How Roles Approach Service

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There are no hard-and-fast rules about this, but in general, those with a goal of submission are more interested in service than those with a goal of reevaluation or discrimination.

Those with a goal of growth are likely to be more concerned with their own process, but may be interested in serving others if that supports their growth.

Those with a goal of acceptance may serve others, especially in terms of helping others accept themselves, perhaps by simply being a loving presence for them, but will not tend to do as much in service as someone whose goal is on the action axis, submission or dominance.

Someone in acceptance is more likely to offer kind words, for example, in service, since acceptance is an expression axis goal.

Since growth and reevaluation are inspirational goals, people with these goals tend to serve others, if they have a service thrust, through inspirational means, wanting to help others with their own growth or reevaluation, for instance.

Spiritual growth is not the same as the goal of growth. Spiritual growth results from being in the positive pole of any overleaf, which allows for essence contact. The goal indicates the type of growth experiences a person tends to look for. With a goal of growth, you set up challenges and attempt to meet or overcome them. In acceptance, your emphasis is accepting what you cannot overcome or change. To truly overcome, accept, flow, discriminate, lead, devote, or reevaluate can contribute equally to spiritual growth.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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