Infinite Soul Christ Manifestation

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I'd like to ask about the Infinite Soul Christ manifestation. You've said previously that the message from the IS Christ/Jesus was muddied, misquoted, and degraded nearly from the beginning. What was the true purpose and message of that IS?

MICHAEL: We have said this before but it cannot be said often enough: The incarnation of the Infinite Soul is a matter of bringing the Logos to bear in the physical world. In order to do that the Infinite Soul has to acquire a body. Otherwise it cannot obtain a footing in the world of the physical plane. The Infinite Soul found the body of the man Jesu at exactly the right moment and undertook to incarnate in it, with his permission. This incarnation was a matter of a few weeks at most, and must not be supposed to have been the whole lifetime or even the adult lifetime of the man Jesu.

The bringing to bear needs some explanation. The Infinite Soul does not need to DO anything in its incarnation. All that is necessary is for it to BE, to have presence on the physical plane. That is why there were no cataclysms, or thundering bells ringing, or enormous crowds shouting alleluias, not forgetting hosts of angels at his birth. The crowds who followed him were a result of the Old soul Jesu bar Jousef's own personality and teaching. The Infinite Soul, when it incarnated in that body, was a shadow among men, going among the followers and teaching, yes, but without the uproar that had followed before. These teachings were gentle and calming, not a rousing call to arms. That is not the way of the Infinite Soul. Remember it as BEING PRESENT, not as RULING THE WORLD.

So the personality known across generations as Jesus was simply a man who did extraordinary things with his life by teaching love, goodness, and honesty?

MICHAEL: Yes, we would say this. Further, the man Jesus was an occult master and quite capable of performing miracles as he is thought to have done. He was also dedicated to bringing the teachings as he understood them to as many as would hear. Remember his words that you call the Beatitudes. These are among the truest of the words that are left of his.

You've said that the current manifestation of the IS has been put off because there has been sufficient consciousness raising -- so, what issue was pressing at that time for the IS to be present?

MICHAEL: At the time of the manifestation of the Infinite Soul there was a growing felt need to connect with the energy of the Tao. It was manifested in the many occult and fairly superstitious religions that were being introduced at the time into the Roman world from Africa and Asia. It was a turning point, much as this time is, between soul age levels for the world, moving from Baby to Young, as you are beginning the transition from Young to Mature. These are some of the reasons for the bringing of the Logos to bear at any time.

We remind you that the total turning over from Baby to Young took nearly 400 years. Today, with the possibility of interchange and connecting with each other in ways that were unheard of even a hundred years ago, there is a sense that the Infinite Soul may let things go their way as long as they seem to be 'on target' in a cosmological sense. The coming of the Infinite Soul is totally within ITS purview. We know no better than you when or even if it will come again, now or later.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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