Is AIDS Real?

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Q: I've recently read several websites that claim AIDS is not the disease its purported to be and that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. It's been further stated that testing is useless, people in Africa aren't dying from AIDS, and those supposedly dying worldwide from it are simply dying from common, everyday diseases.

Is any of the above true? If so, why would science claim otherwise? Is it the drug companies hoping to make big profits? Is it a government conspiracy?

A: It is not a conspiracy.

First, however, we would like to address one of the underlying reasons behind this pandemic. There have, of course, been many personal motives sought by fragments when manifesting this disease, but we will primarily examine those objectives sought on a mass level.

Although the price is great for many, some soul groups use AIDS as a vehicle to focus more attention on the often ignored and indigent segments of society. The devastating poverty that plagues Africa, for example, requires an antidote, and while the remedy may seem counterproductive, the enormous attention to AIDS has both attracted the media and galvanized activists to beat the drums of change.

It is true that lessons of survival are being explored in these third-world regions, but the magnitude of poverty and suffering has gone beyond the level of conditions many souls feel is tolerable, and the experiences are no longer considered productive.

The gay community, of course, has long suffered the indignities of both this disease and the contemptuous views from society, but in this case -- where at first the AIDS spotlight resulted in a backlash against gay lifestyles -- the attention is now being redirected at those who have long been blinded by ignorance, and society is learning greater levels of tolerance as a result. We are not saying that gay men have literally jumped at the chance to die for this greater cause, but when opportunities presented themselves, the disease has certainly been used as a crucible to foster greater awareness towards the plights of others.

In regards to your initial question, AIDS is a systemic condition that opens the floodgates to a variety of diseases, all dependent upon the locale of the individual and the level of damage to the immune system. While AIDS may seem non-specific in nature, its insidious presence is very real. Over time it decimates the immune system of the body, leaving it unable to guard against attack from opportunistic infections and diseases that otherwise wouldn't affect individuals with healthy immune systems.

It is true that pharmaceutical companies have leveraged themselves into positions of huge profit from this disease, but they are merely taking advantage of an existing opportunity. The many claims that dispute the existence of AIDS mostly fall into realms of pseudoscience and various states of denial. What you choose to believe, however, is ultimately a matter of your own personal validation.

Channeled by: David Gregg
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