Before Incarnating

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When the fragment begins its next incarnation is the selection process random within the role and level or specific?

James, the choice of incarnation is undertaken after a great deal of thought, advice from knowledgeable advisors on the astral, and the determination of what a soul wants from it.

There are a myriad number of things that must be taken into account: choice of parents which implies choice of culture and country; agreements and whether those with whom these agreement are made will be incarnate at the time to facilitate things; any karma that the soul wants to address and whether the other in the karmic debt is agreeable to getting together and whether they will be able to.

So these advisors are part of a hierarchy in that plane?

Yes. Incarnation is anything but random. Very young souls, Baby and Infant through young Young may head pell mell into incarnation without much thought, even though they also get advice. But the older the soul, the more time and energy is given to setting things up for the lessons the lifetime will afford.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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