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Michael: We are here. We bring our energy to join with those of you here and together we make a glowing bridge across the planes.

This is a time of beginnings for many of you. One of the qualities of beginnings is the eagerness to look forward. But beginnings imply endings also. One of the qualities of endings is the chance to total up the measures of accomplishments. What if the ending does not seem to capture very much in the way of accomplishment? Does that mean it has been for nothing? Was its beginning a mistake?

You who are tuned to our teachings know that no action is without merit. But if it does not seem to have attracted the accolade 'Well done!' you think it must carry forward some shadowed impression into the future. Nothing could be farther from the truth we share. You may, in your personality, be unaware of anything to be content about, but we remind you that You, in your Higher Self, will know better.

Endings and beginnings are part of the space/time qualities of the physical plane. Beyond it they have no meaning. But within the physical plane they mark off openings and closings and offer a means for looking at one's life in parts. The whole is often a blur, but in parts you can assess where you have been. Then it is the forward, the beginning again, that draws you on.

If human beings did not have the opportunity to look ahead, it would be almost impossible to close off anything, and if you could not close, you would not be able to start again. That is the 'good work' of beginnings and endings. Think of the seasons: each comes and goes, begins and ends. Think of work planned, accomplished, begun and ended. The opportunity to start again always brings with it a lightening of the spirit.

We do not suggest that you forget the past, in this case the immediate past, but we do offer this thought: What has been attempted and has reached some kind of conclusion, is finished. Even that which carries over into the new beginning is concluded to a certain extent. And that is the light of the next step. Hold to the possibilities. Let the next beginning open your heart and mind to the work of your soul. Ends and starts are the stuff of the world. If you choose to make use of them, the path forward becomes less tiresome.

CHANNELED BY: Nancy Gordon
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