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Q. I live in the Midwest and have many dealings with the Sioux Native Americans. Some time ago, I read about their belief that when the white buffalo was born, that the Great Spirit was beginning to make changes in the Universe. First, there was to be X number of years (I don't remember how many) of man-made disasters, followed by another number of years of disasters caused by nature. This is followed by a thousand years of peace. I'm hoping for this to be semi-accurate, as we could use a thousand years of peace. Sometime, when you are channeling, would you ask Michael what is their take on that prophecy? I understand there has been a white buffalo

MICHAEL: Once humanity has fully transitioned into the mature soul cycle, there should be greater world peace, if not exactly smooth sailing.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Are we descended from Neanderthals at all or did their line die out? What was the relationship between humans and Neanderthals?

MICHAEL: They died out. They were parallel.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

<LindaW> Were Neanderthals sentient, and why did they die out?

<NancyG> The so-called Neanderthals were in fact pre-sentient, a limited understanding. They were a possibility for ensoulment but did not attain the necessary level of physicality that would allow total use of the ensoulment.

The main problem with the Neanderthal was a lack of intellectual adaptation. There was brain activity, certainly, but without the promise of intellectual 'elasticity' that the so-called Cro-Magnons possessed. Their habitations were overtaken by the latter and as they were overrun, they lost the fixed places for survival. Being 'inelastic' they could not adapt to new circumstances, new food sources, and found themselves without the means to continue.

Consider the Asian Pandas of your own time. Their food sources are extremely limited, the latitude in which they thrive is also a very small area of the planet. Without sufficient adaptability, they too will fade away.

<Geraldine> The so-called Neanderthal lineage of humankind died out without attaining ensoulment. Yet, there have been burials discovered that indicated they believed in an afterlife. This would imply a state of creative consciousness at least at the level of Gorillas. Can you elaborate on Neanderthals?

<NancyG> The Neanderthal creatures achieved a state somewhere between animal and human. And we define human here as an ensouled species.

Ensoulment required certain elements, not only physical ones, but mental ones also. The Neanderthals attained a level of physical success, but in the end were found to be incapable of intellectual growth. That is why the ensoulment of the other species was undertaken. One element necessary for ensoulment on a human level is imagination. This was lacking in the Neanderthals.

There was a sense of the pack, translation: family, if you will, and there was a sense that a death was a severance of one from the pack/family/tribe. There is the same sense of loss exhibited by the pacaderms of this planet, and of some of the great apes. Neither of these species have attained the same level of awareness that the Neanderthals did, but there is a parallel to be considered. Since there was the ability to handle tools, putting the dead down in a caring way was possible. Neither the pacaderms nor the great apes have achieved that facility.


CHANNELED BY: Nancy Gordon

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Is there more information regarding the teachings that Michael wishes to impart? If so, in summary form, what would that be? Also, is there anything in the original material that Michael wants to flesh out?

MICHAEL: The amount of material still awaiting translation by channels is vast and almost limitless. Imagine the vastness of the human experience and you get the idea. There is little good in the notion that there is an “end” to anything, even on the physical plane.

And, like any author, we are always hoping to better clarify ideas we have already sent to be published, so yes, there are many clarifications that could be added to material already channeled.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

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Q. Has Michael an opinion on the "New Order of Barbarians":

Dr. Dugegan reveals not just "WHAT" is intended for America and all people in the world, but "HOW" the controllers intend to carry out their plan. He covers topics such as:

€ IS there a power, A force or a group of men
organizing and redirecting change?
€ "Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now
. . ."
€ People will have to get used to change ­
everything will change, constantly
€ The REAL and the "STATED" goals
€ Population Control
€ Permission to have babies
€ Redirecting the purpose of sex - sex without
reproduction and reproduction without sex
€ Sex education as a tool of World Government
€ Encouraging homosexuality... Sex, anything goes
€ Uthanasia and the "Demise Pill"
€ Limiting access to affordable medical care makes
eliminating the elderly easier
€ Planning the control over medicine
€ Elimination of private doctors
€ New Difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases
€ Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population
€ Inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination
€ Education as a tool for accelerating the onset of
puberty and pushing evolution and MUCH, MUCH MORE

MICHAEL: This seems to be a collection of irrational fears packaged into an integrated theory.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: What are the nine needs metaphysically? Are the relative importance of the nine needs something that a soul chooses before a lifetime, or are they a day-to-day reflection of what the person yearns for or desires, or are they a sort of scorecard measuring somehow the overall amount of karmic imbalance (as in shortage of and desire for) for each of the nine?

MICHAEL: They are the tools the soul needs to accomplish the life task; they are fairly set when the task is set, but they can change slightly in priority as the task progresses.

Q: Why are the needs not a seven?

MICHAEL: The governing principle of all universes is "What works best in this situation." Why don't you have seven fingers? Or seven feet for that matter?

Q: Are they the combinations of 3 x 3?


CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Does Michael have any comment about numbers?

For example: if calculating numerologically, both my name and birthday equals 7. Even my time of birth equals 7. My name is also a colour, which is sometimes associated with the 7th chakra. I have written a dissertation book, and its serial number is 776.

Are there any message in these and other numbers?

MICHAEL: Numerology is an old science for the human race. It offers a kind of confirmation of energy for whole societies as well as for the individual. The numeral 7 can be especially appreciated for the redundancies that are apparent in this fragment’s life. It is considered sacred by many humans. We prefer to name it a metaphysical numeral. It may be seen again and again in the truths of our teachings as we have understood them, there being seven elements in nearly every area: roles, overleaves, levels, etc.

