less desirable experiences that I have had thus far and work towards more fulfilling ones?

<Michael> Accepting them as they are, and for what they are without judgment would be the best approach to walking through this.

<Brian_W> It almost feels like I'm hurting because I'm alone, or I'm hurting because I've felt that either myself or someone else let me down or gave me false hope. Okay, based upon that, you mentioned in a previous session that we are ultimately safe. How might I apply that in this situation?

<Michael> Yes, how do you work through the less desirable experiences? In our time on the physical plane it was one life after another asking the same question. And in each case, we made decisions and either gained or lost. This is why you are here Brian. This is why you are all on the physical plane. Who are, you, why do some aspects of life hurt so much? What will I do about it? Why do I begin to say that all my relationships are wrong? What can I do about that?

Everything I have tried has failed. Has it? Is everything wrong and everyone bad and hurtful? Is this the truth as Brian sees it? First of all we would recommend a serious re-evaluation of what you currently believe about life, yourself and “other” people. This is not an admonishment Brian as much as it is a recommendation.

In retrospect would you consider it possible that you are expecting too much from the people with whom you are in contact with and from relationships in general?

Who are among those in your circle of friends? What people do you socialized with? For the mature soul this time is difficult. We truly recommend that you read the printed materials, there is much within for you to discover about yourself. Give yourself the time to do this would be our recommendation.

Again we say that for the mature soul, this time is difficult. The mature soul learns through anguish, and what you have described is just that and they are often restless with experiences like this, seeking to find safety and sanctuary, to escape the tragedies they in many ways contributed to. You have to define and redefine what IS safety and what IS anything. If we did so for you, you would come to resent it when it no longer matched your experience or your belief and perception.

<Brian_W> I seem to have come to that conclusion myself as well, in regards to friendships and romantic relationships, where I seem unable to accept what the other is willing to offer.

<Michael> You would do well to ask yourself why you are unable to accept what is offered. Ask yourself if you have made what others are willing to offer unacceptable for specific reasons and why. If you keep attracting the same people, discovering why would aid you greatly. If you keep finding yourself amid fear of this or that you cannot make appropriate decisions can you? Look to see what your chief features are in terms of life in general and the secondary in terms of its influence on relationship. You are building a portfolio of experiences you don't like, or fear, when will you have had enough and learned enough form this approach? Each of you will experience this. If your goal is growth, it will be sharper and keener in its feel in addition to the quagmires of false personality and chief feature.

<Brian_W> So how might I go about channeling the energy of fear to use as a tool, rather than a weapon pointed at myself?

<Michael> That is a good question. How will you do it this time? But we also insist, you have the tools for working through this. Essence would not have chosen these overleaves if it did not wish to experience them. Consider past lives where had what has happened in this life would have been considered Nirvana in comparison to some of the other lives we have led. Ask essence and be patient waiting for the answer. In your question Brian, you have elicited the next phase you might wish to choose to work on facing your fears. END.

<Brian_W> Thank you Michael, I'll have to take a while to reflect on this.

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Denise, you're next...

<denisek> Thank you for giving your time tonight both Michaels. Since my son Eric died 2 years ago I have a strong desire to help others who have lost a loved one, particularly a child understand that they still exist and want us to know this. I feel that Eric is assisting me with this. Do Eric and I have soul agreement to help in the manner?

<Michael> There is no agreement per se, other than the one made as former mother to former son. Eric is assimilating his life, its choices and relationships and in so doing does many things similarly as you are doing here on the physical plane. Eric has helped fragments on the astral who have to work through sequences and variations similar to this. Your choice and decision here on the physical is all your own and is an example of who you are. In a sense you do this for a host of reasons and many of them are karmic and non-karmic and philanthropic karma. You will note how intense the ribbon is by your involvement in each and every given situation. Why do you think your family opposes what you do?

<denisek> I think because they are not open to afterlife communication.

<Michael> They are also concerned that, in their frame of reference, that you are not able to "get on " wth your life since Eric's passing. They are concerned per their frame of reference that you have become stuck.

<denisek> is this what Michael thinks?

<Michael> We did not say that. We doubt that anything you tell them will ease or assuage their fears on this issue. So, as all fragments are, YOU are AT a moment of decision in every step of your life since then. The decision, to heal and help others is one view, as well as the view that here is the loving daughter, who in the eyes of her parents, is stuck. But you are all of those things and more. Each decision can be the cause of removing another karmic ribbon, or adding one of a positive nature. You are not required to do anything Denise, you can choose each new relationship and what you will do to it and for it and in each moment choose who you are in relation to these other people including children. Is there anything we have not covered?

