Entities and Soul Age Progression

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Q: Do souls of some entities (spiritual families) tend to move slower through the soul ages than others?

M. We have not observed entity-wide patterns. We see a wide range within entities based on personal preference. Factors include how many lifetimes a soul has, their average length, and the average length of time between lifetimes. Souls take as few as forty and as many as a couple thousand lifetimes; if the latter, a lot of them would likely be very short.

Those who complete the physical plane in, say, forty to eighty lifetimes are probably more engaged behind the scenes on the astral plane, helping others a lot between lifetimes, while souls who are doing five hundred to a thousand lifetimes are working more actively on the physical plane (in cooperation with those who are not as externally active). Ultimately the experiences of all souls are pooled. Therefore, as an individual fragment, you do not feel that you have to experience everything, because you know that especially your entity mates will cover some of those bases and will share the stories with you. Basically, you live the lives that interest you to live. Sometimes, one thing leads to another, so it's not always planned out at the beginning; you may end up discovering something that you want to explore more, so you do.

Every soul is different. Some want to be sure to visit most of the main cultures while it is incarnating, while others are happy to stick with one or two they feel an affinity for.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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