The Roosevelts

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No doubt a lot of us enjoyed the new Ken Burns documentary series about the Roosevelts. Eleanor wasn't mentioned in the original transcripts but Franklin was given as a mature sage, and Teddy, a young warrior.

I knew the least about Teddy and thought it was a great portrayal of a young warrior largely in positive poles. Teddy was a Republican but socially quite progressive and reform-minded. His colonialism and love and glorification of war were blind spots but not surprising for a third-young warrior: three is the warrior number, so he was a warrior at the warrior level of the warrior soul age. For him, war was an opportunity to demonstrate bravery and patriotism. His "bully pulpit" illustrates warrior persuasion. He had an interesting self-karma to have have been sickly as a child; he largely overcame that but his asthma and other health challenges continued to be issues that clashed with his enormous energy and drive.

FDR's polio, of course, was a huge self-karma. Overcoming it deepened his compassion and ability to be of service.

I channeled their charts. (The usual caveats about celebrity overleaves apply, and other channels have gotten some different information.) I was particularly interested to get that Franklin and Eleanor were in the same entity, 3/6 (1/6 through some channels) and that Frances Perkins, his Secretary of Labor (and the first woman cabinet member) and friend was his essence twin.

Here's what I got:

Eleanor Roosevelt: 2nd-old server, discarnate scholar ET, warrior/server casting, 55/45, 47 frequency, 13 previous cycles, acceptance, spiritualist/stoic, power, emotional/intellectual, greed (fixated on appreciation), venusian/saturnian/martial.

Franklin Roosevelt: 3rd-mature sage, warrior ET (Frances Perkins), scholar/priest casting, 58/42, 47 frequency, 14 previous cycles, growth, idealist, passion, physical/intellectual part, impatience (arrogance early in life), mercurial/jovial.

Theodore Roosevelt: 3rd-young warrior, discarnate sage ET, sage/server casting, 41/59, 47 frequency, 10 previous cycles, growth, idealist, passion, emotional /intellectual part, stubbornness, martial/saturnian/jovial.

Does anyone else have thoughts about the documentary and the Roosevelts?

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