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Some people are "happy" in the adventures, machinations, strivings, and intrigues that their garbage gets them into it gives them good stories to tell and makes them feel really alive. They also learn a lot from it. Some people on drugs consider themselves "happy", living in an dream happening in their brains. Other people hooked on romantic infatuation believe they are "happy" in their rosy fantasy. Like the alcoholic who is not aware of his addiction till he hits bottom, many people simply do not realize they are trapped in the negative vortices of their own particular thrilling garbage till they hit bottom. If you suspect you have been living in darkness and that you have learned enough from it, perhaps you are ready to explore the light of Clarity. If you choose to escape your garbage, then here is a way out.

You can see that this system goes beyond standard psychotherapy. A "spiritual path" works to transcend personality rather than transform it. So then, let's say you've been self-observing for years and you have gone a long way in achieving Clarity, what can you expect? Continuous manic bliss? Perpetual effusive ecstasy? Unmitigated radiant joy? Not really. Your personal self will be happier and that is nice, but Clarity itself is a quietness, a contentment, a deep sense of spiritual satisfaction, a "coming home to rest". The long-term result of self-observation is spontaneity, with all levels of your being coordinated, high to low. Nothing artificial is inhibiting or augmenting your True Personality. Essence is able to operate effectively through your True Personality. Clarity does not make us detached or aloof, but it does make us "nonattached" uncommitted to any particular outcome of events. The personal self is keenly aware and vigilant totally connected to what is happening but without worry or expectation, prejudice or "needs". Most people feel as if they are controlled by external situations as well as by internal stimuli that they do not understand. With Clarity, this becomes not so. We follow nothing other than the promptings of Essence. We do everything from the most "trivial" and "meaningless" to the most "important" and "fulfilling" with equanimity. Did you recognized the similarity of this description to the one for Agape? You experience Agape when you achieve Clarity.

Clarity can be compared to having the TV channel tuned so there is no more snow on the screen, or having the radio station tuned so there is no more static. The snow and static in our lives is our garbage. The clear channel or station is Essence. With Clarity we have no garbage clouding and distorting the signals from Essence.


Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at:

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