<denisek> No, thank you so much.

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Chris, you're next...

<Chris_L> My daughter was channeled as being in the Emotional centre, with "excellent part balance, but perhaps leaning first to emotional, then intellectual, then moving." Could you elaborate if all personality centers contain all parts, including that of the centre itself? If so, is it useful for essence to choose identical parts of centres, such as being in the Intellectual part of the intellectual centre or be emotionally centred in the emotional part? I have not heard of this possibility before her overleaves.

<Michael> Let us state unequivocally, that each and every center is a whole unto itself. There are fragments who will test life by choosing their center and their part to be the same center. This is not unusual, but in the main, it is not chosen often. Each of you will choose a life in one center and one center alone. However, as you may recall, each fragment has access to all centers, to all overleaves for that matter.

There is no wall between them save the ones you yourselves create by becoming stuck in one of them. Having balance as was channeled for you simply means that there is balance which is often not the case, especially with the emotional center.

All of you, as you evolve, have more and greater access to all other overleaves including the chief features.

You will notice yourself in older levels using all of them more often when they suit you. Sometimes you will recognize it right after it happens. As you proceed with your evolution, you will eventually consciously choose to slip quickly into another overleaf or center, use it and slip back into your own. More often than not, you will slip into your natural overleaves as well. Imagine being in the motional part of emotional center. As life occurred, you would feel, and then you would feel some more. You’d have either silence, explosive fits and breakdowns or explosive fits of joy and all the colors in between.

So there is no mystery to this. This has happened where an intellectually centered fragment will choose intellectual part as well, emotional with emotional, moving with moving, and so on. Occasionally, after periods of time, certainly more so after completion of the 4th internal monad, a fragment will tire of the repeated nature of the lessons learned from such an experience and from that moment forward slide frequently to another center simply to provide new experience.

It does not mean that they have turned off that other center at all. It is similar to the experience of having the leash in regard to Chief Feature. Others note that that fragment no longer seems to have an edge. With centers it is different, but one can see a greater balance occur in those that choose to slide to another center than the one they chose and duplicated in the part.

<Chris_L> thanks so much for the insightful answer! its great to have an old soul so close to me as a daughter, in this life, to learn to flex our flexibility together :).

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Diana, you're next...

<Timeflyer2007> When I am around a group of people I pick up their energy and it makes me feel so sensitive as though I had no skin. It seems centered around the base of my skull. How can I deal with this and use it for my spiritual growth instead of it keeping me from being around others? Thanks, Diana.

<Michael> You are approaching this from a well centered point of view. Yes, how can you deal with this and use it for your spiritual growth, instead of letting it keep you from being around others? How will Diana solve this problem this time? It can be that kind of experience.

Diana, we share with you our own memories in which each and every one of us lived lives where we had similar experiences. Chakra scrubs are often good for aiding in this but it would not do as much to do so frequently. The other method is to engage in tip-toeing into the water. Once you begin, over time, familiarity does indeed (we would say “can” instead) breed indifference and contempt. IN this case it would be contempt for the fear it causes you.

By doing so, you make yourself more and more comfortable, over time, by getting "used to it." In our experiences, it was fear that kept us from doing that. It is a gift on one hand and, on another a curse. There are fragments out there who would give many valuables in heaps to be able to have that kind of connection. We suggest that you would also like to consider channeling. Others, however, have done things like create illnesses to help block this awareness and connection they have.

Protecting your crown chakra would be recommended as well. Some have created things like TMJ Syndrome (this channel for instance) so that they have a ringing in their ears that helps block the connection, the overflow, the bleed through, and perceptions of others. We had done many of the same things and suffered for the experience as well. In time you will also learn to organize your own physical and psychic energies to meet your needs in terms of reducing the inflow.

You only have to ask essence for help with this and the answers will come. They will be answers pertinent to you. You can be hard headed at times so just let it come. END. Will there be anything else?

<Timeflyer2007> No thank you so much for your help.

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Thomas, you're next...

<thomas> Hello Michael and Michael, thank you for your time and insight tonight and taking the last moment picture from me. Knowing that not every or any relationships, for that matter, need be a mating agreement, I am still wondering, of the mating agreements I made on the astral, how many are still available to me? And, if possible can you give me their current location and age.

