Working With Discarnate Essence Twins

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Can you tell us how to work better with discarnate essence twins?

MICHAEL: The energy of a discarnate Essence Twin is much more available to the incarnate fragment than it would be if the Essence Twin were also incarnate. This is easily understood when you consider that two fragments who are twinned and who are leading separate lives, possibly in different parts of the world, possibly a generation or more apart, would have little time and possibly no way to connect.

With one of the twins discarnate, however, there is no such barrier. The discarnate twin can put all, or most all, of its attention on the incarnate twin and can often make quite a difference in that life. Connecting with a discarnate Essence Twin is much like connecting with Essence. It takes attention and intention, the elements of meditation.
Two approaches for cooperation between these two include dream state and the meditative state. These are closely allied and both usually can be learned. To contact your discarnate Essence Twin in your sleeping time, center your thoughts on what you want to do, make the intention to be available during sleep, make an appointment, if you will, to meet on the astral, and go to sleep.

You may or may not remember what transpired when you wake, but be assured that you will have connected. If there is something that you wish to discuss with your twin, formulate the idea as you make the intention. Your twin is not infallible and has no more control over people and events than you do, but what your twin does have is an uncluttered view of things, being disassociated from the physical plane and so less obstructed by Maya; less, not totally unobstructed, but less than are you.

The second approach may be through meditation. If you are performing meditation, include in it your desire to communicate with your twin. Again, you may outline what you would like to discuss and ask that your twin meet you in meditation. This approach is somewhat harder for some fragments, especially if you are not in the habit of meditation.
For those who are, this can be a link to the discarnate twin.

If your twin is the same role as you are, the energy expressed may seem to be doubled. If your twin is a different role, you may feel a distinct tendency toward the qualities of that role, qualities which may be foreign to your own.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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