Old Soul Terror

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Q: How does an Old soul learn through terror?

A: Terror is a highly subjective term and one person's impression of it can vastly differ from that of another. We will say up front then that one size does not fit all in this context.

We have said previously that old souls evolve by facing their fears, so we'll offer a variation on that to explore how old souls learn through the terror of self-deception. This, however, should not be confused with the self-deception that can plague the artisan.

It might be helpful to show the dualities that are symbolic in each soul age:

Infant Souls: Life/Death

Baby Souls: Right/Wrong

Young Souls: Win/Lose

Mature Souls: Love/Fear

Old Souls: Truth/Illusion

Since Old souls don't like to get mired down in the incidental details of life, they prefer to see the larger perspective, or the blueprint, if you will, of how the world is pieced together to create the whole. In order to burn away the fog of self-deception, Old souls shine their rays of truth on everything they encounter, so it is terrifying for them to realize they have been duped at their own game.

Self-deception can often lead the old soul to mistakenly support an unjust cause, adopt harmful belief systems, or be led astray by an errant philosophy. This psychological terror then impels the old soul to see beyond the illusions and parlor tricks in life and look for the trapdoor that's hidden beneath the magician's table.

The challenge of introspection can also reveal many inner demons that the old soul might want to avoid or forget. Refusing to accept negative aspects of either past or present personalities, however, can lead to an internal form of self-deception. Growth comes from accepting unsavory parts of self that, while they may be terrifying to look at, have played an integral role in the overall development of the soul.

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