<Michael> There is an intensity in this new found hunt for mating agreements? Despite your denial we will answer as best we can. We are aware of a host across this nation as well as among other continents. Among them are 3, 23 year olds in Germany, England and Mali. There are 2, 30 year olds, one in Florida, one in Central America.

There are 2, 21 year olds, one in New York and one in Oregon, two more in Canada. of the same age. There is also a 24 year old in Texas, a 26 year old in Idaho and a 28 year old in Colorado. Is there anything else?

<thomas> are they all of the opposite sex?

<Michael> They are mixed. You asked for age and location

<thomas> I know, sorry I wasn’t more specific, since my choice is same sex in this lifetime I would like to know which ones are male.

<Michael> All but the one in Canada, the one in Germany, the one in Mali, and the one in Texas are male.

<thomas> thank you

<Michael_Toth> You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Aditi, you're next...

<aditi> Do Mark S. and I share any past lives togather and does it affect our compatibility in this lifetime?

<Michael> Yes, you have both shared past lives, two of which were memorable for their parent child monads worked out between them, the other lives were spent in varying degrees of closeness and distance. They will and do affect your current lives in terms of compatibility when you let them. Both of you continue to teach each other a bit. This new relationship has no monad associated with it.

The decision to forego an external monad was made, of course on the astral, with decisions to add other external monads in future possible life choices.

Committing to fulfill all monads is not often made with each fragment. More often than not, these choices are made with entity and casting mates more so than with others from other entities. Will there be any further questions?

<aditi> you talked about a few points of attachments if we chose to build this relationship.....could you comment a little more on it?

<Michael> Let us add that you are not entity mates.

<DaveGregg> Martha, you're next...

<Martha> I’ve always been drawn to Paris, and when I was there it definitely felt familiar. Can you tell me about any past life there?

<Michael> We would recommend that you expand upon this by a longer visit there. This evening's channel did so and had a wealth of experience because of it. That is because you too have spent several lives there. There are 7 of note and 18 lesser ones. You were present hundreds of years ago when Paris was a small village on the banks of the Seine and again when the Romans came, as well as during some of the great ages France has known. This includes the Renaissance, the Revolution, and under the Sun King as well. From forester to Regent, from washerwoman to lady-in-waiting to the Queen, and soldier to General. In certain other of the lives lived in and around Paris, there were lives where you were not from Paris, and in circumstances not even French born and yet you chose to remain there once you arrived.

<Martha> WOW

<Michael> This is a place that is familiar to you and yet unfamiliar as it has changed so much. We suspect, however, that you would enjoy the experience. There were 5 other lives of note lived in other parts of France. END.

<Martha> when I was there, I was dragged from tourist spot to tourist spot, wanted to just hang out, merci beaucoup

<Michael> Some of which resonated with you? We wish to ask you to recount then how many sidelong glances down allies and streets you made while being dragged?

<Martha> Pere LaCHaise, Notre Dame, Versailles, Many, Michael :)

<Michael_Toth> you are most welcome. ;-}

<DaveGregg> Wilma, you're next...

<Wilma> My name is Wilma, and I haven't sent you a photo of me but I will consciously open myself up to you for your reading of me for a reply. In the last 15 years, I've made a number of choices that were not easily made - opening a store, getting a divorce, closing a store, opening another store, etc. I seemed to take 2 steps forward & 5 steps back with each choice.

<Michael> And you suspect that goal of growth is your hammock?

<Wilma> I have lost it all. I feel like all my choices have been bad or at least painful. It leaves me afraid to trust my choices & fearful of trying anything again. Sometimes I just want to give up.

<Michael> We can tell something of your energy and experience as it relates to anyone else who opens so many businesses. Even your real estate agent will tell you location, location, location, (laughing). You haven’t lost anything of real value.

<Wilma> What lesson am I supposed to be learning from these seeming failures?

<Michael> There are a whole host of lessons you are learning and have learned from how to choose partners to how to chose business models, to what you choose to sell where and why.

<Wilma> My goal is growth - must it be so painful?

<Michael> Goal of growth is not linear, it ebbs and flows as it has for you over time. Two to four years is often when things begin and when things change.

<Wilma> yes easing into 5 years

<Michael> It must not be any one thing, but essence appears to have chosen growth and the experience that comes with it. Nothing must be painful. Growth sharpens and dulls many things. You do not require pain to learn. Most of you can truly learn from joy.