The presence of the numeral 7 in a life denotes an association with things not of the physical plane. Does this mean the fragment is disassociated from life? Not at all. It is merely a signal, if you will, a signpost for identifying that this fragment has a strong connection with things other than those that are part of the sensible world. Sometimes the energy within a fragment will be strongly tuned to a particular numeral, not because the numeral is important in itself, but because the energy it denotes is important to the fragment, and so this energy is manifested in this easily recognized manner. When there is this strong identification, all areas that can be labeled with the sigil, the numeral, will tend to be noticed. They are not magical in the human meaning of the word magic. They are simply pointers/reminders/vivid connections to an already existing condition  within the being of the fragment, nothing more. They do not bring ‘good’ or ‘bad’ luck, nor do they promise exceptional conditions regarding the situation in which they occur. Read them as affirmations rather than omens. Go in peace.

CHANNELED BY: Nancy Gordon

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Q: After this cheap-oil economy fails, what does everyday life in the U.S. look like? A book, The Long Emergency, describes a complete breakdown of civilization as we know it, once we run out of fossil fuels. (This, despite the fact that there are other sources, like hydrogen fuel technology). The author describes a soon-to-come scenario where marauding bandits terrorize the country, and a vassal-serf society exists because there's not enough land for each person to grow their own food. What is the probability of such a breakdown occurring?

MICHAEL: About 12%. It is a real probability but one based on humanity making a series of extremely short-sighted choices. It may appear that humanity is in the process of doing just that, but new consciousness is emerging rapidly that could bring a change in direction. You might wish to check again on the probabilities from time to time to see how they may have changed. This probability was at about 8% about 18 months ago. That it has risen indicates a recent deterioration of choices particularly by the U.S. However, 12% is still a low probability.

Q: What is the new consciousness that is emerging rapidly?

MICHAEL: There is an increasingly conscious desire to live with more respect for the earth. More and more people are reacting physically to the pollution and associated energies of violation. Their bodies are rebelling. They are becoming weary of this unharmonious state. A strong desire for harmony is emerging as greater extremes of violation manifest. In more sensitive people, this desire emerged earlier. Now, it is getting bad enough that the less sensitive are craving it more consciously.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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<MT List> How does an Old soul learn through terror?

<DaveGregg> Terror is a highly subjective term and one person's impression of it can vastly differ from that of another. We will say up front then that one size does not fit all in this context.  

We have said previously that old souls evolve by facing their fears, so we'll offer a variation on that to explore how old souls learn through the terror of self-deception. This, however, should not be confused with the self-deception that can plague the artisan.  

It might be helpful to show the dualities that are symbolic in each soul age:

  • Infant Souls: Life/Death
  • Baby Souls: Right/Wrong
  • Young Souls: Win/Lose
  • Mature Souls: Love/Fear
  • Old Souls: Truth/Illusion

Since Old souls don't like to get mired down in the incidental details of life, they prefer to see the larger perspective, or the blueprint, if you will, of how the world is pieced together to create the whole. In order to burn away the fog of self-deception, Old souls shine their rays of truth on everything they encounter, so it is terrifying for them to realize they have been duped at their own game.  

Self-deception can often lead the old soul to mistakenly support an unjust cause, adopt harmful belief systems, or be led astray by an errant philosophy. This psychological terror then impels the old soul to see beyond the illusions and parlor tricks in life and look for the trapdoor that's hidden beneath the magician's table.

The challenge of introspection can also reveal many inner demons that the old soul might want to avoid or forget. Refusing to accept negative aspects of either past or present personalities, however, can lead to an internal form of self-deception. Growth comes from accepting unsavory parts of self that, while they may be terrifying to look at, have played an integral role in the overall development of the soul.


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Q. If the Michael Entity had the attention of every Michael student
currently incarnate on earth in one session, and could give only one message to the group, what would the message be?

MICHAEL:  Be kind to each other, for these teachings mean nothing without agape.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. What is the origin of AIDS?

MICHAEL: It appears that the virus mutated from one afflicting animals.

Q. Was human intervention involved? Did some humans intentionally create this disease?

MICHAEL: It seems that the mutation occurred unintentionally in a laboratory.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. How did this universal love called the Tao begin? If the answer is it always was, I don't understand this.

MICHAEL: We do not know the answer.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. From what I can tell, the Michael communities generally clash with the idea of otherkin. Otherkin is a term that refers to souls incarnated as humans in this lifetime, but have very strong feelings and memories that lead them to conclude that they're from somewhere else, that they're not just human. They can be from the stars, from another dimension, etc.. Examples of otherkin are starseeds, were/wolfkin, vampirekin, dragonkin, elfkin, faeriekinŠ.My question is - how would Michael explain this otherkin phenomenon?

MICHAEL: Each soul is vast and complex. Some human souls have a particular connection to who they were in a previous cycle that gives them corresponding resonances with legends about them on earth. In addition, some souls have worked extensively with particular devic kingdoms and, again, feel related to them.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: Is the overleaf system considered a world truth?

MICHAEL:  It is a universal truth.  It exists whether or not there is belief or understanding.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

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Q. Is it possible for us to slide between parallel universes? Maybe while we're sleeping, is it possible to project yourself into an alternate universe than the one you fell asleep in?

MICHAEL: It is possible to visit parallels as if through a window. You can view them for your edification but you do not become a part of them.

When parallels merge or split, this happens at a higher level than that of personality. It is an exceedingly subtle thing.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: What is the mechanism by which we "work out" physical issues from past lives in this present lifetime? The body is different, the genetics are different--how does that work? 

MICHAEL: The original event impacts a fragment's later physical body if the lessons attached to it were not learned at the time of its happening.   Then the trauma manifests in a life that the fragment chooses to complete the learning

It is the memory of the trauma that is carried forward, not the physical bits that are affected by genes and other elements of heredity.  This memory, however, becomes a part of the new physical body if the agreement with the self is to attend to and rectify the condition in that lifetime.  The effect on muscles, joints, structure, systems, etc., is such that there is replicated in the new body the trauma that was initially experienced in the old.  A classic example of psychosomatic impression. 

