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Q: What is absolute in the universe, and what is changing?

A: The word "absolute" is not a term easily applied to any aspect of the Universe, since in even the less malleable structures of the Physical plane there is a constant state of flux and an impetus to grow. This form of evolution, however, could technically be considered an absolute. Evolution, whether it be Darwinian or spiritual, is a constant in all dimensional worlds, and there is not one consciousness, either animate or inanimate, that doesn't seek this form of progression.

Love, of course, is an absolute that embraces and permeates all that is and all that ever will be. Love is at the core of everything that exists, and it is the very essence of the Tao and all that you will ever know.

Overall, though, the concept of an absolute in the Universe is a bit of a misnomer. The only absolutes that could be defined in a truly tangible sense are those that either you create or observe, and even those transitory representations of reality are reflections of your own world view and not necessarily those of another.

In the end, however, once the complexity of evolutionary change is compiled and collated, and the illusionary constructs of multi-dimensional worlds are stripped away, the only absolute that truly remains to hold it altogether, is love.

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