Mature Soul Shift

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Q: Would like to know if the whole planet is moving toward Mature Soul Age then what happens to those infant, baby souls who cannot move at that rate? Do they experience more pain in their growth.

A: For the most part, each soul goes at its own pace. That said, the more external stimulation there is, the faster growth tends to be, although it is still always a matter of the individual. You obviously live in a time in which there is a great deal of stress (stimulation) for most people. What the mature shift really means is that souls of all ages will be increasingly imprinted with mature soul values. The young soul values that have heretofore imprinting much of your civilization are beginning to look worn out, especially their negative aspects. People are both more ready to learn about mature soul values and more exposed to them.

Q: Would hastening them up not result in some growth being lost in the process? Would they not feel unwillingly pushed? How can Old souls help them in their growth?

A: Those who feel over stimulated sometimes react negatively. It's not that growth is lost; it's a different kind of growth--a different set of choices to be made compared to when life is quieter. Some simply choose to remove themselves from the "fast lane" if they can. Some burn out. Generally, physically younger people adapt more easily to any societal change. Older souls can help add a reassurance that all is well, that although some things are breaking down, other things are building up.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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