Seeing Your Reflection In Another

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The Internet has afforded you a wealth of exchange previously thought impossible. Never before have you been presented with so many opportunities to see the teachings in action. Societal barriers are quickly eroding now as the Internet reveals new cultural diversities to explore and the ability to study the soul ages and overleaves of people from across the world.

We encourage you to embrace the differences with the fragments you encounter through this electronic medium, and not only strive to understand these differences, but to pay particular attention to how some seemingly disparate souls can actually mirror surprising commonalities.

Looking for this reflection of self in the people you meet can offer a valuable way to discover the connecting threads that tie each essence to the Tao. You all share the same spark that fuels every atom in the Universe, and learning to recognize this spark can unlock cultures or beliefs previously thought inaccessible.

The act of seeing your reflection in another can initially be a terrifying experience, especially for those submerged in false personality. Pushing another fragment away is a common reaction. Indeed, much of the strife currently seen in your world stems from this refusal to honor and recognize the light you all share. But the lessons you so avidly desire to learn directly hinge to the realization that you all walk in the same shoes, and while many divergent paths are available for you to take, each path ultimately ends in the same place.

We offer the following exercise:

Make a concerted effort each day to gaze into the eyes of everyone you have a conversation with. Try this with a family member, a friend, or even the checker at your local grocery store. Do this in a passive way, however, so your intention doesn't become intrusive to the other person. In other words, don't engage in the kind of staring match often seen in the territorial posturing of animals.

As you look into the person's eyes, free your mind of your own thoughts or nervous distractions, and try to tune into the inner world of the person in front of you. What do you feel? What thoughts or sensations suddenly cross your mind? And more importantly, how do these feelings mirror your own?

Neither telepathy or psychic talent is required to practice this exercise. In fact, you may think you're merely experiencing your own thoughts and feelings, and that's okay at first. The goal is to passively receive the energy the other person is emitting.

The most intimate channel of energetic expression comes from the eyes, so practicing this way will help you become more aware of this energy.

If you carefully monitor your feelings during this exercise, you will begin to notice certain emotions and sensations that plainly are not your own, and you'll develop greater levels of empathy for the souls around you who clearly share the same struggles you do.

You may not always think you have the time for this task, but reserving a quiet space of reverence for another will both honor the people you encounter and help you learn things about yourself you didn't know before.

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