Krishna and Jesus

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Q. My question concerns the relationship between the figure in Indian mytho-history, Krishna, and Jesus. In recent history their archetypal mythologies have a lot of parallels, and I am asking Michael what they would offer in terms of information about the relationship between Krishna and Christ?

Michael: This is a beautiful question and we would like to invite the whole group that is listening to notice how the question itself put you more in your higher centers. Take a moment to feel how this affected you. Incidentally, we are not implying that higher centers are better centers because obviously you need them all.

Of course, both were vessels for the Infinite Soul, and both, therefore, were subject to a lot of mythology. The reason this inevitably occurs is that people tend to become bogged down in the lower centers because, though-out history most people have been sufficiently worried about their own survival that there hasn’t seemed to be a lot of space left over for contemplating the higher centers. Suddenly, then, it seems that the Infinite Soul , the Transcendental Soul or indeed any relatively enlightened teacher comes along and brings part of the puzzle that the human psyche has made little room for. And so, people generally don’t know what to make of it, and so they impose explanations to try to make sense of what they are witnessing. And often people are a little lazy in just grabbing whatever explanation seems to be convenient. A similar sort of laziness has been evident in both sides of the presidential campaign in the United States-sort of a knee-jerk desire to explain the other in terms of a sound bite; so some of these legends are the ancient equivalent of sound-bites.

These souls who turn over their well-honed personalities to the Infinite Soul or the Transcendental Soul or other high teachers all know one another. Of course, we are speaking here of the astral connection. They all work together with many others. This is not a secret society. This is a loose, informal association of souls who dedicated themselves for quite a long time to the larger evolutionary issues of human souls. Your view of them as humans may be quite worshipful but their view of one another, and the general view of them on the astral, might be more comparable to how people view respected diplomats. Being a diplomat requires a certain set of skills. In their professional capacity they have to set aside much of their own personality, and instead, their personal desires become subsumed by the larger good that they are working for. We are not here speaking of diplomats who are more self-centered and concerned only about their own country and the advantages they can win for it but those who are widely acknowledged as wanting to help. If you were to sit in on a gathering of some of these souls on the astral – which you are able to do, in fact, - they are not closed gatherings – just as you can turn on your television and watch congress convening, although it may not be very interesting all the time, you would see souls who are similar in their dedication to helping provide an optimal environment for the growth of all humans. Another analogy for them would be faculty of a fine university and how they might come together for panels across their disciplines, be respected for their knowledge and teaching abilities. We don’t think that any of these great souls are all that impressed with themselves. It really is true that the more you know, the more that you know that you don’t know. They do not see themselves as objects of worship but simply as dedicated public servants.

There are not that many souls who are cut out for that sort of thing. Part of the reason that the host for the Infinite and the Transcendental Souls are late level old is that it is not until then that it is even appropriate to subsume the personality. It is a little bit like an elderly person who is able to say ‘I have lived my life, it has been full and good and I don’t need to focus so much on my own personal relationships now, so therefore I could go run for the school board’ - which is a different point of view than for someone who has his or her own school children in the school system. In the real world, of course, you can have both but for the purposes of the analogy here the point is that it is not appropriate for most souls to divert their attention to the non-personal prematurely. It is also a truism that teaching is one of the most educational experiences one can have. So those who devote themselves in this way benefit themselves. It is analogous to those who channel. There are not a lot of people for whom such a vocation is appropriate. It is similarly a subsumation of the personality, and yet the channel is privileged to be part of an educational process so it is not seen as a sacrifice.

The soul who was known as Krishna had a long history on the physical plane of helping people to get along with each other. Because human beings are a relatively aggressive species it is helpful when there are some persuasive diplomats around who are good at convincing people to pause before going to war, and this soul was superb at convincing people to put the brakes on in that regard. So, he was an expert in understanding how groups behave. There are some souls who are expert in the reverse of this –of exciting people to war – it is really a similar skill but turned inside out.

The soul who is Jesus has been more interested in individual transformations. Performing healings on people is really about showing them the power that they have within them. These are complementary skills, one more focused on the individual as it relates to the group, the other more on the group as it relates to the individual. Does this answer your question?

Beautifully so. Is it true that the Infinite Soul displaces always a 7th level old King and what you call the Transcendental Soul replaces a 7th level old Priest, or is that too absolute?. Were Krishna and the one they call Jesus both Kings?

Michael: Yes, both are kings. We do not think it would always have to be in this configuration but it does make a lot of sense to do it that way. Considering the demands of the Infinite Soul a personality conditioned by the presence of a powerful King would be the least likely to fall apart with the demands of the Infinite Soul.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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