Chief Feature of Stubbornness

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Can you talk a little about addiction/escapism as it might pertain to a Chief Feature of Stubbornness? I hope that doesn't sound too vague, I'm trying to make it a depersonalize the question.

MICHAEL: Stubbornness is a means for protecting the false personality from change. By digging in, so to speak, and being unwilling to accept an alternative to any experience, the fragment protects itself from any number of possibilities, both positive and negative outcomes. In general we would say that the connection between such a determination and the qualities that are inherent in addictions will make letting go of the latter extremely difficult.

Since the propensity of the stubborn one is to retain any choice once made, it would not be easy for him/her to decide that addiction as a choice of escaping the problems of the Physical Plane was truly a 'choice' at all. For the stubborn one We would say, therefore, that this combination of overleaf and choice makes for serious barriers to change.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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