The Transcendentalists

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Q. Could you talk about the 19th century group of writers known as the Transcendentalists (especially Emerson and Thoreau)? What was the pre-incarnational agenda of the group and what interesting soul connections did they share?

A: Emerson and Thoreau are essence twins. They had a life task of bringing forward from the past the wisdom of the "sages" and making it available for modern times. These were intensely curious souls who wanted to explore human potential when many of their contemporaries were still bound by their cultures.

Q. Also, Emily Dickinson was unknown to the Transcendentalists but followed their work closely. In fact, it was reflected in some of her poetry. Was she connected to the group on the astral, and what other insights can you reveal about her life?

A: Yes, she was part of their working group, a quadrate.

She was determined to advance and felt that to do so, she needed to shut out the world. In previous lives, she had been a social butterfly.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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