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Agreements with

Q. Do some souls make agreements with animals prior to incarnating to work with them, care for them, or to better communicate with them? And, if so, how does this impact the soul, the animal, and the world?

A: Yes, there are agreements with animals prior to incarnation. Animals are very much part of the spiritual ecology of physical plane life; they are not just add-ons. Animals like to be involved with human beings because it is "where the action is"; it stimulates their growth. Conversely, animals help and teach humans as well.

Killing Animals

Q. I have always been interested in the ramifications surrounding the choices people make regarding eating meat or not eating it, and being a vegan.

What about killing spiders, mosquitoes, and stepping on and extinguishing the lives of every bug our shoes come in contact with?

A: Killing animals is not ideal but you do not live in an ideal world. Dealing with the issues around this provokes much growth.

It comes down to one's attitude: it is a very different thing to kill out of necessity with respect than it is to kill unnecessarily and with cruelty and greed.

There is no absolute here, but a continuum. It really isn't a significant thing to kill an insect that has a very short lifespan anyway. However, giving thought to even that is good work.

Animals and Choice

Q: Could Michael talk about choice as it relates to animals. Are they able to make choices, or is everything instinctive? What would be required in order to "bestow" free will on a animal in order for it to experience being human?

A: Animals make choices within a much narrower range than sentient souls. In general, companion animals have a slightly wider range than those in the wild. Being exposed to the choice-making of humans (in your case) helps them evolve faster. They get a taste of what is to come in their evolution. Still, their range remains quite narrow. Also, the range of choice is generally wider among animals who function more independently than for pack animals.

Q:This would be a cat.

A: Again, their range remains relatively narrow. Yes, cats are an example of both. There are also differences in range among humans. Obviously, children have a narrower range than adults. Younger souls have a narrower range than older souls. One can only choose what one can conceive of. In general, older souls can conceive of more possibilities. This makes choosing more challenging; presumably, older souls are also better equipped to meet that challenge. The wider the range of choice, the more an individual can create his/her reality. From your point of view on the physical plane, evolution is painstakingly slow. Therefore, an animal would not realistically reach the point of sentience within time frames that are meaningful to you.

Each of us are students of the spiritual path. Consider how much you have learned about making choices just in this lifetime. Still, it is just a fraction of all there is to learn. That is why the soul seeks a variety of experiences-- to give you a more rounded education in choice-making.

Channeled by: Shepherd Hoodwin

Q: What happens to the soul of an animal when a most beloved pet is very sick and has to be " put down"? I am feeling immense guilt, as this beloved kitty was my best and dearest friend....

Q: What do the Michael Teachings say about the souls of animals vs. humans. Can animals come back as humans or humans come back as animals?

A: Animals are not just decorations created to adorn the planet you live on. They are evolving sparks of consciousness that live their lives with a purpose.

The fundamental difference between the animal and the human soul is the level of complexity: animals are instinctive centered, they live in the moment, and by human standards they are mostly incapable of abstract thought. On the other hand, their individual expression of consciousness is not dependent upon having a human experience in order to evolve, nor should they be compared in human terms for their lives to have meaning. Their lives are yet another infinite way in which the Tao may be expressed and there is no other meaning required.

Animals do not incarnate as humans and upon death they rejoin their central source. Euthanasia can be a humane choice for an animal that is dying and in great pain; however, your society often uses the practice as a convenience in ridding themselves of the burden of caring for an ailing pet.

Channeled by: Dave Gregg
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