If Original Group Had Focused Less on Overleaves

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If the original group in the early 70s had focused less on overleaves, is there some other part(s) of the MT that might have been released then, changing everything since? That is, was there anything you would have liked to get into but they didn't ask?

MICHAEL: The group we first spoke to in the area of California had to be brought along in the teachings as one would a group of people who lack exposure to any new way of thinking. It took many sessions to bring them even to a partial understanding of the concept of reincarnation as we understand it.

We expected this and we made allowances for the effort it took for them to grasp many of the concepts that you now take very much in stride. Knowing that there would be this chasm to cross, we left many things unsaid that we expected to offer at a later date. Which we are doing now.

Would anything have changed, perceptively, if we had opened the sluice gates on this small group of fragments? One change might have been a complete shutdown of their ability to comprehend and so an aborting of their agreement with us! We always measure the receptivity of our students and since we have not the same outlook on time as do you, we are not dismayed that it may take more than one generation, in fact it may take several, to complete our work.

The choices that are made are made on all sides. We made/make choices, those you call the original group made choices, and you are now making choices. We do not see this as anything to be concerned about. We do see it as the unfolding of events as these choices dictate. There will be a steady stream of advanced material coming into the community of our students. We have alerted several channels of this and have obtained their agreement to receive these teachings. Over the next decade or so there will be additional material added to the basics that you are all aware of.

They do not, will not, refute what has gone before. Truth is truth and does not alter to time. But the expression of truth does alter somewhat to circumstances. Now that the groundwork has been laid for them, we will build upon the foundation with more truths that can be applied to your world.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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