Difference Between Manifested and True Soul Age?

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Q. What is the difference between manifested and true soul age? 

A. Your true soul age is the highest age you have experienced in any lifetime and therefore, your potential now. It probably will not change during your lifetime. If it does, it would probably only change by one level. (Each soul age has seven levels.)

Manifested soul age is what your outer life is concerned with at the moment. As we mentioned, when you were born, you could do nothing but manifest at first-level infant. Then, you retrace the steps back up to your true soul age, if you choose to. Your current step is your manifested age. An analogy is that many people do not manifest the full maturity available to them by reason of their physical age, but that is their potential. 

At any given time, about two-thirds of people are not fully manifesting their true soul age. They may manifest it in some aspects of life but not as a whole. There is nothing wrong with that, because there's nothing wrong with any soul age. However, you may feel more integrated if you manifest your true soul age, especially if you are ready to move up a level. 

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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