Infant Soul Societies

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Q: I'm curious about "family life" on earth when infant souls were the only ones here. How were the families structured, and how did they interact with one another? How did the dynamics change when baby souls began to incarnate? Did baby souls choose infant soul parents and then seek to structure them?

MICHAEL: If you start to feel uncomfortable in any way, remember to connect with nature; that should stabilize the higher energies.

Infant soul families were, as you might expect, focused on survival. There were many crises related to childbirth, health in general, and food supplies. However, you might be surprised at how loving and close-knit these families often were. Many modern complications had not yet set it. It was rare, for example, for there to be domestic violence, beyond a swat to a child to teach it not to do something. Most did not understand paternity, so families were not "nuclear" in the way that is defined today. Instead, there were small clusters that joined together as units, typically three adult males and three adult females, along with all the females' children. If someone wasn't getting along well in one cluster, s/he might migrate to a nearby one, but generally, these were stable units. Sexual play was mostly kept within one's cluster, and same-sex play was not uncommon.

Infant soul societies, especially in the earlier stages, tend to be peaceful. Cooperation is the norm, because without it, survival is compromised. There is not a lot of individual identity. Finding your individual fulfillment would be a foreign concept. If one cluster had extra food, it freely shared it with others if they needed it. There wasn't much understanding of food storage, so they would eat more when they had more and try to gain weight for the lean times.

Moving toward the baby soul level, these clusters started to make alliances with other clusters. The beginning of the baby soul cycle is marked by the formation of larger groupings that individuals would identify with. So, loyalty is no longer primarily to one's cluster but to this larger grouping, with or without a strong leader. The transition is gradual and slow enough that both parents and children make it together. However, it does occur that a 1st level baby soul is born to 7th level infant souls, and the baby soul child is driven by a desire to organize into larger groupings that the parents respect but don't necessarily take part in.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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