Essence and Compassion

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If something traumatic happens with a person or when person is unhappy and sad for whatever reason – how essence sees it at the same time – does it feel any compassion or sees it just as valuable lesson? And if I try to contact with my Essence consciously at these hard times, what could change?

MICHAEL: Essence is wholly compassionate towards you and is supportive of your life in a general way. At the same time, Essence always sees without the veil of Maya through which all human being must operate. Therefore Essence can be objective, which means compassion but not interference. Essence is not going to alter a life plan because the fragment living it is unhappy with the choices. Those who can offer assistance through hard times are your guides. Essence knows the plan, knows the hardships that the soul is experiencing, but leaves the detail of commiseration and even assistance to them. Others who will respond when asked are your entity mates and your cadence mates who are discarnate.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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