"Working these physical expressions out" isn't exactly describing what is happening, but if you consider the "working out" as sending them out the the body's door, so to speak, you have it right.  That is where some kind of healing intervention is usually in order, be it orthodox medicine or alternative medicine, since even though the source has been identified and the lessons accepted, there still needs to be some practical attendance to the hurt, a program of appropriate attention to set right the very real distress on muscles/bones/tendons or whichever part of the body is involved. 

In other words, the hurt is NOT 'all in your head' and simply recognizing where and why it originates may not be enough to 'cure' it. 

CHANNELED BY: Nancy Gordon

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Q. What are the purposes of patterns in a person's life and does it happen on other levels of existence, not just earth level?

MICHAEL:Yes, there are waves of energy like incoming tides that bring in similar things both on the physical and astral planes, but not on higher planes. There is no "purpose" to them; that is simply how life is.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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My husband David and I have been monitoring the world energy situation, and wonder whether or not world oil production has peaked. We had been witnessing the skyrocketing of fuel prices even BEFORE Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and Rita hit Houston. If world oil production has indeed peaked, wouldn't it affect the price of food, medicine, electricity, home heating, and just about every other aspect of our lives?

Last year, I asked Michael about this, and they reassured me that there would be an alternative technology that would replace oil as our primary source of energy. What I failed to ask was whether the new source of energy would sustain the current world population and its growth rate, and whether transitioning from oil to this source would be easy. In the process of transition, how ugly will it get? Will we see riots? Rolling blackouts? Economic collapse? If so, when? Should we start hoarding food and preparing for careers as subsistence farmers now? Or should we just prepare to go down with the ship at this point? Michael, what do you see?
MICHAEL: We see a discrepancy between the current consumption rate of the world’s resources and the actual existence of those resources themselves. This is not new information. We see also that changes will have to be made in order to adjust for this discrepancy, which will become more and more evident as time goes on. We see too that there is little chance at this time for alternative sources to be found before more of a crisis state ensues. Notice the use of the word crisis, and understand that what we mean by this is not necessarily the dire situation that you have envisioned. A crisis simply means that a LOT of attention and energy will have to be focused on this problem at some not-too-distant point in order for things to continue to flow smoothly, but we do see the chances of this occurring as fairly good. Be aware also that a population slowdown will also help ease the burden, and do not be surprised to find more natural disasters occurring in the next 50 years or so to create this easing.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

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Q. Can you define "personal truth" and offer an example? I see that this as something that sets us up for expectations and therefore unfulfilled expectations. Is this valid?

MICHAEL: A personal truth is simply something that is true for you but not necessarily for others. For example, it might be true that cows milk is healthy for you, even though someone else might be allergic to it.

Q. What is the effect of centering on personal truths?


CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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I have an elderly cat that I love dearly. When she passes on, she'd probably have to "hang out" for quite some time before my number is up. Do animals, being of a different type of soul category, typically hang around to be there for us adoring parents so that we can see them again in the hereafter? Or do they reincarnate more quickly than us, which would mean our paths might not meet again? How does that work?

MICHAEL: Many pets reside for a time in what is more or less a “holding area” between lives. This is a place where they regroup, socialize with friends, and do some cursory planning as to the next life. The time spent here is usually a period of months to a year or so. In answer to your question, animals of this type (house pets) do tend to reincarnate more quickly than do humans. You could indeed then see the “same” pet again in your same lifetime, though of course in a different body.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

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Q. Goal of flow--why do politicians and lawyers frequently have this goal?

MICHAEL: Because they are not acting on behalf of their own goals; they are taking on the goals of their constituents or clients.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

Q. How does soul age relate to the Republican/Democratic divide?

A. Both the major political parties include a wide range of soul ages. Party
affiliation has more to do with imprinting than with any factor on the
Michael chart--both family and cultural imprinting.

There is a slight tendency for those who are politically conservative to be,
or have strong influence from, the solid roles of warrior, king and scholar.
There is a slight tendency for the more liberal, progressive people to be
the fluid roles--server, priest, artisan, and sage.

There is a slight tendency, though we don't want to make too much of this, for the Republican Party to be a bit younger in soul age, but again, there is a wide range. There are some extremes there; there are both some very old and very young souls who like the idea of minimal government. So probably the mean soul age is younger with the Republicans, but there is a wider range. The philosophy of the Democratic Party has more of a mature soul flavor to it, yet people's party affiliation has a lot more to do with their cultural and familial imprinting than what they really believe. There are a lot of Democrats who are, in fact, quite conservative, although it might not be immediately evident.

The proclaimed divide between Republicans and Democrats is really calculated to build brand loyalty. It's like the difference between Pepsi and Coke; they are far more similar than they are different. However, it's hard to get people excited about brands if they don't differentiate themselves. There is a lot of Maya that reinforces the cultural and familial imprinting, when the parties are not really so different from each other in a mundane way.

Of course, the politicians of one party tend to vote differently than the
politicians of the other because of how they perceive their brand and what
they think the voters want from them. However, it's different on the level
of individuals who habitually vote for one party or the other. When they
talk theory, as people mostly do during election cycles, they sound like the politicians. However, what they really think and would like to see--when you get down to the sort of world that people want to have--many times there is more ambiguity between the parties.

It is good work to release the charged energy around political parties and
to instead get down to cases, meaning discussing issues in a more specific, grounded way, looking for common ground. There is more of it than the brand loyalties of the two major political American parties would suggest. We are not saying that there are no differences between them--there are different emphases, but a lot of it is more in the philosophy than in the day-to-day workings. Also, over history there has been flip-flopping between them on certain issues despite their current identification with particular stances.

