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Regarding Essence contact...I know it is not something one can will to happen, or bring about on order, so to speak, but can Michael suggest some practices, or behaviors, which, when consciously applied, might make it more likely to occur?

MICHAEL: When we say that it is unnecessary to go about connecting with Essence as though one were placating a god, we mean merely that there is no need for ritual that must be followed in a precise fashion or it will not work. This is the basis for superstition: If I walk three times around the circle with my hands held just so and say the following words backwards
. . . No, there is no ritual to connecting with Essence. However, we understand your need for some guidance in this matter and we make these suggestions:

Since you often shower, why not use a good showering to start yourself off in the frame of mind that may lead to the desired end? During the shower you might bring your intention to mind, the things you would like to 'talk over' with Essence. Then, after toweling and robing, you might sit comfortably and bring yourself into a meditative mood. If visualizations are useful to you, visualize Essence sitting across from you, in what ever guise you find attractive. Every fragment is different in this respect.

Some will like to imagine Essence as a firelight, others clothe it in human form. IT does not matter. Any form is appropriate for something that is essentially formless. Then hold conversation with your Essence. Talk over your concerns, leaving some quiet time between for Essence to respond. It does not matter if you do not 'hear' the responses. Be assured that they do happen. When you have finished your conversation, sit quietly for some moments, allowing the energy that has been created between you to become more fully a part of your own. That is one way.

It may be after some practice at this, that you can enter your dialogue with Essence while walking the dog, or resting your eyes at your desk, or in any other place where you can turn your thoughts to it. We do not recommend that you attempt Essence contact while driving your automobile. It is certainly possible, but you may find that your attention to what you are doing is less than perfect. (Smiles) No one should imagine that our suggestions concerning the shower is at all necessary, either. It is just a reasonable starting point and may help.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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