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Forgiveness is a relatively simple act, with little or no preparation required, yet it remains one of the most daunting lessons our students face. Indeed, if every fragment on your planet performed just one act of forgiveness a day, the entire world would benefit. But the evolutionary process of your civilization follows a natural course, and fragments will awaken when they are ready to do so.

Learning to forgive is vital to your spiritual health for several reasons:

- Forgiveness releases you from the ball and chain that tethers to all the wrong you have suffered from. Violations to your being, either karmic or mere annoyance, continue to inflict pain and damage till you forgive the fragment in question and release the negative charge or imbalance initially created. As long as you nurture feelings of anger and resentment, you relive the injurious act and continue to fall victim to it.

- Forgiveness does not mean you condone the act. You simply release your negative attachment to it and stop any further victimization by its memory. You also release the perpetrator of the energetic bond created at the time. Forgiveness is not a divorce, per se, but there are elements of the unhealthy marriage between two fragments in need of forgiveness.

- Each act of forgiveness is another step to Agape. Forgiveness blooms like a flower in your soul and the sheer number of blossoms are directly proportional to the acts of forgiveness performed. Similar to the honeybee as it pollinates neighboring flowers, one act of forgiveness can literally pollinate hundreds of flowers.

- The potential for healing is another benefit of forgiveness. When someone violates your trust, for instance, you feel like you have an emotional flu; forgiveness then, serves as the antidote.

- To use a business analogy, forgiveness is like a contract you write that releases you of any negative bonds you have with either yourself or another person. This contract is your intention to let go of fear and replace it with love. Over a lifetime you will collect a substantial inventory of unresolved fears and you could say your soul becomes a warehouse for these goods. The shelves, so to speak, may indeed be stacked high with boxes and dust curls, but there is no expiration date on the fears you have boxed away. And reviving the potency of what lies in a box is as simple as opening the lid. Forgiveness, then, is your way of liquidating your inventory and redistributing it in a more positive manner.

- Finally, forgiveness teaches you how to love those around you who act unlovable. It breaks down barriers erected around insecurities, prejudices, and fears, and exposes you to the truth that love is the Universal constant. As we have said before, adversaries are your greatest teachers; much can be learned by forgiving them.

As yet another instrument in your arsenal of spiritual tools, forgiveness simply helps you release negative energy. Anytime you harbor this kind of energy you limit the fullness of your potential. Forgiveness is your means for clearing the pent-up energies of resentment, frustration, anger, annoyance, betrayal, hate, and a host of other spiritual maladies that act like parasites, preventing you from finding more joy in your life.

Many tools are available to teach you about forgiveness, but we have tried to distill some of the concepts into a single exercise.

First, realize that forgiveness is worthless without sincerity. In your society, such glib attempts at forgiveness are no better than a band-aid if sincerity and determination are not part of the RX mix.

In this exercise, then, instead of focusing on a specific individual, look for something within yourself to forgive. It should come as little surprise to you that no greater test of sincerity exists than when you focus the healing lens on your own life.

Starting at the age of six (if you can remember that far), begin retrieving memories from your past, scanning carefully for events that still carry an emotional charge. Look in particular for any incident where you felt shame and regret. Allow yourself to re-experience those feelings as fully as possible. As resurrected emotions surge through your body, do not be surprised if this creates some pain. This is your cue that you have tapped into a pocket of repressed energy that needs release and healing. Like an emotional Geiger counter in your body, emotional pain alerts you to release unproductive energy that, if allowed to fester, could materialize physically and cause damage. To avoid this, learn to face your pain and release it. Simply let it go. Instead of fighting or denying its existence, momentarily give it full reign over your body, allowing the pain to resonate through you as if you were a human tuning fork.

Now ponder the ramifications of your action from the past and acknowledge how it might have affected other people. Do not judge yourself here, just accept the role you played in the incident. When the intensity of your emotions have reached a climax -- not dissimilar to the potency of sexual release -- forgive yourself. Use whatever affirmation suits the situation, but vow with as much intensity as you can generate that you are releasing all fear from this memory and forgiving yourself for the harm you inflicted on others, including the mistakes that you made. Acknowledge the validity of the experience for what it taught you, but make a pact with yourself that once you have released this fear you are finished with it for good. Then allow the energy to dissipate and let go of the past.

Continue this exercise for a couple days (or however long it takes) and find more personal experiences in your life that might benefit from your forgiveness. In particular, uncover any memories that haunt you today and give them special attention. Like neglected, homeless children, these specters from your past still cry out for your love.

After you develop ample proficiency with this exercise, you are ready to choose someone else to forgive.

We remind you that embarking on journeys like this rarely offer an easy way back, so the decision should not be taken lightly. Once you make the decision, however, and choose to face your emotional pain without remorse, you enable yourself to see beyond the dusty facades you have constructed around your fears. These false fronts often resemble dilapidated ghost towns in your soul and serve as decaying reminders of your refusal to face your past courageously and with resolve. Learning to forgive, however, puts the past behind you where it belongs.

Forgiveness is the only way we know to reach true inner peace. Like everything else, though, releasing your fears from the past and replacing them with love is, ultimately, a choice.

Channeled by David Gregg
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