Soul Age Levels of Old Souls

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My question is about levels of soul ages. In describing them, it's often descriptive about what type of lives people live - as well as the positive and negative pole. But is there an actual curriculum? I seem to remember there was a piece on mature souls, how levels mapped to exploring various cardinalities of relationships. But never saw anything for the old soul age.

MICHAEL: In the Old level, the final one for the fragments of the physical cycle, the seven levels are similar to what has gone before, with the exception that all is now turned more inward. The first level is still concerned with the energy of the Mature cycle and its emotional character. It has finished the 7th level Mature as a pulling together all of the lessons of that level, but it has no real experience with the Old level energy as such just yet. The several lifetimes that are necessary to adjust to the new energy allow the fragment to become comfortable in its space there.
Then it comes to the second level, a time of diving into the work of the Old level but stepping back often because of its unfamiliarity. This is a dramatic, often wearying number of lives as the fragment learns to find its balance once more.
The third level is one of interior activity, weighing and measuring, putting things in perspective, ready to launch fully into the choices of the Old level.

The fourth is one of outward activity, fully into the energy of the Old soul experience, fully concerned with taking care of the lessons that are wrapping up the cycle. These experiences can include setting out to bring the knowledge of the Tao within the framework of the individual role. Even those who we characterize as those in the waking sleep feel the urge to honor truth, as nearly as they can understand it, by exploring the terrain. For those who are awake, it is a time of activity with a purpose.

The fifth level of Old is sometimes thought of as a not-quite-here kind of experience. Fragments make choices that may seem quite outlandish to others, and what is more, they do not seem to mind at all that they are perceived as strange or odd. The pull of the finish is beginning to tell on them. Spiritual elements are very strongly pursued, the matters of the physical plane become uninteresting. These fragments may find familial connections difficult, economic responsibilities even more so. Relationships are probably much less intense as the Old fragment tends to work its single-minded way towards the end.

The six level is the time of freeing itself from all karmic responsibilities. Every karma ribbon will be burned before the end of the lives in this level. This leads to this level being somewhat long for some fragments, necessitating many lives in order to meet and finish all karmic agreements. Since the physical problems of geography, age, and so forth can be a very real deterrent to two fragments meeting to conclude these matters, there is an effort between lives to come to agreements that will balance these karmas with honor on the astral.

The seventh stage of the Old level is turned toward the end. Old fragments in general find it difficult to get very concerned about such things that Mature fragments get incensed over. And those who are in the final lives of the cycle are even more distanced from these concerns. The fragment is turned in, aware of self-karmic needs, lessons relating to the individual's mastery of the physical plane. Self-awareness is the lesson here, acceptance is the goal, no matter what the chosen 'goal' has been. The lesson of Acceptance, of Agape, is the final work of the fragment on this plane. When this lesson has been fully acknowledged, the fragment is ready to cycle off.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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