Animals and Overleaves

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Q: I have a guinea pig named Puppy. Can you talk about what overleaves he manifests? Are they only some of my overleaves or all of them or some from my essence twin? I love him very much and would like to understand him better. He is right here with me.

A: Most animals have hive souls, which are less delineated than the sentient souls that humans and cetaceans have. They don't have overleaves per se. However, some of their traits can be reminiscent of overleaves. Every being, including each hive soul, is unique. Some of their traits derive from their body and imprinting, but they also have their own histories. We'd say that Puppy often operates in what might be thought of as passion mode. His energies flow freely and deeply from within him. We also see energies reminiscent of the goal of acceptance.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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