George Washington

I've been listening to an audiobook of a George Washington biography by Ron Chernow. I was curious, so I channeled his chart. I always take celebrity overleaves with a grain of salt, since it's possible that many channels have already gotten information, but I share what I got for what it's worth:

3rd-mature king, male warrior ET, scholar/sage casting, growth, stoic, reserve, moving/emotional part, arrogance, mercurial/saturnian.

I am finding him to have been a very admirable person. I had previously thought him to be rather wooden, but although he could be formal, he also expressed deep feelings. In his younger days, he was a consummate athlete and was said to dance beautifully. He was fastidious about seeking a wide range of opinions before making a carefully reasoned decision, and continually sought to better himself. He was the most loved and famous American of his day from the war onward, and was mobbed when he went out in public or travelled, much like today's celebrities.

He was slow to evolve on the slavery issue. He freed his slaves in his will.

Terence Powers posted that he remembered a Yarbro channel saying that Washington was a young warrior, and I could also see a case for that. Thoughts?

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