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Q: Talk about the integrity or lack of integrity in personal
choices, including any ramifications.

A: Personal choice is an instrument of learning that's used to test
the expression of yourself. From the stand point of growth,
individual choice can never be wrong since it powerfully reasserts
the pronouncement of your divinity and validates your existence in
the world. Choices are neither good nor bad, but when they
compromise the integrity of your higher purpose and negatively
impact the choices of others, they will have ramifications. And from
your perspective, the outcomes may not always be pleasant ones.

Any choice, either positive or negative, is reflected back to you in
all of its resplendent glory. Since the Universe reflects any image
you send to it, this can be a challenging lesson for some of you.
When your personal mirror becomes tarnished by enough unpleasant
experiences, you quickly learn to make different choices. Choices
that hurt other people are the Universal equivalent of the child who
learns not to touch a hot stove. Since the energy you expel is
always returned to you in the same way you expressed it, there is much
to be learned from burning your fingers.

Q: How does our role affect choices?

A: The Server makes choices that benefit those around them (or at
least what they subjectively feel to be the most beneficial). In the
negative pole they may limit the choices of others in order to serve
them. This stems from the misguided belief that controlling people
is the only way to be their caretaker.

The Priest makes choices that, of course, inspire others to seek
greater aspirations and create a reflection from the Universe that's
radiant and pure. In the negative pole, however, the choices of
others may be dissuaded or circumvented until they match the
personal vision of the Priest.

Artisans makes choices that add subtle hues to the canvas of life.
Each choice is a soft brush stroke that adds layers of insight and
creativity to a work that will always be in progress. Artisans in
the negative pole will try to blur this canvas, as if they took a
finger and smeared the wet paint until the image was unrecognizable.
In this case the choices will only serve to obscure and delude.

Sages often make choices that are highly conspicuous in order to
draw attention to their personal truths, and they will find a way to
communicate something in just about everything they do. In the
negative pole, however, Sages might make choices based on how it
affects others, in both positive and negative ways. There is little
discrimination here; just a selfish desire to dramatize their
choices in front of a captive audience, pun fully intended.

Warriors make choices that break new ground and punch through
obstacles. They love anything that presents a challenge, and
personal choices will often be weighed on their ability to maximize
the benefit of a chosen ideal. In the negative pole, choices made by
the Warrior can be swift and brutal, with little regard for the
frail soul that crosses their path.

Kings make choices that can affect the greatest number of people.
For this reason there are fewer Kings in number than any other role.
Kings usually make choices that encompass the greater good of all.
In the negative pole, however, one errant choice by a King can
destroy entire nations and create wide-scale damage. Repercussions
from such an event will be felt for centuries to come.

Scholars makes choices that strengthen their ability to broaden their
understanding of the truth. These choices are often experiential,
however, leading to a slippery slope that does not always fare well
if too many risks are involved. Scholars are willing to take more
chances than most roles, and to borrow an old cliche from TV,
will "boldly go where no man has gone before." In the negative
pole, Scholars can make choices that distance others. There can be a
self-centered drive to obtain knowledge at all cost, even though
their quest may be more theoretical than factual.

Channeling by: Dave Gregg

The physical plane is just a part of creation, nothing more or less. Your sojourn here is a part of your journey through a cycle of lives. We repeat ourselves, but there are experiences that you can only have in a body on the physical plane. Indeed, there are so many experiences in this category that some of you will have hundreds of lives just to sample many of them. Therefore, it makes no sense for a fragment to say that he/she cannot endure another life on the earth, or that he/she actually belongs to another universe. Each one of you is here, on this planet, at this time, by choice. Your parents were a choice, your culture is a choice, your body is also a choice. Taken all together, these are the underpinnings of the lifetime you are living.

How, then, can you alter what you may find less appealing about your choices? In many ways. You continue to choose with every breath you take. Each day, each hour, you choose the next word, act, thought. We remember how hard some days were, and we remember how joyful were other days. Memory is your comforter here. Nothing, not one word, thought, deed lasts forever on the physical plane. All is choice, yes, but all is part of change. You are the choosers of what you wish to change.

You often weigh your choices on a scale of what seems most attractive. And this is undoubtedly a Good Work. But remember, the physical plane has another purpose for you, and that is to be a place of learning. That means those choices that end up being less than perfect are still 'perfect' choices. All are valid. All are part of your lives.

Channeling by: Nancy Gordon
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