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We are a causal plane entity consisting of 1,050 souls who have completed the physical plane cycle on earth. We speak to you not as outsiders but as ones who have experienced and in certain respects continue to experience what you are now dealing with in your life. We are playing the role of teacher, but that is merely something we are doing for the time being. We teach not because we are exalted or perfect, but because we learn in this way, just as you learn by hearing what we have to say and accepting it or rejecting it, as you choose. We may already be friends with you, even if you do not remember. If we are not yet friends, we view you as a future friend, so we greet you in that vein.

We are all here to do something together. Your truth is as precious to the universe as ours. Your wisdom has been gained by much experience, just as ours has. Your struggles and growth have enhanced the knowledge and well-being of all. You are significant. You are a part of the All, not like a drop of water that melts into the ocean, but like a cell in a vast body that creatively and individually adds to what is known by the entire organism. You are a conductor of the highest force of the universe, which is sometimes referred to by the name “love.” You are a loving being. You came to this planet in a great act of love, as did we. Everything you have done, you have done out of love. Those who apparently do evil do it ultimately out of love, even if their actions are misguided for the moment.

You may think of yourself as a failure at love. Even if all your relationships have ended poorly, in your view, this is not the true measure of love. You undertook them with an expectation, at least unconsciously, that you would increase your knowledge of love, and in fact, you did. You may not have recognized all their lessons yet, but you will, at least on some level.

You do not make the same mistake twice; each mistake is always at least a little different. In any case, mistakes are not failures, in the sense that they should not have occurred. Had you been capable of doing otherwise, you would have. You lacked the true insight that would have allowed you to avoid making them. But no matter what you lack, you are perfect. Everything is in a state of becoming more than it is; otherwise, we would all be bored. Your lacks are opportunities for expansion.

When you leave the physical plane at the end of your life, you usually review it. No longer enmeshed in its intensity, you can more easily see clearly what you learned, and find love and compassion for yourself. You can better appreciate the worth of your experiences, both how much you gained and how much you helped others gain. You can even laugh about some of the things you took quite seriously during your life.

Children tend to be proud of their physical growth and development, and they do not have to do anything except live, mostly playing, for growth to occur. Unfortunately, in your culture, many children do not get to play as much as they would like; nevertheless, they play their way to growth. Adults can learn from this. We are not suggesting that you should party your life away and refuse to look at its issues, or that the way is always easy or clear. But growth can be fun and adventurous, and eventually leads to more life energy and greater well-being.

Ultimately, every step forward increases love. You are love, so every step you take forward increases what you are for the benefit of all. You cannot grow without increasing your ability to love, and you cannot love without growing. It is not selfish to pay attention to your own growth, because it gives you more to bring to others. The only thing that is selfish is what hurts others. That will inevitably hurt you also, because you are connected to everyone else by reason of being part of the same whole.

You may ask, “What do I do with my anger and hate?” Love them. At their heart, they are love designed to change or keep out what does not belong, and this can increase love. There is a place for anger and hate in the universe; otherwise they would not exist. They are not destructive unless expressed in a way that violates others’ domain. Properly, they are directed at people’s actions rather than at their being. If you do express them destructively, learn from your experience and forgive yourself. All experiences can contribute to your growth.

Love your feelings. As you welcome them, your load lightens. The first step of love is acceptance. Accept every part of yourself as good. How many tapes do you have running through your mind that say “bad boy” or “bad girl”? You are not bad for anything you have done, and neither is anyone else. This is the awareness love brings to a situation. You may choose not to allow others to behave in certain ways in your space—that is a different matter. But in love, you accept their right to experience what they must experience to learn.

Every action has a reason for being. Hurtful actions are often the enactment of internal conflicts on the stage of the outer world. When people no longer need to act out their conflicts, they stop. When you love yourself fully, you stop playing either aggressor or victim roles, partly because you are not treating yourself in a violent, arbitrary, or unaccepting way, or seeing yourself as powerless. Love is true power. Love is the ultimate solution to all problems.

Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin -- from Loving From Your Soul
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