I'm fascinated by a book that was purportedly a result of automatic typewriting during the late 1880s -- Oahspe. Can you tell me more about it, such as which Entity may have been involved in its conception, how much truth is contained within all of the storylines, etc. Or, is it mostly the maunderings of a madman and I might find more truth elsewhere?

MICHAEL: This publication was the result of connecting to an astral entity. It records these conversations with accuracy, but we counsel caution regarding their efficaciousness. The astral plane is full of energies who delight in imparting their opinions and 'knowledge' to the physical plane. When they find a willing receiver they are off and running. Many of the channelings that purport to address an individual as a 'special soul', or a 'savior for these troubled times' come from these astral energies. They are very good at telling people what they want to hear.

We do not say that there is malicious falsehood in their information, only that one should be conscious of the source.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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