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Michael, why is the incidence of allergies of all sorts, notably peanut allergies, increasing, and what (if anything) can we do about it?

MICHAEL: The physical plane has many corrugations in its surface. These ruts or ribs hide various elements that are inimical to your bodies. We do suggest, however, that there really is no increase in the number of things that do not agree with some of you, only your ability to identify them.

To say that allergies to certain things is on the increase is only to recognize that these dangers to some now have a name. In past times many people suffered from these same elements without knowing what was distressing them. As to what can be done, well, abstaining from those things which cause physical harm would seem to us to be an important beginning.

Sometimes allergies, especially to foods, are the result of past life experiences. But not all. Further, the bodies that you inhabit have come a long way from the one which was first ensouled around 65,000 years or so ago. Adaptation is not just among the hive-souled, you know. Your bodies have been adapting for thousands of years. And this adaptation will continue.

Adaptation may seem to mean a positive adjustment, but that is not always what happens. Your foods have altered, your air is altering, your life energy is colored by many things. If you are made ill from peanuts or any other substance, then perhaps you should eschew peanuts as part of your life.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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