Q. What roles are the most popular politicians?

A. Clearly Barack Obama is a priest; John McCain is sage with a lot of
warrior secondary influence. Sarah Palin is also a priest, and here you see
the importance of cultural imprinting, which she has absorbed without much examination. In soul age, she is actually a little older than Barack Obama, yet in consciousness, she is much more on automatic pilot. This points out some Maya (illusion) among Michael students about soul age: age is age, but it is not consciousness. We would say that she is using her overleaves in a much more knee-jerk manner, whereas Barack Obama has put forth a lot more effort towards knowing himself.

Q. Are there more folks in the Democratic leadership living from a deeper
place at this time than in the Republican leadership?

A. There's a little more depth in the higher levels of the Democratic Party
than in the higher levels of the Republican Party, but there is a little
more depth among the lower ranks, the more local levels, in the Republican Party than in the Democratic. However, the difference is slight and we would recommend that people not make too much of that. The lower ranks of the Democratic Party tend to consist more of people who are active because of what they personally want to get out of it. The lower ranks of the Republican Party tend to be more people who are more philosophically motivated. A problem there is that they often don¹t recognize the difference between the philosophy or, as we¹ve been saying tonight, the branding, and the reality. However, the lower ranks of the Democratic Party are not so concerned with that, one way or another; they are generally more narrowly focused in what their desires are.

Neither party is very elevated in consciousness. A great deal of what goes
on universally in politics is at the knee-jerk surface level. There is not
much vision or self-awareness anywhere in the political world. Having said this, we would add that Barack Obama is perhaps the most self-aware presidential candidate since Abraham Lincoln. This is not meant as an endorsement, to say that he¹s "better"--it is the choice of those who are voting that counts.

We might add that John Kennedy was quite self-aware, and he was a young soul, illustrating that soul age is not the issue here.

Q. Would my being a liberal today mean that I was a conservative in an
earlier life?

A. Not necessarily. What it is to be a liberal today is different from what
it meant in other generations, and is different in different locations.
However, some souls tend to be more attracted to whatever is the more
progressive brand of the day, and some tend to be more attracted to the more conservative brand of the day. We spoke about the more solid roles tending to be more conservative in a certain respect; with one input, they are slower to change.

One could be a warrior or king and be a firebrand of progressive politics,
so the generalizations are a little weak here. Most souls are agnostic in
this regard, so the familial and cultural imprinting can have a large
impact, at least at first. Later, a lot of people are strongly influenced,
starting in their teenage years, by their peers. The people whom they admire who are their own age or a little older can become very significant here. Therefore, even if your family and culture are very conservative, if you go to school with someone who makes a big impact on you who is more progressive, then you might move towards that (or vice-versa). Friendship is more influential in politics than advertising. Today, there¹s more segregation, so those who are more progressive tend to stick with their own, and those who are more conservative stick with theirs. However, in the schools, there is still a fairly good mix, and there is more of a chance to get people to question their imprinting at that age than there will be later.

Q. What does Michael think of the fact that at the same time, both the
United States and Canada are in a political process of elections--is there
any national karma present here?

A. There's no karma. However, these two countries look to one another, and have for quite some time, to try to learn from each other. There is much to be gained from greater communication between the peoples of these two countries.

Q. How would Michael characterize the masses of young people who have
galvanized behind Obama in terms of soul age and consciousness--are they a new and different class of souls?

A. There is no such thing as a new and different class of souls; there does
not need to be--the garden variety of human souls is quite adequate. What you have here is a lot of youthful idealism. This is a generation that grew up knowing about things many of their elders either learned about later, or still don't know about, such as the dangers to the environment. Therefore, at least the better educated of this generation are more aware of what is at stake. Also, they recognize the cynicism of most politics, so to have a candidate who is not cynical is hopeful to them. Although this generation is idealistic, we do not think it is naïve. It knows that there is a lot of hard work ahead. We would say also that Obama's opposition to the war in Iraq is a large factor in his popularity with this generation.

Q. Can Michael say what they feel are the real issues in this election: for
example, the war, health care, education, jobs, and so forth?

A. The unspoken, overriding issue is self-centeredness vs. altruism. That is what the election is about, fundamentally.

Q. I understand that soul age and consciousness are not synonymous, but how do you measure consciousness--what are the signs, for instance, of an advanced consciousness?

A. We do not claim that consciousness can be objectively measured. As one particular individual grows in consciousness, the emanation of light from that individual grows both in quality and quantity. However, two individuals can be conscious in different ways, and their illumination may be of different qualities. You can obviously tell the difference in the aura of one person who is highly unconscious and one who is highly conscious.
However, with two people in the middle range, who are both struggling to
awaken, we could not say that person A is at 67 on a scale and person B is
at 68. It's a little like comparing apples and oranges. Some people are very conscious in some areas and still asleep in others.

However, if someone is on the spiritual path, in the process of awakening,
you can see that the energy is not stuck or badly blocked. There are changes happening, and the person is responsive to higher input; those who are firmly asleep are not--they do not take in light that shines from more conscious people or from spiritual guidance, at least not very much.

We would underline here what might be thought of as our mantra: that all is choice. We are not encouraging you to think of unconscious and conscious as another form of "better" and "worse." In fact, the more conscious you are, the more unity you see in all things and the less you tend to judge others, even if they are at the moment stuck in unconsciousness. You recognize that they are sparks of the Tao just as you are, and that they are following their own path. So this is not a competition. It¹s just that most of you are interested in being more consciously on your path, so we speak to that. Others who are not choosing that at this time are on their path, and it is their right to choose that. All you can do is choose for yourself--choose the path that you want to be on right now. Obviously, there are many people still choosing to live from the surface. That is neither good nor bad, but choosing to live from your quietude will ultimately bring you much more real joy. It is not easy at first, but it pays off in that regard.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. In David Hawkins' book, "Power vs. Force", he described a scale of consciousness from 1 to 1000. This goes from absolute Shame (20) to Unconditional Love (540) to Enlightenment (600) to Infinite Soul (1000) and above.

