Spirit Guides

Q: What or who are typical spirit guides for the persons living in the physical plane? Are these dead relatives, entity members or guardian angels?

MICHAEL: Most spiritual guides are fragments not currently extant who have an agreement with the fragment in question to act as guide for that lifetime or a portion of the lifetime. Many spiritual guides are “old friends”, fragments that have incarnated over and over together, and who have established a sense of camaraderie and knowingness that transcends the physical plane. Thus the fragment extant is able to recognize that energy and revel in it. There are times also that a spiritual guide may be the fragment's self from a former lifetime, or at least the energy imprint from that lifetime. Also, there are times when a fragment may choose to bring in other energies, devic for instance, or even off-world species who agree to act as guide for the life or a series of lives. In general, the fragment holding the guide position will do so for more than one fragment at a time, and will also in so doing take something of a rest from the physical plane while still “keeping their hand in”. It tends to be a popular role and one which most fragments enjoy performing.

CHANNELED BY: Karen Murphy

Q: I would like to know as a physical being, what can we do to become more attuned to the spiritual plane and recognize our spiritual guardians?

MICHAEL: This is a rich question. This is a major aspect of the spiritual path. There is no one answer.

Most people are fairly earthbound, in the sense of being unaware of anything other than their own bodily hungers and mental concerns. Their hard-wiring rules. They grow, but the hard way, through bumping into things in the dark.
The first step to awakening to the larger world (which could be called "the spiritual world") is to recognize that you are more than your physical, emotional, and intellectual self. The question "Who am I?" opens the door. The next step is to start listening to the spiritual world, and everything within it. That means listening to other people in a new way: listening to the forces behind their actions. Listening to animals and plants, and the rest of nature. Listening for what is communicated through the various arts. And so forth.

This is another way of saying what we were speaking of relative to Socrates: living in the questions--and then listening for the answers. This establishes the climate for beginning to listen to your Self. Most who try to do it the other way around usually only hear their conflicted feelings. When listening "within" to your spiritual guardians and the higher levels of being in general, you have to have a sense of what to listen for. If you've been stuck in your own confined world your whole life, you are likely to hear only more of the same.

How can you learn to communicate well with your spirit guides?

MICHAEL: A good way to communicate with your spirit guides is through meditation. If you allow yourself to be in a highly relaxed state and allow your imaginative faculty to be free, you can simply imagine your spirit guides. For example, you might ask to communicate with your primary spirit guide. After you have asked, just start imagining what he looks like. His appearance can be anything, because those on higher planes do not have physical form. They appear to you in whatever form is comfortable for you, and even if you think that you are just making up an image, you are probably not. Accept whatever form comes to you, whether it is a stately Indian prince or a shaggy puppy dog, and start having a conversation with it in your imagination. Ask questions and listen for answers. If you do not get answers, make them up. After a while, something will begin to flow. You can have quite specific conversations with your guides, but it is easier to begin with more general questions. It is a good idea to have a tape recorder or a pad of paper handy to record your answers so you can review them later.

This is just one technique for getting in touch with your spirit guides; there are many others as well. Remember that your guides always hear you, so you do not have to be concerned about that. You may not hear their answers back directly, but they answer you in one way or another. Your primary challenge is to ask clearly and precisely.

How does the help you receive from your guides differ from that of your essence?

MICHAEL: Generally, your guides focus on the external factors of your life, and your essence, the internal. Your guides help you open to your essence and complete your life tasks. Your essence, which is a part of who you are, thereby experiences expansion. Your essence encourages you to deal with and release inner blocks, and your guides help you set up your life to facilitate this.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

Would you please tell us the purpose and operational parameters of guides?

MICHAEL: We are happy to elucidate this information. Guides are just that: guides. They offer experience that may be just that much more than that of the host and that is all.

Guides are chosen by the host from a number of possible energies available to him/her on the premise that there is a compatibility all around and a willingness to cooperate. Guides are not all-knowing or all-seeing. They are souls on the second level of the astral plane who choose to mentor souls on the physical plane. They have been there, done that, so to speak. They will not always be guides, by the way. When their mission is finished, they may be in line to reincarnate and continue their evolution toward agape. Therefore, none of the assistance that a guide offers is absolute or necessarily intended to be definitive.

Host = Fragment = Personality?

MICHAEL: It is always tendered with love and gentle attention, but never as though the host 'must' respond positively or fail somehow. We are using the word 'host' as the fragment who is on the physical plane.

Guides are not attached to a host/fragment permanently, either. Individual guides may be chosen for their particular efficacy at a particular time in the life of the fragment. When that need is over, the guide and the fragment may decide to part and other guides may take their place. Or a fragment might be guide-less for a time, until the next need arises.

Nancy and Michael, in general, how might we go about consciously contacting our guides, rather than waiting for symbolism in dreams?

MICHAEL: Guides can be connected with through meditation, through direct speaking to, and by listening. The listening part is usually the hardest part for most fragments.

Could that soul guides while living as a person?

MICHAEL: Many people become mentors or guides to others while incarnate, of course. These are those you remember who steered you onto a welcome path, who gave good advice when needed, who held out a hand when a hand was necessary.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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