Measuring Consciousness

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I understand that soul age and consciousness are not synonymous, but how do you measure consciousness--what are the signs, for instance, of an advanced consciousness?

MICHAEL: We do not claim that consciousness can be objectively measured. As one
particular individual grows in consciousness, the emanation of light from
that individual grows both in quality and quantity. However, two individuals
can be conscious in different ways, and their illumination may be of
different qualities. You can obviously tell the difference in the aura of
one person who is highly unconscious and one who is highly conscious.
However, with two people in the middle range, who are both struggling to
awaken, we could not say that person A is at 67 on a scale and person B is
at 68. It¹s a little like comparing apples and oranges. Some people are very
conscious in some areas and still asleep in others.

However, if someone is on the spiritual path, in the process of awakening,
you can see that the energy is not stuck or badly blocked. There are changes
happening, and the person is responsive to higher input; those who are
firmly asleep are not--they do not take in light that shines from more
conscious people or from spiritual guidance, at least not very much.

We would underline here what might be thought of as our mantra: that all is
choice. We are not encouraging you to think of unconscious and conscious as
another form of "better" and "worse." In fact, the more conscious you are,
the more unity you see in all things and the less you tend to judge others,
even if they are at the moment stuck in unconsciousness. You recognize that
they are sparks of the Tao just as you are, and that they are following
their own path. So this is not a competition. It¹s just that most of you are
interested in being more consciously on your path, so we speak to that.
Others who are not choosing that at this time are on their path, and it is
their right to choose that. All you can do is choose for yourself--choose
the path that you want to be on right now. Obviously, there are many people
still choosing to live from the surface. That is neither good nor bad, but
choosing to live from your quietude will ultimately bring you much more real
joy. It is not easy at first, but it pays off in that regard.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
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