Lucid Dreaming

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I’m asking about the concept of lucid dreaming, specifically my own hyper-active dream states recently. I know it must mean I am doing work on the astral or something similar, but can you explain the nature of the work to me and whom I may be doing it with? And why now? I can’t grasp a theme or message… yet I feel as if something is afoot.

MICHAEL: Lucid dreaming is the condition of actually stepping into the dream as a participant, not as an observer. In a lucid dream a fragment looks down and sees what you might see if you look down at yourself, your clothing from the top to the hem, the tips of the shoes or feet, the forearms, but not the shoulders, etc. In observational dreaming one is not a participant, one stand aside and may see oneself as a whole, including the back and the top.

Within a lucid dream, the participant may speak to others, will be seen by others and will be accepted as part of the ongoing activity. Only the dreamer will know who those others are. If they do not seem familiar to the dreamer on awakening, it it may be because they have masked themselves. In the dream it will seem to the dreamer that they all belong together, doing whatever seems to need doing. It does not matter whether the dreamer knows what is happening or why. The energy which has promoted the lucid dream is tuned to the work of the dream and the results as they happen. The feeling that something is 'afoot' is a true reflection of the situation. Whatever that 'afoot' is, be assured that it is benign and probably productive.

Sometimes the meaning of such experiences comes eventually, sometimes it never does. Making an intention before sleep to understand what is going on may result in greater comprehension. This takes some practice but it can be done. As to why now, we can only say that there is probably some serious industry going on that the fragment is a part of.

What would be an example of the 'results' of a lucid dream?

MICHAEL: One kind of result would be working on a task in one of the groups that most fragments belong to. If the other members of the group - triad, quadrate, etc., - are discarnate, then lucid dreaming alerts the incarnate fragment that the work of the group is going forth.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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