Levels of Causal Plane

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Can you please tell us briefly about the different levels of the Causal Plane, and which one you guys are on?

MICHAEL: The entity you have named Michael exists on the mid-causal plane, the 4th level. This is the level of knowledge. The first three levels of the causal are devoted to preparation for the work that is chosen at the 4th level. The Causal Plane is ruled by the Intellect, just as the physical plane is one of action and the astral plane is the one of emotion.

We are a united entity, a union that happened on the final level of the Astral Plane. As we went forward into the Causal, we began to experience what it means to be a united entity, to have all our fragments together, finally, and to begin to be finished with the separation that we had experienced until then. This is the work of the first levels of the Causal, to become a united entity. We were no more prepared for what this truly means than are you when you try to understand it.

The second level of the Causal is devoted to exploration of possibilities. We 'attend classes', sort of. It would seem to you that we do. In this instructive phase, we learn more about the plan and organization of the universe and our place in it. We also interact with other entities, most of whom are coming into their unity from quite different experiences of creation.

The third level is where we examine in greater depth what it is that we will choose to do, because what we choose is our path to greater growth in agape. We observe and 'discuss' and 'negotiate' just as you might if you were a part of a group that is trying to select a service to perform. Having come to agreement on what we will do, the fourth level is the doing of it.

Beyond the fourth level we begin to shed the last remnants of individualism that until then has remained with the entity. Even though we now are far less individual members of this wholeness, there is still a bit of individuality left to us. That is why we can divide into groups of 4 to 6 or so of us to work with you as individuals. We are one and at the same time we are not yet one.

We cannot describe in words that will make sense to you what the last two levels of the Causal Plane are. By the end of our sojourn through them, however, we will have become one completely, ready to experience the mystery of the upper planes.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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