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Q. There is much speculation in the New Age community about the Ascension or Shift of planetary consciousness and of its peoples. Some say we are headed for the 4th dimension, some say the 5th, and some say there are/will be two Earths forming, the old energy world and the new. Michael, what is your take on this subject?

A: Ascension refers to a rising of human consciousness out of the rather extreme negativity that has characterized it, as a whole. This is occurring because humanity, by and large, is ready to experience that--it has wrung just about as much growth out of the status quo as it can. Still, there are those so attached to the negativity that they will likely spin off a parallel where they continue to "play with" it longer.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: In Shepherd's book "Journey Of Your Soul" he mentions that the current ascension shift will not happen overnight, and will probably take a thousand years until the process is complete.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin

Q. What does Michael believe people on earth should do in order to move themselves from 3D (third dimension) , to 4th dimension, all the way up to 12D.

A. Guidance in this area is difficult to address due to the misunderstandings surrounding this movement. We will say that the ability to transcend current physical structures inherent in the human body, such that an individual could assume placement in other dimensional vibrations, is not likely to occur for quite some time. Many individuals who propagate ascension beliefs are guilty of fanciful thinking here. While there is merit in some of the theories, the majority of the concepts have been misinterpreted by those channeling the information. In short, the theory of ascension has been widely misunderstood. Ascension describes a spiritual evolution that occurs in nonphysical dimensions. It was never intended that these precepts be applied to physical plane paradigms. It is true that the vibrational rate of the soul will increase as the level of sentience sharpens, but an evolutionary progression where the human species uniformly advances is not likely to happen in this millennium.

Q. Is it true "old" souls are the only ones that will have the ability to ascend, and, stay on/or cycle back into this place that is currently called earth ?

A. It is not true in the sense that you describe. Current views of ascension, with its obvious parallel to the Christian resurrection, often portrays a select group of individuals that will ascend to higher dimensions while others are left behind. But all souls walk the same path and all souls are granted the freedom to pursue the lessons or experiences they desire. It is a privilege to incarnate. The soul does not yearn to transmigrate before a series of fruitful incarnations have been completed. The physical is both school and playground for the soul.

True ascension is most applicable when compared to the shift in conscious required to evolve through the seven planes of existence: Physical, Astral, Causal, and so forth. In this case we are all ascending. But these are gradual shifts that occur during the natural progression back to the Tao.

On a personal level, we see ascension manifested when fragments spend more time in the positive poles of their overleaves and have obliterated their chief features. When society learns to do this en masse, that's ascension. Beyond that, notions that a human body can suddenly travel through radically different dimensions, even though it was genetically created to breathe oxygen, is simply a distortion propagated by the belief systems of various channels.

Q. What is the highest level of ascension any earth bound soul has attained ?

A. Some souls have attained startling insights that allowed them to peek into worlds beyond the physical limitations of the human body. But this was not due to the process of ascension.

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