How does this relate to manifestation and conscious connection to essence?

MICHAEL: Someone in true personality (manifesting essence) will naturally have a higher vibration than someone in false personality, so there is a direct correlation. However, then the rate of vibration depends on the evolution of the essence itself, which is not simply a matter of soul age, but also of the quality and depth of its experiences.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Who built the pyramids in Egypt?

MICHAEL: Aliens.

Q. Which aliens, and why and when, for starters....

MICHAEL: Aliens from various places have been involved in human civilization on and off from the beginning. They helped build the pyramids so as to remind human beings that there is much beyond their limited understanding. It is rather like a schoolteacher having a bust of Shakespeare on her desk to remind her students that, as they labor on their fifth-grade compositions, there is something much greater to aspire to.

Alien technologies were able to dematerialize and rematerialize stones
according to a design. There were also human workers involved but they would not have been able to do it alone.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: Are the race types that exist on planet Earth similar to the races that exist on other planets where humanoid body-types exist? In other words, are these universal race types or are there others more common throughout the solar system? What are their traits? What would a very unusual race look like?

M: The race types that have emerged within your planet have done so in response to climactic conditions. These conditions do not necessarily exist on other planets, even those with humanoid-type species. In general, evolution responds to environmental conditions, and these can vary widely. In addition, technology is not necessarily universal, and oftentimes surface factors appear in response to a lack or surfeit of a particular technology. While you might look quite unusual to most sentient species presently extant, we would say that the most popular species type is something akin to a large squid. An unusual type, therefore, would be something that varies widely from this “norm”, including your own species. Most species do not also place as much importance upon appearance as your own does, but they do find multiple ways of expressing themselves through their appearance all the same.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

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Q. I was wondering if Michael ever made any comments on the role of institutionalized racism in the U.S. over the past 500 years, how white supremacy spread along with capitalism and maybe some views on how the problem will change in the future?

MICHAEL: The most powerful antidote to this problem is for more people of color to become affluent, which is happening.

Most societies have institutionalized racism to some degree out of a fear of the "other."

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Michael once stated that history has been unkind to King Richard III of England. Did Richard III murder the princes, his nephews? If so, why? If not, who did? What was his motive in declaring his nephews, his brother Edward IV's heirs, illegitimate?

MICHAEL: King Richard III has indeed been dealt an unkind hand when it comes to history. Although he did indeed have his nephews murdered, it was not for the reason that many suspected then or now.. They were plotting secretly against him and he would have been assassinated shortly had not they been gotten to first. As far as the legitimacy of the throne, King Richard saw rightly that the line of succession must go a certain way in order for the house to be carried on. There were too many questions brought up by the nephews in question and his own line was in jeopardy.

In addition, there was a minor agreement played out within the Church at that time as to legitimacy and its meaning. Richard needed then to be able to show that there were no questions, and in order to do so he must do away with the questioners.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

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Q: There is a theory according to which there was some "root language" or a basic language (in the beginning of human life on this planet) from which all the other languages on Earth developed.

I wonder what Michael has to say about it? Was there some basic language in the beginning? And if there was, to which language (or language group) was it most similar to?

MICHAEL: Yes, there was indeed a root language, albeit a fairly simple one, that preceded the Atlanteans and even the Lemurians. It dates back roughly 500,000 years. There is no language that consistently resembles it now. As humanity evolved, it needed many more words, and each region developed its own languages as needed for its situation. It is true, however, that Sanskrit has some of the oldest antecedants and somewhat relates to the language used in the middle period of

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Recently Scott Peterson was sentenced to death for killing his wife and Mark Hacking confessed to killing his wife. Is this Infant Soul behavior, where the wives became 'inconvenient' and had to be gotten rid of, or is there something else going on here?

MICHAEL: Usually there is karmic repayment involved. If not, then such karmic formations are usually a result of the perpetrator being both a younger soul and emotionally immature, frequently with issues of self-hatred projected onto the mirror of his/her partner.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Some of you have been discussing The Secret, a film about the power each one has to create his/her life through magnetization. This is not the cause of the veil lifting, but an effect: you are reminding yourselves of the power of consciousness.

"In the beginning was the Word," or consciousness. Everything boils down to consciousness. It is not just your conscious thoughts that create your reality, but the sum total of your consciousness, including the feelings you're aware of and those you aren't. However, we do not imply that you "should" judge your consciousness if you aren't in bliss all the time. That's not really the point. Simply observing your thoughts and feelings, as best you are able, and seeing how they are reflected in your outer world, is the beginning of taking control.

Consciousness is never "perfect" in the sense of being the ultimate. It is always evolving as the universe as a whole evolves. There is always the opportunity to fine-tune consciousness in various ways. There is a balance to be found as you align your thinking, feeling, and action with truth, love, and beauty. On the one hand, these quintessential energies do not stamp down their less elevated manifestations--they raise them up. So in taking responsibility for creating one's reality, there is a sort of alchemy as the higher heals the lower. It isn't instantaneous. It isn't "Put on a happy face and have a good attitude, no matter what you feel, goddammit!" It is a gentle process. On the other hand, there *is* sometimes hard work to be done, facing the mirror and making changes in ways of being that may be deeply entrenched. The greater the willingness one has to examine self and allow changes, the better one's results will be.

