Gospel of Mary

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There is also a Gospel of Mary which is supposed to have recorded directly the sermons of Jesus. Was Mary doing that and was she his main disciple?

MICHAEL: We don’t think that Jesus would have made a hierarchy of his disciples. Old Kings are very good at recognizing the contribution that each person has to make and not necessarily in a hierarchical fashion but in a holistic fashion. However, Mary was extremely intelligent and it would not surprise us if he felt that she got what he had to teach better than most. She was quite insightful in her own right. She was not just a student but also a teacher. She had been respected, what you might call, a wise woman, from an early age. She was one of those children who amazed people with her understanding. We do think that she recorded some things, and then we think others embellished, as usual.

All this brings up the question you didn’t ask but is implied: “So what do you do with this stuff when you don’t know what is real and what is embellished or entirely made up”?

The way we would approach it is to view all spiritual teachings that have passed into literature as allegories. It doesn’t seem that important if they happened or not. What is important is do they speak to you in some important way.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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