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Q: Would the Michaels comment on the "natural" type of food for different body types? By natural I mean that since each body type is governed/influenced by a specific gland, they tend to have their specific, "typical" problems or weaknesses. What I am asking is: are there certain guidelines concerning food the different body types should keep in mind in order to stay healthy and balanced, and avoid the usual health problems of their type?

MICHAEL: Some general guidelines:

LUNARS should eat a fairly light diet in terms of carbohydrates, with moderate protein and fat. They should avoid hormones, as they are especially sensitive to such additives in meat and dairy products.

SATURNIANS can eat a hearty diet, with heavier foods of all types.

JOVIALS do best when they eat with the seasons, heavier in cold weather and lighter in warm, eating foods when they are in season.

MERCURIALS need to be especially careful with stimulants and sugars. A fairly high carbohydrate intake is often warranted for them.

VENUSIANS do well with a lot of fruits and vegetables, and not a lot of other foods.

MARTIALS need to balance themselves with ample carbohydrates and fat, and a steady amount of small servings of protein. The 40/30/30 diet is appropriate for martials.

SOLARS types have a delicate digestion and do best with foods that are easily digested. Food combining can be especially helpful for them.

Channeled by: Shepherd Hoodwin
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