Health, Life, and Death

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MICHAEL: We perceive that there are many concerns tonight involving the health and welfare of the body. Since this is the plane in which the body is the primary vehicle for experiencing creation, we understand your concern when it does not function as you believe it should.

We will say this: Illness, debilitating elements such as accidents, chronic malfunctions, and other afflictions, are a part of human life. There is no one anywhere on this planet, and in fact anywhere in the whole of creation, who is totally free of the exigencies of the body. Some fragments are 'healthier' than others, it is true, but unless cut down in the prime of a very young adult life, there are many things that can and do go 'wrong' with the vehicle. As you are so prone to say: If it isn't one thing, it is another.

Your medical science is obsessed with 'curing' everything from ingrown toenails to the Ebola plague. And rightly so. We do not disparage them for doing what they are trained to do. We do, however, suggest that it is the way of things for the human being to succumb eventually to something that will take him/her out of each lifetime, an event you know as the 6th internal monad.

For the soldier on the receiving end of a bullet or bayonet, that monad might be a second long. For a woman afflicted with cancer, it could be many long agonizing months. Each event is part of the process of preparing for the final monad, the 7th, which is death itself.

The monastic tradition of the Christian religion used these words from its scriptures in its burial service: In the midst of life we are in death. That is not sentiment only. That is the bald truth. For those who must watch and nurse a relative or friend through the 6th Internal Monad, it is not very reassuring to remember these things. They are, nevertheless, truths to live by.

We do not wish to paint an unrelievedly shadowed picture for your contemplation tonight, but we would be remiss if we did not try to put these realities into perspective for you. The Teachings which we offer attempt to do just that.

Life is a journey of experiences of the physical plane, all the experiences that can be crammed into one cycle. Taken together with the lives of all those who have gone before and who will come after you, it is as complete an experience of the physical plane as is possible to imagine. Further, each of these experiences of illness, loss, and grief, as well as the joys, bliss, and contentment of all your lives, go to fulfilling the reason for creation: to be a wholeness, the Being of the Tao. And each of you is a part of the Tao, just as each of us is also. You just have a very difficult time remembering that when brought face to face with the work of dying.

If you choose to, take a step back from the dailyness, especially, of your connection with the frailty of the body and keep the goal of agape somewhere in your consciousness. That is not easy sometimes, we admit, and we grieve with you as you struggle to manage in this creation. We are here to guide and teach. We have been were you are now, so we know how much it takes to be human and we sincerely commiserate with your concerns. Life is a challenge and a joy, a work and a bliss. When things seem darkest, we hope you will remember these words and take some comfort from them.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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