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Q: Michael, please share your views about astrology. Is it something we are collectively creating and then becoming influenced by, or is there something real that we are discovering?

Is there any analogy between astrological sun/moon/AC -signs and the inner role/overleaves?

A: We have answered this question in the past, but we are here to answer it again. Yes, there is something real in astrology as you know it. There are many factors that influence the human fragment and the timing of the birth is one of them. Unfortunately there is more to this than can be measured by your science. The moment of conception is more relevant to the pattern of a fragment's true personality than the moment of birth. We understand, however, that the moment of conception is not usually one that can be documented. Therefore, a second-best alternative is to set up the chart according to the tables that exist for the moment of birth. We repeat here that a professional astrologer with a strong connection with the work will interpret the chart himself, rather than relying on the fixed interpretations available in published materials.

The influences of the planets and their aspects is one of a particular type of energy. This energy is translated into words by the medium of astrology and can assist the fragment in undertaking to express certain elements in his true personality. There is an overlap, usually, between the individual overleaf chart and the astrological chart. Consider both as written symbols of an energetic reality. In this way you will not be tempted to make either an oracle.

If either your overleaves or your astrological positioning were indeed immutable in their effect on your ability to freely choose, then there would be no reason for your life. The circumvention of free will is anathema to your existence. All is choice. We cannot say this too often. Given that, what sense does it make to imbue something like your birth time with the power to interfere with that choice?

There is a very long history of sound astrological study and understanding in human history. Be wary, however, of the attempt to predict the future using this information. Many energies, not just those of the planets and their aspects, converge on any event, major or minor, and these energies may be in conflict with one another. Serious astrologers have accurately predicted events in the history of nations and of individuals. But this accuracy is predicated on the connection that the practitioner has with Essence, not with Venus trine Neptune.

There is a synergy in all areas of creation. This synergy is apparent in the workings of various methods of understanding the world beyond the senses. Astrology is a kind of bridge between this unseen world and the physical world. With the appropriate apparatus you can view the planets that appear on a piece of paper mis-named a 'star' chart. This is the physical, sensible occasion of astrology. The interpretations, which have been applied by yourself or another who is connected to Essence in a very particular way, comes from the meta-world, that which is beyond/outside the senses. Therefore, use it as you would any other aid in working out your life path. It is only one of the several available to you.

Channeled by: Nancy Gordon

Q: As you no doubt know, traditional astrology is based on the use of 12 signs, and 12 houses. Now, in the Michael teachings, the number seven is always stressed.

My question is therefore: Would it be useful and advisable to use an alternative method of the division of the heavens, based on 7? That is, one could, starting from zero degrees Aries, divide the zodiac into seven signs instead of 12. (Each one would comprise 51 degrees, 26 minutes of arc). And if such a system would indeed be useful, could Michael give a short description of the basic meaning of each of the resulting seven phases, that could then be used as a basis for interpretation?

A: Your astrology is not based on principles that govern the entire Universe, but instead relies on quadrants directly applicable to your own corner of the solar system. Astrology as you know it would be radically different if applied to another planet with different coordinates and star systems.

Michael math, on the other hand, is applicable anywhere you travel in the Universe, whereas astrology is not. Therefore, altering the zodiac to conform to the law of seven would have no beneficial outcome other than to dismantle the astrological system into segments no longer recognizable.

In short, astrology is based on physical constructs, where Michael math permeates into everything.

Channeled by: David Gregg
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