Asking Guides for Help

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How can you communicate with your guides or ask them for their help, their guidance?

MICHAEL: Guides are part of the circle of assistance that each of you has to make your journey less fearful and more rewarding. Guides are not omniscient, nor are they omnipotent. They are usually from the lower astral plane and are souls who take 'time' between incarnating to accept the job of being a guide. They are only slightly more advanced than the fragment they attach to and they offer guidance from a place that is less obscured by maya than the physical plane. Not totally unobscured, you will note, only less so. The astral plane is much closer to the physical plane than to the planes above it and maya is still a factor there.

Because your guides are part of your plan for this lifetime, they and you have agreed to this match. You do not just have a random set of individual energies trying to figure out what you are up to. (Michael is smiling)
No, you and they agree to this arrangement. You also do not have the same guides throughout your whole life. You can understand that those who might be especially helpful keeping you going as a child or as a very young adult might not be ready to take on the responsibility of a middle-aged fragment.

People have specialties on the physical plane and they retain expertise as fragments on the astral. It is also not unknown for a human soul on the physical plane to ask for a change in guides at some point if he/she feels the need to. This is done with no sense of failure or personal rejection. It is just a need that will be filled. In this instance arrangements are made between the human and the astral during sleep. The fragment and a compatible guide meet, accept the agreement, and life continues.

Contacting one's guide is also best done on the astral. The intention is made to discuss a problem or need with one's guides before sleep, and then it is abandoned to the astral plane. During sleep the soul and its guides together plan a means to deal with the question. There may or may not be a memory of this meeting on awakening, and a sense of confidence about working with whatever has come up may be all that remains of the guide's assistance.

Angels, as you understand them, are mostly in this category of astral energies who are between incarnations. The sense that angels are spirits who have never been incarnated and never will be is an inaccurate understanding of them.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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