Beginning to face our limiting beliefs and ways of being can be quite difficult. We may feel like we've lost our moorings. Quickly, however, it gets easier. The fast track to spiritual growth is to allow every assumption we have about life to be up for grabs. It is not so much that we wallow in self-doubt but that we learn to live in a quiet place that is beyond beliefs and assumptions, anchored in the infinite and eternal. We no longer need to "be right" about our beliefs. Although we may have a rather high degree of confidence in many of them, having already tested them well, our sense of self doesn't depend upon them. We are willing to try on others for size. We are anchored in eternal truths and let the temporal "dance" around us.

One of the kinds of beliefs that we can let go of is limiting ideas about what we're capable of doing or being. Anything is possible. Another is about what can and cannot be healed or changed. Although it's good to use common sense and to not have rigid expectations, it's also good to stay open to anything.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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<DaveGregg> We would like to say to those reading this transcript that the Internet has afforded you a wealth of exchange previously thought impossible. Never before have you been presented with so many opportunities to see the teachings in action. Societal barriers are quickly eroding now as the Internet reveals new cultural diversities to explore and the ability to study the soul ages and overleaves of people from across the world.

We encourage you to embrace the differences with the fragments you encounter through this electronic medium, and not only strive to understand these differences, but to pay particular attention to how some seemingly disparate souls can actually mirror surprising commonalities.

Looking for this reflection of self in the people you meet can offer a valuable way to discover the connecting threads that tie each essence to the Tao. You all share the same spark that fuels every atom in the Universe, and learning to recognize this spark can unlock cultures or beliefs previously thought inaccessible.

The act of seeing your reflection in another can initially be a terrifying experience, especially for those submerged in false personality.  Pushing another fragment away is a common reaction. Indeed, much of the strife currently seen in your world stems from this refusal to honor and recognize the light you all share.  But the lessons you so avidly desire to learn directly hinge to the realization that you all walk in the same shoes, and while many divergent paths are available for you to take, each path ultimately ends in the same place.

We offer the following exercise:

Make a concerted effort each day to gaze into the eyes of everyone you have a conversation with. Try this with a family member, a friend, or even the checker at your local grocery store. Do this in a passive way, however, so your intention doesn't become intrusive to the other person. In other words, don't engage in the kind of staring match often seen in the territorial posturing of animals.

As you look into the person's eyes, free your mind of your own thoughts or nervous distractions, and try to tune into the inner world of the person in front of you. What do you feel? What thoughts or sensations suddenly cross your mind? And more importantly, how do these feelings mirror your own?

Neither telepathy or psychic talent is required to practice this exercise. In fact, you may think you're merely experiencing your own thoughts and feelings, and that's okay at first. The goal is to passively receive the energy the other person is emitting.

The most intimate channel of energetic expression comes from the eyes, so practicing this way will help you become more aware of this energy.

If you carefully monitor your feelings during this exercise, you will begin to notice certain emotions and sensations that plainly are not your own, and you'll develop greater levels of empathy for the souls around you who clearly share the same struggles you do. 

You may not always think you have the time for this task, but reserving a quiet space of reverence for another will both honor the people you encounter and help you learn things about yourself you didn't know before.


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Q. What percentage of those who committed suicide had a chief feature of self-destruction?

MICHAEL: Maybe 35%. Suicide is normally undertaken by those who are overloaded and see no other way of coping. Usually, the pressure of the overload could be relatively easily released.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Seth has described 9 families of consciousness that exist in the universe. Is there any terminology in the Michael Teachings that would describe these families? For example, are these families actually cadres, entities, or maybe roles?

SETH'S 9 FAMILIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Gramada - to found social systems; Sumafi - to transmit originality through teachings; Tumold - to heal, regardless of individual occupation; Vold - to reform the status quo; Milumet - to mystically nourish mankind's psyche; Zuli - to serve as physical, athletic models; Boreledim - to provide earth stock for species via parenthood; Ilda - to spread and exchange ideas; Sumari - to provide cultural, spiritual, & artistic heritage for species.

MICHAEL: These families of consciousness are not attached to particular souls but provide a way to delineate foci for series of lifetimes for individual fragments. For example, you might have a series of four lifetimes focusing on reforming some aspect of society; you would then be drawing on a discrete consciousness called "Vold" here.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. What is really social phobia (fear of being humiliated, embarrassed in front of others)? Why do people have irrational fears about being in the spot of other people's attention? How can one overcome it?

MICHAEL:  This is the chief feature of arrogance, for the most part. It is overcome by allowing oneself to be vulnerable and opening to love rather than fear.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Sarah first channeled an entity called Soleil (before the Michaels), who is a Saurian living on another planet. Would the Michaels tell us more about how the Saurians live? - housing, religion, family structure and child rearing, food, commerce & careers, social problems - whatever they think would be of interest to humans.

MICHAEL: These are humanoid creatures but with a more highly developed brain structure. They speak but are also mildly telepathic. Much education and child imprinting is done telepathically.

It is a generally peaceful planet, more advanced technologically, with refined arts. You would probably find it a bit dull, a bit like a New Yorker visiting Iowa.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Some time ago I heard a channel of another entity that stated that both Lincoln and Hitler were "soul-less" beings, entities that were essentially thought-forms manifested for specific purposes, not by the Tao but by fragment(s) in order to, well, whatever it was these two beings did. Can Michael comment on the validity of this assertion?

MICHAEL: This was not the case, but those in power during momentous times do tend to focalize issues in the mass consciousness that need resolution.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: What or who are typical spirit guides for the persons living in the physical plane? Are these dead relatives, entity members or guardian angels?

