Steve Jobs


One of the Yarbro channels got that he was a 7th-young king. In addition, I got warrior ET, warrior/scholar casting, “honorary warrior,” beauty orientation, 51/49 male/female, 61 frequency, 12 previous cycles, freedom/adventure/power, growth, realist, passion, moving/emotional part, arrogance, mercurial/martial.

Last night, a client asked about what Steve Jobs' passing over was like, considering that he wasn't such a nice person a certain amount of the time. Michael said he had a positive experience passing over, and that he considers the positives to have outweighed the negatives in this lifetime. Most souls have a life review and he will no doubt do that. However, in seeing not only his actions but how they affected others, his guides will not force him to interpret those events in any particular way; they will be Socratic and ask probing questions. It will still be his choice to decide whether his behavior was appropriate. Michael felt sure that he would want to work on his "interpersonal relationship skills" in future lifetimes, but it's hard for kings (and warriors) to realize how harshly they come off to others, since they have pretty tough hides themselves. Also, because they look at the big action picture, it's easy for them to think that their harshness is necessary for the greater accomplishment and to accept some "collateral damage" in the form of hurt feelings, etc., especially when they think they're right.

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