How Does Soul Age Rank In Importance?

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Q. How does soul age rank in importance compared to the rest of the Michael teachings?

A. It is of equal importance to the other overleaves, and of less importance than role, essence twin, and primary and secondary casting.

All the categories in the teachings are useful, because they provide ways to understand the forces at work in human lives. The concept of soul age is certainly useful for students if one does not create a hierarchy of lesser and greater. With its vocabulary, you can more easily accept the differences among people rather than judging them. For example, a young soul may manifest more outward vitality and derive more pleasure from accomplishing things that are of less interest to you if you are mature or old. However, if you use the vocabulary to be dismissive, as if being young was, itself, a negative thing, then you are misusing the information.

Enlightenment, however you define it, does not necessarily accompany an increase in soul age. It springs from a desire in anyone to embody more light, to vanquish ignorance. An old-soul culture may not necessarily be more pleasant to live in than a young-soul culture. It all depends on the choices made by those who make up the culture.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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