<Wilma> My choice in romantic relationships is painful as well.

<Michael> What have you learned from these relationships? What have you gained? Is everything about them painful? It is often your response time to the transcendence of growth, what you seek from an other, as much as the people you choose to do business with, have relationship with, the chances you take, the mystery as to whether the local, regional and national economy will remain stable and encouraging is hidden from you and everyone else. You are also learning that not all relationships are what they seem in the beginning. While it sounds as if your life is fraught with poor choices, perhaps you could shift your perception.

<Wilma> And the bad economy & a fracture from a fall made me close the last store. Shift my perception how?

<Michael> We know of many fragments who arrive in some of the worst possible beginnings one can imagine and who transcend them, and others who are challenged by nothing and experience little. Your life has been and continues to be a rich tapestry. Perhaps the judgments you hold in regard to these experiences and calling what is bad, bad, and what is good, good could use some re-examination.

<Wilma> I often use the metaphor of tapestry for the choices in life.

<Michael> And it is a good metaphor for it. Your life has been rich with experience which is what essence craves.

<Wilma> If you mean the experiences were actually good but I perceive them as bad, definitely yes.

<Michael> They are as you perceive them. Can you perceive them differently? Yes. Can you move from the negative poles of your overleaves, like attitude and mode, into the positive? Yes. Can you let go of rather than cling to the whispers of chief feature? Yes.

<Wilma> Could I be the spiritual teacher I'd like to be? With some success?

<Michael> Of course you can. Can you? Or better said, will you? Can you learn how to get unstuck from emotional centering? Yes. All of these are options. In many ways to many around you, you already are a spiritual teacher. But you must learn the lessons yourself first.

<Wilma> what lessons?

<Michael> You know the lessons. What lessons would a spiritual teacher have to learn to become a spiritual teacher? What you set up now as a gauge for success will not be as useful to you as are the gauges you can set after moving out of where you are to a degree. As for the lessons, the lessons you have already struggled with are a case in point. And fuel for what you have learned, again we would also recommend the hands through techniques in moving to the positive poles for the self-enlightenment you seek.

<Wilma> I lost my son to suicide 20 yrs ago & these teachings of choice got me thru that.

<Michael> How does one deal with perceived failure, loss, death, uncertainty? You all face those things just by agreeing to be here. We faced every one of them ourselves again and again and again. Are there special tricks and secrets to handling all of these events? Fortunately, no. There is but what you experience and decide from the experience.

<Wilma> Overcome or give up...

<Michael> And then one must ask oneself what are the prices and solutions to this? What makes one choose one over the other? What makes one choose giving up over overcoming "it?" You are almost there on so many things.

<Wilma> After so many failures, I cease wanting to overcome. Thanks you so very truly, Michael.

<Michael> We experienced this as well. You are most welcome.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine has the final question...

<Geraldine> Would you tell me about my most flamboyant or notorious lifetime?

<Michael> We would wish to start out asking what you think, from this perspective is your most flamboyant, OR from the perspective of essence?

<Geraldine> Oh . . .I suppose it would be from human personality perceptions unless Essence has some fabulous delicious tidbit.

<Michael> We will answer this from your perspective in this life Geraldine, because as much as you have essence contact you don't perceive flamboyance the same way essence would.

<Geraldine> No, I don't -- I suspect their sense of humor is Astrally :)

<Michael> You were quite the cavalier, entertainer, trader, business man along the Silk Rout near the time of the invasion by Khan. In this life you employed some hundreds of employees, entertainers, women as lovers and friends and partners, as well as slaves. Your name, from that time should be researched by businesses involved in logistics and by entrepreneurs in the present day. To further the story you were about as "kinky" sexually as one can get as that is another unspoken aspect of your question. Will there be any questions further or of clarification?

The channel is tired and we will forego the usual Closing Comments.

<Geraldine> OH goodie!

<Martha> lol

<Geraldine> Thank ya'll :)

<Kathryn41> thank you Michael and Michael

<Darleene> This was a neat session

<Brian_W> thank you Michael and Michaels

<DaveGregg> Thanks, Michael, for going the long haul.

<Martha> yes thank you!!

<Wilma> Thank you, both Michaels for your help & insights.

<Chris_LeBlanc> i love you guys - Thanks Michaels-squared

<Bobby> long session but really good, thanks for the time tonight Michael T!

<helenread25> really good

<Michael_Toth> Yes, thank you Michael, and than you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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