The Illuminati

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Q: Please discuss your views on the vast conspiracy of the Illuminati.

A: No greater bastion of fear exists than the conspiracy theory. It thrives in psychological realms ruled by the chief features and will continue to clutch at the throats of society for as long as fear is allowed to run rampant.

Conspiracy theories are like theatrical plays that enthrall their audiences with performances cleverly crafted to camouflage the truth. They are the modern-day equivalent of folklore. We are not saying there have never been any conspiracies in your history, but we wish to remind you that fear, not the truth, is the usual culprit here.

About the Illuminati, this was a 17th century mystical order that played a minor role in influencing the power elite of its day. Much has been made of this brotherhood, but we must say that the scope of the group's power has been greatly exaggerated, and in some cases, fictionalized.

We are not aware of a modern-day Illuminati unless you are referring to segments of the wealthy that do sway some power in the corporate and political arenas. None of these power players, however, are involved in conspiracies on any grand scale, and are mostly just ambitious young souls trying to accumulate massive wealth.

Channeled by: David Gregg
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