The Secret

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Some of you have been discussing The Secret, a film about the power each one has to create his/her life through magnetization. This is not the cause of the veil lifting, but an effect: you are reminding yourselves of the power of consciousness.

"In the beginning was the Word," or consciousness. Everything boils down to consciousness. It is not just your conscious thoughts that create your reality, but the sum total of your consciousness, including the feelings you're aware of and those you aren't. However, we do not imply that you "should" judge your consciousness if you aren't in bliss all the time. That's not really the point. Simply observing your thoughts and feelings, as best you are able, and seeing how they are reflected in your outer world, is the beginning of taking control.

Consciousness is never "perfect" in the sense of being the ultimate. It is always evolving as the universe as a whole evolves. There is always the opportunity to fine-tune consciousness in various ways. There is a balance to be found as you align your thinking, feeling, and action with truth, love, and beauty. On the one hand, these quintessential energies do not stamp down their less elevated manifestations--they raise them up. So in taking responsibility for creating one's reality, there is a sort of alchemy as the higher heals the lower. It isn't instantaneous. It isn't "Put on a happy face and have a good attitude, no matter what you feel, goddammit!" It is a gentle process. On the other hand, there *is* sometimes hard work to be done, facing the mirror and making changes in ways of being that may be deeply entrenched. The greater the willingness one has to examine self and allow changes, the better one's results will be.

Beginning to face our limiting beliefs and ways of being can be quite difficult. We may feel like we've lost our moorings. Quickly, however, it gets easier. The fast track to spiritual growth is to allow every assumption we have about life to be up for grabs. It is not so much that we wallow in self-doubt but that we learn to live in a quiet place that is beyond beliefs and assumptions, anchored in the infinite and eternal. We no longer need to "be right" about our beliefs. Although we may have a rather high degree of confidence in many of them, having already tested them well, our sense of self doesn't depend upon them. We are willing to try on others for size. We are anchored in eternal truths and let the temporal "dance" around us.

One of the kinds of beliefs that we can let go of is limiting ideas about what we're capable of doing or being. Anything is possible. Another is about what can and cannot be healed or changed. Although it's good to use common sense and to not have rigid expectations, it's also good to stay open to anything.

CHANNELED BY: Shepherd Hoodwin
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