MICHAEL: Most spiritual guides are fragments not currently extant who have an agreement with the fragment in question to act as guide for that lifetime or a portion of the lifetime. Many spiritual guides are “old friends”, fragments that have incarnated over and over together, and who have established a sense of camaraderie and knowingness that transcends the physical plane. Thus the fragment extant is able to recognize that energy and revel in it. There are times also that a spiritual guide may be the fragment's self from a former lifetime, or at least the energy imprint from that lifetime. Also, there are times when a fragment may choose to bring in other energies, devic for instance, or even off-world species who agree to act as guide for the life or a series of lives. In general, the fragment holding the guide position will do so for more than one fragment at a time, and will also in so doing take something of a rest from the physical plane while still “keeping their hand in”. It tends to be a popular role and one which most fragments enjoy performing.

 CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

<Chellbell126> I would like to know as a physical being, what can we do to become more attuned to the spiritual plane and recognize our spiritual guardians?

<ShepherdHoodwin> This is a rich question. This is a major aspect of the spiritual path. There is no one answer.

Most people are fairly earthbound, in the sense of being unaware of anything other than their own bodily hungers and mental concerns. Their hard-wiring rules. They grow, but the hard way, through bumping into things in the dark.

 The first step to awakening to the larger world (which could be called "the spiritual world") is to recognize that you are more than your physical, emotional, and intellectual self. The question "Who am I?" opens the door. The next step is to start listening to the spiritual world, and everything within it. That means listening to other people in a new way: listening to the forces behind their actions. Listening to animals and plants, and the rest of nature. Listening for what is communicated through the various arts. And so forth.

This is another way of saying what we were speaking of relative to Socrates: living in the questions--and then listening for the answers. This establishes the climate for beginning to listen to your Self. Most who try to do it the other way around usually only hear their conflicted feelings. When listening "within" to your spiritual guardians and the higher levels of being in general, you have to have a sense of what to listen for. If you've been stuck in your own confined world your whole life, you are likely to hear only more of the same.

 CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Comments on stem cell research?

MICHAEL: Stem cell research can be useful and has been done successfully on three other planets of which we are aware. The ethical issues arising are based on misapprehensions.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: Stonehenge was completed in 3 stages. What beliefs/goals drove the various peoples involved in its construction AND, what more is there about it that traditional archaeology has yet to uncover?

MICHAEL: Sacred structures are designed to be tangible representations of the context of existence. Such structures have been strongly guided from the nonphysical realms. Those who did the physical labor often did so in a light trance state. There was a sense of higher direction. Usually, they were fulfilling agreements made before incarnating, and the work gave them a sense of meaning. They knew that the structures were conduits of spiritual energies but few who participated in the building understood much about them. Maybe one or two at a time who were in deeper trance states had the bigger picture of the design. Traditional archeology does not recognize elements of the structure deeper in the earth. Often, holes 20-30 feet were dug and implanted with designs made of specific kinds of boulders to anchor the overall design.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Is string theory an accurate description of the universe?


A theory of physics in which particles are described as waves on strings;
strings have length but no other dimension.

A unified theory of the universe postulating that fundamental ingredients of nature are not zero-dimensional point particles but tiny one-dimensional
filaments called strings. String theory harmoniously unites quantum
mechanics and general relativity, the previously known laws of the small and the large, that are otherwise incompatible. Often short for superstring

MICHAEL:  It seems to be.

CHANNELED BY Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: What is a true teacher?

We do not wish to minimize the intent behind this question, but every person you meet is a true teacher. There isn't a soul on the planet who doesn't have something to teach you. The very nature of existence provides a multitude of experiences, and no matter how mundane or trivial there is always an opportunity to learn. Nothing is ever wasted. You are literally learning every second you exist; it cannot be avoided. In this regard, LIFE is the truest teacher.

Concerning people, every interaction you have with another fragment is a chance to learn about the intricacies of the human condition and what it's like to experience life on the physical plane. True teachers come in surprising guises: the Mother-in-law who made your life a living hell; the spouse that disrupted your marriage with a painful affair; the girl next door who gave you your first kiss; the panhandler that asked for money. These are all true teachers and they taught you well. The real purpose behind their intent is immaterial. Essence doesn't judge the lessons it extracts from life, it simply learns from them.

There are, of course, people that specialize in teaching. There is a vast curriculum at your disposal that explores such academics, with carefully defined prerequisites for a potential instructor. Criteria like this can either be helpful or a process of false personality. We are mainly concerned in this discussion with the larger perspective. From our vista we see every life form on earth as a true teacher, from the smallest microbe to the tallest tree.



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Tonight during a phone session, Michael was asked about Terry Schiavo.
Paraphrasing from memory: Michael said that she was very happy to be free of her body, that she had no agreement relative to being in the center of this national debate. They said that she's a loving soul who doesn't like to take sides and felt a lot of compassion and concern especially about how her body's situation was affecting her parents.

Although Michael Schiavo also didn't have an agreement to be in the center of this debate, his life task does concern issues of death.

Michael made an analogy of moving out of a house that's becoming
increasingly derelict; even though you don't live in it anymore, you still
own it and are connected to it, so it's a relief when it's finally torn down
or sold. They said that Terry hadn't had much to do with her body since
shortly after it entered the coma, but its death tied up loose ends for her.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q: Previously, it had been channeled by Michael students and through
other entities that time does not exist except on the physical plane
and that if we were to be aware of this while on the physical plane,
we would understand that all of our lives are occurring
simultaneously. The image presented was that of each life being
represented by a sheet of paper with all the lives being represented
by sheets of paper on a spindle. As that is the reality that has
been presented, and all these lives are in some way influencing the
others, is it possible to do energy work extending into all of those
lives, or selected lives, in both directions both past and future,
as a means of harmonizing the energy across all lives as expressed
and extending from the life from which the energy work is done,
thereby benefiting it as well as all the other lives? And what
other values are there to this exercise as well?

