Bill Maher

edited October 2019 in Famous People
In October, we discussed Bill Maher, Jr. He was described as brash and mean-spirited. I was curious about his overleaves and did his chart. I expected to find that he's a cynic. Instead I got that he's a pragmatist sliding to cynic (he doesn't actually *feel* that acidic). Add that to being an "honorary king" with very high male (focused) energy, power mode, and arrogance, and I think it fits. Plus third young is the warrior level of the warrior soul age. I was surprised by growth rather than discrimination, but he doesn't have discriminating eyes.

Here's what I got:

Third-young sage, discarnate king ET, king/artisan casting, 85/15, 47 frequency, 10 previous cycles, growth, pragmatist sliding to cynic, power, moving/moving part, arrogance, saturnian/martial/neptunian.

I got him in cadre 10/entity 2. I don't know how that would translate into other channels' cadre numbering, but according to my channeling, he's in the same entity as James Cameron, Joel Goldsmith, Kris Kristofferson, and Alexander Lowen. Cameron is also quite abrasive.

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