A: Of course there is a way, multiple ways, of both accessing and
influencing the lives lived simultaneously by any fragment. You do
this frequently, most fragments do, and there are often startling
results. Although the image you set forth is apt, there is one
piece missing, and that is of dimension. Each lifetime is not only
a two-dimensional flat piece of paper, represented by such, but is
also more or less a sphere with multiple other spheres laid onto it,
all occupying the same space. We give this example partly to
benefit the channel, so that our later words can come through with
the most clarity possible. We say, then, that all lives can and are
influenced by anything and everything you do right now, or at any
other point in any lifetime. Oh, the unending possibilities! <G>
Know, then, that each lifetime already or yet to be lived is not a
static thing, and indeed outcomes change with regularity. Details
we give of various lifetimes lived by various fragments change
almost as soon as the words are transmitted from us to the fragment
in question. Even the mere knowing of any tiny detail of a lifetime
is enough to create change. Think of the "butterfly effect" and you
get the idea. So why this seemingly fruitless exercise of
recounting countless lifetimes, reciting them almost by rote,
accessing the Akashic records (which are in a state of flux
constantly, if we are to be believed, instead of this rather dusty
library so many humans seem to picture), and so forth performed, let
alone in any way useful? The reason is this: there are trends,
energy chains, which occur and wend themselves through the tapestry,
the 3-D tapestry we might add, of a fragment's lifetime. There is
an imprint carried there that has repercussions not only on the past
but on the future as well. You already know this; this is not new
to you. But know too that ANYTHING done on the physical plane has
immediate and lasting effect on every lifetime lived by that
fragment, as well as every lifetime lived by any other fragment who
ever came in contact with the first fragment. Is this mind-bending
enough for you? So why go through this exercise at all, you may
ask, if everything changes at all times and nothing remains the
same? How are we to learn from this constant state of change? The
answer is: you don't. You learn from your responses to any given
set of data. It matters not that the data change at all times; the
responses are valid.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy & Michael Toth

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Q. Could you talk about the 19th century group of writers known as the Transcendentalists (especially Emerson and Thoreau)? What was the pre-incarnational agenda of the group and what interesting soul connections did they share?

MICHAEL: Emerson and Thoreau are essence twins. They had a life task of bringing forward from the past the wisdom of the "sages" and making it available for modern times. These were intensely curious souls who wanted to explore human potential when many of their contemporaries were still bound by their cultures.

Q. Also, Emily Dickinson was unknown to the Transcendentalists but followed their work closely. In fact, it was reflected in some of her poetry. Was she connected to the group on the astral, and what other insights can you reveal about her life?

MICHAEL: Yes, she was part of their working group, a quadrate.

She was determined to advance and felt that to do so, she needed to shut out the world. In previous lives, she had been a social butterfly.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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To learn about your negative reactions you must become aware of the subconscious triggers that other people set-off inside of you. Triggers act like ambassadors of your fear that lobby on behalf of your chief features. Your triggers, then, provide an excellent way to spot those nagging doubts and insecurities that lurk just below the surface of your psyche. To remove these triggers from the shadows, you only need to shine the light of truth on their distortions.

Identifying a trigger, however, is only the first step in the process. To release the negative charge of a trigger, you must first consider the emotional attachments you've nurtured to cultivate and sustain the fear for so long. Your attachments, in this case, relate to the emotional security you've derived from clinging to beliefs about yourself that bare no resemblance to reality.

Take, for example, a nagging doubt you've had about your ability to speak in public. You fear such a scenario because you are convinced you will fail, so you create an emotional attachment to this because it protects you from the shame of having your flaw spotlighted in the public arena. The insidious part is that although you believe you are protecting yourself, when your fear is triggered by the action of another, it often reacts like a trapped animal and lashes out inappropriately. The irony, of course, is that in many instances you were fighting against something that wasn't real in the first place.

When you harbor emotional attachments you only increase the likelihood that when another fragment triggers your fear, the vicious circle will continue. We suggest that you identify your triggers, shine the light of truth upon them, and ban them from your domain. There are many healing modalities available to assist you with this task, but identifying your triggers is the important first step.

Channeled By: David Gregg

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Why have all the ancients died out and will we ever unlock the mysteries of places such as the pictographs in Chile, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Oracle of Delphi, the Shroud of Turin, Noah's Ark and many others?

MICHAEL: There have been many races of what are now looked upon as ancient races of humans. These people were there for their time and the time is no longer that fits them.

As far as unlocking secrets, we do see a good possibility that this will be the case; that is, we see that there is a more than even chance that you as a people will see the coded mysteries contained within some of these admittedly mysterious objects and places. However, we caution anyone against placing too much importance on this; we see that truly it should be mostly for curiosity’s sake and not because there are messages contained therein. Concentrate then on the present and attempt to understand your place within it; you will gain much more than if you attempt to live in the past.

Channeled By: Karen Murphy

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Q. Can you tell me about the upcoming weather conditions in Florida this year as it pertains to Hurricanes?

MICHAEL:  This is very hard to predict more than a couple days out.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin

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Q. Do most students have small group agreements with other physical plane fragments in order to work together for the next twenty years or so?

MICHAEL: Yes, although these won’t necessarily come together in form. Some work together on the astral only in the dream state.

Q. What is the most critical component to establishing a cohesive group environment?

MICHAEL: Dedication to the goal.

Q. If one of the purposes of the group is to channel, how does this work? Do all members work at channeling, or is energy directed from the group to a designated primary channel?

MICHAEL: Usually the latter, but there are no rules about this.

Q. What are the most efficient uses of the energy of a quadrant or a pentangle group configuration?

MICHAEL: Dispersing knowledge, probably. Perhaps second most efficient is experimentation.

Q. Is the formation of several small working groups necessary to the movement of the teaching? Or to individual growth?

MICHAEL: No, but it certainly is an enhancement.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

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